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I Never Sneaked Out or Snuck Out When I Was A Kid

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I never snuck out of the house when I was a kid. Not even once. That was the kind of kid I was. I did what I was told, laid low, waited to grow up, and daydreamed about being the kind of kid that actually did sneak out to meet boys or go to wild parties or to drive to Canada. Dreaming about sneaking out seemed safer. I wasn’t a big fan of being grounded for weeks and I was busy anyway…with drama club. Yep, that was the kind of kid I was.

Of course, as an adult, I haven’t really had a chance to sneak out. I mean, before Tiny-Small was born I came and went as I pleased. I was never in a situation that required me to sneak out. After Tiny-Small was born I couldn’t sneak out. Since she is with me all the time sneaking out is impossible. She’s much too loud to pull it off. Even when we sneak around the library she can’t help but yell out, “Look, Mom, there is a girl!” I suppose I could sneak out without her, but the crying would probably give me away. Besides, I promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn’t sneak out on my child and leave her wondering where I went. I usually just tell her I am leaving, give her a quick kiss and a wave, and everything goes smoothly.

So, in reality, I spend much more time trying to sneak into things than I do trying to sneak out of them. I try to sneak into the bathroom alone. I try to sneak into the box of cookies in the cabinet and then try to sneak into the closet to eat them. I try to sneak in reading a few chapters of my book. I try to sneak in a quick shower, a cat-nap, a phone call. I try to sneak in a few extra vegetables into Tiny-Small’s fruit smoothy. I try to sneak into Twitter chats about fashion and blogging. I try to sneak into painting workshops and online art groups. I try to sneak in a few moments with friends. I am usually sneaking in and almost never sneaking out.

One time, in my twenties, I snuck into a movie theater to see a movie with a friend. After sitting there for three minutes I felt so guilty that I got up and snuck out to pay. I kept asking myself if this movie was going to be worth getting arrested, going to court and then spending the rest of my life in jail. That’s the kind of dramatic thinking that goes on in my head. Every wrong doing results in jail, death or deportation.

My childhood did not provide me with the experiences needed to successfully sneak in or out of anything. I always get caught with my hand in the cookie jar. The dogs lead everyone to my hiding place in the closet and the fashion ladies on Twitter spot me from a mile of Twitter feed away. I am pretty sure I will never have a career as a bandit or a ghost or a social media lurker. I can’t stop myself from commenting or from rattling my ghostly chains. I always have to add my two cents. I’m no better than Tiny-Small when it comes to being quiet or not crying out loud. I shuffle my feet too much, breathe too loudly, or can’t stop myself from speaking. I worry, excessively, about what my sneaking around means or who it might hurt, or if it might end in some sort of deportation. If you haven’t guessed yet, I am also really bad at telling lies. I can’t cope with the guilt, obviously.

Another time I snuck into Tiny-Small’s Halloween candy and ate some. I felt so guilty I replaced it with some other candy I knew she would like. It’s still sitting in a bag on the broken dishwasher because she has forgotten all about it. I should have just eaten it long ago.

I’ve had to cross “sneaking out” off of my life list. I’ve given up on being that kind of kid (or adult). I’m never running off to Canada with a young man on a motorcycle or to join the circus. It’s just not in me. Besides, I am having much more fun trying to sneak into things anyway. I am also having fun learning all about the grammar I missed in school. I mean, is it sneaked out or snuck out? I discovered both are used and there is substantial debate over it in the writing world. I just sneaked into Writers Digest to get some answers and then snuck back out again. Because, you know, that’s what kind of kid I am.


Monday Memories

This is part of the Monday Memories series created by Quirky Chrissy. Check out First Time Mom and Dad because she came up with this weeks prompt about sneaking out, so she probably has some good stories to tell!


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29 thoughts on “I Never Sneaked Out or Snuck Out When I Was A Kid”

    1. You mean you never sneaked into a movie theater without paying? I still feel guilty to this very day even though I did end up paying. Law-abiding is less stressful. All of that guilt takes the fun out of it.

      1. Well I must confess that I snuck into a movie theatre and the L.A. County Fair (it’s now called FAIRPLEX) which was (and is) huge and very cool for an 8 year old. 😀 It was a “rite of passage” for a young man. Anyway I don’t feel a bit of guilt about it. Check out the old dvd “Stand By Me” and I think you’ll understand why.

  1. Hahaha! I smiled and laughed all the way through the post.
    I never thought of it before, but I am clearly a sneaker in and not a sneaker out. Always have been. I am also law-abiding, not because I’m worried about arrest or deportation, but because my dad was a policeman. I knew he would find out way before I could even get home with a story.

    1. Haha! Having a policeman for a father could put a damper on your shenanigans for sure. My dad wasn’t a policeman, but he might as well have been. I did everything I could to stay out of trouble. I never wanted to disappoint him or end up grounded for the next century.

  2. Hahahhahaaha! I spent my teen years watching MTV and brooding in my bedroom. I think my parents would have preferred me sneaking out. Guilt complexes kept me from getting into trouble.

  3. Oh I snuck out of my house. And to Canada! The good news is that I go up to so much as a teenager that I don’t lie, cheat or steal at all as an adult, and at least my kids will never get away with anything.

    1. I think my dad did a lot of sneaking out when he was a kid and that is why I never got away with anything. He was onto all the possibilities of mischief making available to me. By the time my sister was a teenager my parents had grown lazy. She snuck out to Canada too…haha!

  4. This is such a delightful twist on that topic. The button works: this post arrived in my mail today and all I had to do is click it! I adored this post. I say “snuck.” I never had to “sneak” out as a kid either, but that’s because of a whole different set of reasons. I love how you say goodbye to TS; that’s the way to do it. I learned early on to be honest with my kids; if they can’t trust us, who can they trust? (Don’t answer that.) xo

  5. I did my fair share of sneaking. Got into my fair share of trouble. The good part of being as naughty as a teenager as I was is that the kids will have a hard time pulling a fast one on me!

    1. I feel sorry for your kids…haha! They won’t get away with much. You’ll be anticipating their every move. Meanwhile, Tiny-Small will probably be on her way to Canada before I even know she is missing.

  6. “Every wrong doing results in jail, death or deportation.” haha you drama queen! 🙂
    Lets keep our fingers crossed for Tiny-Small being just like you when she grows up…can you imagine her sneaking out because she really does want to go to Canada? That would be too ironic! 🙂

  7. I did a lot of sneaking out when I was younger! Mostly in high school out of my friend’s house. We literally would climb out of her 2story window. I also did some sneaking out after I babysat. My friends would pick me up and we would go out. I would tell my parents that I was babysitting late.

    I belonged to a nearby beachclub/pool where I grew up in Long Island and one time a bunch of us “broke into” the beachclub. We opened up the bar, smoked cigs and partied. The funny thing was one of my friend’s parents were on the Board of Directors and was really PISSED we did this.

    I could go on and on. I had a pretty wild childhood! So when it came to college nothing really phased me. And now as a mom my weekend consist of going to bed at 9 and going online to read blogs;)

          1. He, she, or it, I’m pretty sure has bigger fish to fry. After all, God probably isn’t Santa Claus

  8. I TOTALLY looked up sneaked vs. snuck TOO! And then I added snuck to my computer dictionary, so that my computer would never question me again. About “snuck.”

    I was always afraid and guilty too. I only snuck in that one time because I knew my parents weren’t home. Other than that I was goodie two-shoes.

    You’re cooler than you think, Lily. 🙂

    1. Doesn’t snuck just sound better than sneaked? I mean, who comes up with this stuff? I think we should be in charge from now on. Good for you for showing your computer who is boss!

      Thanks for calling me cool. Even if it isn’t true I totally appreciate you saying it!

  9. I was and still am a RULE FOLLOWER. It makes me physically ill to break rules. Even grammar rules. It’s sad, really. It’s always curious. Is it sneaked? Or snuck? Even I don’t know. And I’m a rule follower.

    1. I have the same relationship with rules. Although, strangely, I don’t seem to care about grammar as much as I probably should. In my mind it is too much like math. How weird is that?

      Apparently both sneaked and snuck are accepted, but sneaked came first.

  10. Are you catholic?! You sound like me with guilt! However, I eat my nephews Halloween candy and do not feel bad for it at all! I tell myself I am saving them from cavities… and the Karma is the calories! I think I just Love you Miss Lily! xx

    1. I am almost Catholic which probably doesn’t make sense, but is still true anyway. Guilt is worn like a badge in parts of my family…so is martyrdom.

  11. We would have been BFFs in high school. I feel guilty when I think people might CONSIDER that I’ve done something wrong (even when I haven’t). Sucks. Damn Catholic upbringing.

    1. I can so relate to this. I have been up at night worrying and feeling guilty over something that didn’t even happen. It’s not logical, but I still do it.

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