Valentine's Day

Two Hearts That Beat As One


Valentine's Day
Two Hearts That Beat As One

Two of hearts, two hearts that beat as one. Two of hearts…I need you…I need you!

Sorry, a little song interlude here. I am sure you are eternally grateful I did not choose to add video with sound. My family certainly is.

Tiny-Small and I have been making Valentine’s for the ones we love all week. We are also doing it just because it is fun and we love paper and glue and big, giant messes. We made these horses yesterday and they were super easy to do.

We all know I cannot draw or paint horses very well…at least not when they have legs! So, we bought the little poster board horses that are already cut out for you. When I saw them at the craft store I sighed a big sigh of relief. This wasn’t going to be so hard after all. Then we collaged them with some of the scraps of paper I happened to have left over from other projects. Mulberry paper is my favorite paper because it is see-through and when you glue it to something white it almost glows. Glowing is my favorite. Well, one of my favorites anyway.

Then, Tiny-Small played with the horses for a while. We named them the “painted horses” and before long I had to wrestle them out of her hands. She was trying to feed them oatmeal from a spoon!

Painted Horses

Then we got out a medium-sized piece of poster board to use as the background and glued them down with a heart in between them. That’s how a couple of craft horses became Two Hearts That Beat As One.

painted horses
The Finished Product

If I were feeling ambitious today I would write the song lyrics at the top of the poster board, but I haven’t even had coffee yet so I am leaving well enough alone! Next up, we will be painting fish. No doubt Tiny-Small will attempt to feed them yogurt or cat food. Probably cat food. Definitely cat food.



Today is my friend Kelly from the DeBie Hive’s birthday! I am guest posting on her blog today: Art Is Cheaper Than Therapy

Come read my post and wish Kelly a Happy Birthday!



14 thoughts on “Two Hearts That Beat As One”

  1. Love the horses! That is a supercute valentine poster! Tiny-Small is very lucky to have the possibility to play with you using her imagination and having your artistic genes 🙂

    1. I love that about her too. The other day she wanted to wear a dress. She said she wanted people to think she was pretty. I told her people will look at her and think she is kind and that is much more important. She is only two so I don’t know if she understood what I meant, but she seemed satisfied with my response.

    1. I get the mulberry paper from dickblicks online. I like the texture. It was fun and easy to do with a toddler since the paper was glued willy-nilly.

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