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Self Portrait Contest…Oh Yes, I Am Entering!

watercolor painting
Watercolor 11×15 of me and Tiny-Small

A good friend of mine pointed out a self portrait contest being sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama to me on Facebook. Jerry’s is a big online art store for those of you who are unfamiliar with it. They offer discounts on art supplies and have almost anything art related that you can imagine. They are also the only place I can find the peach colored watercolor paint I use to make Tiny-Small’s skin tone in the portraits I paint of her. I have plans to enter this contest. The Grand prize is a $3,000 gift card to the art store! There will be 25 people who will win honorable mention and get a $25 dollar gift card. I would be ecstatic to have a shopping spree of any kind in Jerry’s Artarama!

I haven’t painted myself very many times. I think only twice, unless you count high school, but who counts high school? That was back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and people walked to school up hill, both ways, through snow and ice, right? I guess I am saying I haven’t had much experience painting my own face, mostly because it feels sort of weird and also, I don’t want to know exactly how many wrinkles I have developed in the past two years. I don’t paint myself because I don’t want to appear vane and also because I am vane. Wrap your mind around that awkward confession.

watercolor self-portrait
Self Portrait 2012, 11×15

I am a little nervous and a little excited about the contest. I have already seen some of the competition on the Jerry’s Artarama Pinterest page and it is fierce. There are some extremely talented artists entering the contest. Still, a little voice inside of me says maybe I will win. Why not, right? I have been practicing and improving. I might be able to pull off an exceptionally well executed self portrait with all of the skills I have gained in the last year or so. Anyway, the worst that could happen is I get to have my painting on display next to some other amazing self portraits. That would be pretty satisfying and pretty awesome too!

I will keep you updated on my progress as the deadline (March 31) approaches. So far I have sketched out my face. I have decided to make it a very large painting. When it is finished I will force my husband to hang my 22 x 30 self portrait on the wall (like rich people on TV always do) so I can stare down at him even when I am not home. He’ll totally think twice about leaving dirty socks next to the hamper with me around, scolding him with my self portrait face. I am hoping to make my eyes follow people around the room too. That will be delightful and creepy all at the same time!

Close-up of the sketch of my face.

Actually, my plan is to make it look like I am resting with my head on my hand and dreaming about the flower garden I want to plant. I can’t have a self portrait without my flowers because then it really wouldn’t be me. There is more to it than just painting a face and calling it a day. A self portrait should tell a story about you. At least, that is the rule I have made for myself.


Want to enter the contest too? Click Here: Self Portrait Contest

Don’t forget to see all of the self portrait’s that have been submitted for the contest. Pick out who you think she would win by visiting Jerry’s Artarama Contest Board on Pinterest. Show your support by liking or commenting on the paintings. I am sure the artist’s would enjoy some encouragement and feedback.


10 thoughts on “Self Portrait Contest…Oh Yes, I Am Entering!”

    1. I am glad it arrived! I always worry. It’s like sending your child on a bus without you to go visit someone…

      I am trying to be brave. It’s not always my natural instinct. 🙂

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