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Monday Memories: Love

Rosie dog Valentine
I love you more than dog bones.

These Monday Memories posts always end up being embarrassing stories about me. I can’t seem to remember anything else. Of course, when you are a kid all stories about love are a little awkward. Those memories are the stuff Cooties are made of.

When I was in first grade I was in love with a boy named Richie. He was short, obviously, with sandy brown hair and blue eyes. I thought he was the cats meow. I would stay up thinking about him late into the night. My parents made me go to bed at 7:30 pm so when I say “late into the night” I mean like 7:45 pm. At the time I was reading Richie Rich comics and so I was pretty sure that when Richie and I grew up we would get married and live in a mansion. We’d have a giant swimming pool and I would carry gold coins around in a sack. I might be getting this confused with another cultural reference, but bear with me here. Memories are a fuzzy thing.

For Valentine’s Day that year I made some cards for my classmates. I had received a kit from someone (probably my Grandma) that had cards you could pop out and assemble. I saved the best one for Richie. It had a boy and a girl holding hands. The girl was holding a bouquet of flowers. It said, “I love you.” At school we had little mailboxes on our desks and so we went around putting all of the cards in the proper mailboxes right before our party started. We ate cupcakes and drank Kool-aid. Then we went home.

That night I developed a severe earache and ended up staying home from school for about a week. I was really sick. I was in a lot of pain. I secretly wondered what Richie thought about my Valentine. With all of that time to think about what I had done I started to get nervous. Maybe he would think I was weird. Maybe it was all just a bad dream. I was hoping it was an earache induced hallucination. That Valentine’s Day hadn’t actually happened yet.

When I finally went back to school nobody mentioned my Valentine card to Richie. He must not have told anyone about it. The only difference was he was a lot nicer to me for the rest of the year. At least, I thought he was. I remember he wanted to play with me at recess and sat next to me during lunch. Unfortunately, it was only a mere, few months later that I developed a new crush on a boy named Matthew. I guess that is another story for the history books. Or, another post for Monday Memories just begging to be written.

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16 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Love”

  1. That’s a great story. He probably secretly loved you too but didn’t have the nerve to say it out loud (or via a Valentine card). I remember a similar scenario where I received two of the exact same valentines from a boy in my class. I assumed he had made a mistake and didn’t react. But years later when we found one another at the same high school party he confessed that he had a big crush on me that year and reminded me that he had given me two valentines. Then he said he was a bit heart broken because I didn’t react to this ‘obvious’ sign. But truthfully, I was distracted at the time for my crush on a boy named Johnny. Swoon. lol.

  2. Oh, first loves…so adorable. I wonder what he thought of you after getting that card. I guess you had your talent even back then so the card must have been awesome, too.

    1. It was more of a card with perforated edges that you could pop out and glue stuff to, so it was more like a do it yourself store bought card. I am sure he was impressed and scared…haha! We used to play this game at recess where we would chase the boys and try to kiss them. Kids probably get arrested for that now. Good thing the boys always ran faster than we did.

      1. Ah yeah, must have read sth wrongly.
        Game that was based on trying to kiss someone?! Oh my, that would make my life so much easier! πŸ™‚ We had this game at dancing parties (usually costume ones – I remember I was dressed as a prima-ballerina!) where we had to dance with each other holding a balloon between our heads. It was fun and so dramatic! πŸ™‚

  3. Awww I love that story! It brings back memories of the v-day shoe box and cupcake party. I love that you remember his name… And then Mathew’s… 1st grade love is grand! I hope Ollie’s first crush is as sweet… And fleeting as you were. Xx

    1. Ollie is growing up too fast! Just the other day I saw him driving…haha! I hope his first grade love is fleeting too. πŸ™‚

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