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Writing about an injury, for Monday Memories, is a little hard for me because most of my injuries are small and embarrassing. Like the time I picked up a tea kettle filled with boiling water and burned my nose or the time I went hiking, fell and got a piece of stick in my leg. It was there for six months before I got it out.

There was also that time when I was a kid, that I decided to slide down the stairs on a blanket and ended up tangling with a bookcase at the bottom of the stairs. My MemΓ© was not too pleased. I am not sure if she was more annoyed by my injury or by my stupidity. Either way, I was banned from going near the blankets. Another time I was playing in the wood pile and stepped on a nail. It went right through my shoe and up through my foot. I also fell out of the apple tree. I went straight back, like a graceful gymnast, diver, except I landed flat on my back. The air went out of my lungs. I waited to breathe assuming I would die, but luckily I was fine. Mostly I remember thinking the clouds were beautiful and if that was the last thing I saw before I died, maybe death wouldn’t be so bad after all.

As an adult I have shut my finger in a car door, cut myself with knives, burned myself on the toaster oven, repeatedly, and hit my head standing up under cabinet doors. I am a walking, minor disaster waiting to happen. Accident prone to the fullest denominator. Wait, is that even a saying? I didn’t pay enough attention in math class to throw terms like denominator around all willy-nilly, but I do it just the same.

So, while I don’t have any big injury memories I do have lots of small ones. They remind me I am human. I need reminders like that now and again to remind me to slow down, pay attention and not take stupid risks. I mean, seriously, is it really necessary to smell boiling water in a teapot? I am guessing probably not.

Do you have a favorite injury memory? The funnier the better! Share below.

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25 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Injury”

  1. Lily thanks for the biggest laugh of the day, I needed it to release the tension from writing! I can’t think of a stupid injury right now but if something pops in the memory box I will come back and post it here πŸ˜‰ xxx

  2. I think you mean numerator instead of denominator. If there are 10 ways to hurt yourself and you use every single one, you would represent it as 10/10. If you only hurt yourself three times out of 10, it would only be 3/10. Math is everywhere! πŸ™‚ And let me think of a funny way I hurt myself. How about when I fell off the top of a cheerleading pyramid when i was 16 and broke both wrists!?

    1. Math and grammar. All I can say is I am really grateful to have you in my life!

      Ouch! Cheerleading is a dangerous sport. You don’t hear much about that, but I bet there are many injuries every week due to girls being tossed in the air. It must take an incredible amount of trust and team cohesion for those routines to come together as well as they do! Both wrists…that must have been interesting and painful!

  3. Don’t feel bad about smelling the steam. I used to touch the stove burners knowing that it would hurt. I’m sure because of that and my day job, I have an incredible tolerance for picking up hot items.

    1. Jim is like that too. He can pick up hot things. I always wonder if he just burned off all of his nerve endings!

  4. Most of my injuries are due to my own clumsiness – tripping and falling, walking into things, dropping things on my own head, touching hot things, etc. I’m such a klutz that I usually have bruises that I have no recollection of acquiring.

    1. I have “phantom” bruises as well. Bumping into and off of things happens so often that I barely notice. I sometimes have trouble walking through a doorway!

  5. There is this weird thing that sticks out from under my steering wheel. I have had my car for 9 years, and for 9 years I have been hitting my knee on this ‘thing’. Hitting it HARD!!! Then it is followed by curse words. BAD curse words.
    Have I learned after nine years? Have I changed the way I glide into my seat? NO

    I had not been getting your posts in my blog feed, so I have ignored you for months. Sorry πŸ™ I think it had something to do with you being on blogger, and then switching to wordpress. I will now re-follow you. Kinda like discovering a book that you have had sitting in your book shelf the whole time.

    1. I had some trouble switching from blogger to wordpress. Mostly because I am technologically challenged. I just learned how to use feedburner and so I am now back on Google reader…yay!

      Your car story reminded me of my car. Every single time I get out and go to close the door it shocks me. Like a pretty big zap of a shock. I feel like the poster child for B.F. Skinner.

  6. Hah, smelling the boiling water…you could have received a Murphy award for that!
    Well I was raised in a village so my childhood injuries were as much funny as they could have been fatal πŸ˜€
    I guess my all time fav is the time (as a teenager) I went camping with my uncle and cousin. He bought caramel beer for us to try and then we used the empty bottles to bring water from the lake and put down the fire..So, I, as I usually do, so excited about all the camping, poured the water to the bottle and decided not to walk to the fireplace but well…jump. So, as it was a beach with slippery stones I fell off really fast, broke the bottle and then cut my palm with it…
    God, there was so much blood! But the funny part is that my uncle had to tell my mum he let us have a try of a good beer!

    1. Broken glass…it makes me scared just thinking about it. I can’t stop laughing about your uncle. He was probably more scared than you were!

  7. The summer after sixth grade, I was at my grandmother’s house. My friend called, and as I often did, I walked around the house while talking to her. Halfway down the hallway, I tripped over absolutely nothing, fell, and broke my wrist.

    When I was in the emergency room, a nice older couple were asking about my arm, and when I told them the story, I left out the part about tripping over nothing because it seemed a little embarrassing. The man said to my father, ” Young man, you need to get your daughter a cordless phone.” My father replied, “It was a cordless phone,” and then the nice older couple seemed to not know how to reply. They quickly came up with a reason to move chairs and sat on the other side of the room giving me strange looks.

    The time I jumped off the roof of my friend’s house earlier that summer, I didn’t even end up with a bruise.

    1. This story about the couple at the hospital cracks me up. Isn’t that always the case? We hurt ourselves the most doing nothing and innocently? When I was a kid I did a lot of dangerous things…like jumping off the roof. We are lucky to be alive. πŸ™‚

  8. Oh geez! The smaller the better with these types of memories! I remember a guy I used to work with who walks with crutches because of a head injury he said was because he was trying to impress a girl in college. Embarrassing and not small. I have been lucky like you!

  9. I have a scar on my hand from changing a ceiling tile when I worked at Target. Remind me – I’ll do a post and include a picture on how my hand modeling career was forever destroyed. Tragic, really.

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