Monday Memories: GREASE is the word…

Today is Monday Memories and I have been instructed to write about a musical memory. I have so many I could barely focus long enough to pick just one. Then, last night, when I was watching The Oscars, John Travolta reminded me of the movie Grease. I have seen that movie so many times that I have lost count.

It all started in 4th or 5th grade. I watched it over and over and over again. I mean, every morning for weeks and weeks. I was obsessed with the transformation of Sandy from goody-two shoes, to curly-haired, hot, black pleather wearing, smoking Sandy. It gave me hope that one day I might be “cool” too.

The fact that the cool kids in the movie were all kind of loser-like never crossed my immature mind. I mean, there was the beauty school drop out, the guy who was probably 30 years old, but still went to high school and raced cars at night, and then there was the almost date rape seen at the drive-in movie.

I think it was the music that got me more than anything. I love to sing, even though I am terrible at it. I wanted real life to be a musical. I wanted to break out and sing a love song when my heart got broken or have a sleep over / pillow fight where songs erupted on a whim. It all seemed so fun and exciting. The drama and angst of the teenager years fascinated me. I still love the movie. As a freshman in college I actually wrote a paper comparing and contrasting the movie to the original theater script. My focus was on women’s issues and how they were portrayed differently in each media form based on the time they were created. I got an A-. Ten points off for being late.

That is me, second from the left, wearing a blond wig.

Anyway, that musical devotion took me on many paths. I was in drama club in high school and participated in theater productions and sang in the chorus. A few years ago I was in a local play and actually had a singing solo. It was really scary because I am not a singer, but also really fun because it scared me to death and I did it anyway!


Monday Memories


20 thoughts on “Monday Memories: GREASE is the word…”

  1. Looking back on movies we loved as children is always eye-opening. I remember going to see Grease at the movies. My mom dropped us off; I think she went shopping while we kids were there. I was eleven, and my sister was not quite seven. Last summer, she said to me, “What was Mom thinking? There is no way I’d let my seven year old watch that!”

    1. It’s funny that you mention that. My mom always talks about seeing a movie, but years later forgetting it had “bad” parts for kids. She regrets letting my sister and I watch a few things. I find myself doing that now too. I loved The Wizard of Oz, but it has some scary parts! When you see it again through the eyes of someone small you wonder what the heck you were thinking by turning it on! When we were kids parents often went by the ratings. My mom says the PG-13 rating often seemed worse to her than the R rating. I always found that interesting too.

  2. This is probably a weird thing to say, but looking at that photo of you in the blonde wig, all I think is “damn. nice legs.” Because they’re quite shapely. (I’m not brave enough for shorts.)

    1. That was years ago and pre baby. I’m not a fan of shorts anymore either! It’s nice to know I had shapely legs once though…haha!

  3. I would not recognize you even if my life depended on it! 🙂 I like that you put a lot of pics here, I am too scared to do it. When I upload sth I make sure my face is covered (like in my prof pic now, haha) or it shows only a part of my body (usually feet, a bit of fetish there).
    I have seen that film like 5 years ago for the first time even though I have sang the songs since I was 4. And I love me some Olivia Newton John! Her voice is amazing!

    1. Did I ever tell you I planned to be an anonymous blogger? At some point I gave that up and went for full on exposure. Somehow it just made more sense to me. Hopefully, it won’t prove to be a mistake. Plus, since I want to sell my art and my name is attached to it I have to embrace the exposure!

  4. I was thinking “Damn. Nice legs” as well. We share a brain. It’s okay.

    Also… Ten points off for being late…Lily, I feel as though you and I share a brain now too. That was seriously the story of my life. 🙂

  5. LOVE Grease. I have been looking forward to introducing it to my daughter. When she’s 45. So many sexual references! Of course I never caught on to them when I was a kid either, but I swear my kid is more perceptive at 4 than I was at 14. So impressed you did a musical!

    1. That movie was really bad and yet everyone thought it was fine for kids. So weird, right? Add some singing and everything is fine. I wanted a Pink Lady jacket for at least 8 years.

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