Fearless Fiction Femmes Fatales (New Month: New Story)

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Welcome to February! The Fiction Friday Femmes Fatales are starting a new month of fiction writing. Some of us are keeping the same characters as last month and some of us are starting a new line of story telling. I hope you enjoy my contribution!


Darlene sat at her table pounding her play-dough flat. It was blue play dough. Blue was her favorite color, at least it was this week. She had her favorite colors for each week planned out for two months in advance. The list was in her desk. Next week her favorite color was going to be green. She couldn’t wait for next week. She loved green.

She noticed the room got quiet so she looked up and there he was. He had dark brown hair. It was almost black. The sun was shining on him through the window and it made him glow. Darlene thought he might be an Angel.

Before long her teacher started walking towards her table. Mrs. Hernandez pointed to the empty chair next to Darlene and said, “Javier, this is Darlene. Please sit next to her today. Darlene, Javier is new to our school. I am counting on you to show him where things are and to introduce him to the other students.” Darlene nodded and smiled at her teacher. She loved to be class helper. She always showed the new students around. That was one reason she had so many friends.

Darlene turned to Javier. He was still glowing even though the sun was no longer shining on him. He was smiling at her. He had big, dark brown eyes with specks of gold floating in them. Darlene was reminded of her fathers Espresso beans and the drops of honey he stirred into his coffee mug every morning. Her father used a special, golden spoon. It was reserved for his espresso coffee, but sometimes he let Darlene play with it when she was playing with her dolls.

Javier was beautiful. He looked like a doll. He had dimples and no front teeth. His hair was so thick it stood straight up from his head. His eyelashes were black and curling out from his eyes. His eyebrows looked like caterpillars. He seemed to sparkle as if he had just taken a bath in fairy dust. Darlene wondered again if this was what Angels looked like when they took human form. Perhaps she was about to have a conversation with God just like Moses did when the bush caught on fire. He wore a necklace with the Virgin Mary on it. It was shiny and gold. Darlene wanted to touch it. It was just like the one she had at home, but was never permitted to wear, especially not to school. Darlene loved Javier immediately. He was special. He was going to be her new best friend. She tore her play-dough in half and handed him some. He took it and said, “Thanks, Darlene!”

The loud, berating sound of the alarm clock made Darlene sit straight up in bed. She was wide awake and scrambling to turn the alarm off. She wondered when she had fallen asleep. How did she fall asleep despite all of the crying? She fell back down into her pillows until she felt the big empty feeling in her chest begin to grow again. She didn’t want to cry anymore, but she knew she was going to. She hated sleeping because she had this dream every night. She’d had this dream for a week now. Over and over again, night after night. She couldn’t stop dreaming of the moment she had met Javier. It was so cruel that she could be transported back in time and re-experience her happiness only to awaken to this intense pain of heart-break every morning. She felt so alone. She felt forgotten. She had loved him for eight years. He had practically lived at her house for eight years. Her parents had even invited him to go on vacation with them most years. They were best friends. They did everything together.

They still were best friends as far as everyone else knew. Nobody else knew what she knew. Nobody else knew what had gone terribly wrong. Nobody else knew that her entire future had just crumbled before her eyes. All of the plans she had made for them. They were all gone too. They would not go to the same college, get married, or have two kids – all of that was gone. Even Javier did not fully realize what he had ruined with his confession. He had been too busy worrying about her reaction to fully grasp the depth of her reaction. He took her silence to be acceptance and her tears to be relief. She had faked it a little to mask her disappointment. She had smiled too broadly when he left to hide her broken heart and her shattered dreams. At sixteen her life was already over and she could barely stand it.

A week ago, on Saturday night, they had gone to see a movie. Javier seemed anxious and insisted they leave early. They went to the local playground and climbed up the ladder to the little play house and sat inside. This was where they would hang out sometimes. This is where they told each other secrets. Javier kept saying he had something important to tell her. He wanted to tell her first because she was his best friend and he was scared to tell anyone else what he had to say. She remembered how he had made her promise to keep his secret even if she were kidnapped by terrorists and water-boarded for the information. Darlene remembered laughing at Javier until she saw the expression on his face; then she felt scared. He wasn’t joking, this was serious. He made her pinky swear that above all else she would never, ever tell his mother. Darlene wrapped her pinky finger around his and swore herself to secrecy.

That was when Javier looked her straight in the eyes and said, “Darlene, I think I might be gay.”


The Prompt:When was the last time you looked into someone’s gorgeous eyes? Maybe they were sea green and seemed to have all the secrets of the world behind them? What would happen if you had a chance to know this person intimately?

Then you find that person has a dark secret that would bring your perfect but lonely life to its knees.


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19 thoughts on “Fearless Fiction Femmes Fatales (New Month: New Story)”

  1. Fabulous piece Lillian, my favourite of yours so far. The words were flowing transporting me from the light innocent spirit of the chilhood to Darlene’s teenage broken heart. Superb!

    1. Thank you, Sandra! I think I am going to do better this month. Last month I dived in without characters. Now that I know how this prompt things work I think I will be able to design my fiction better. It flowed out much easier this time.

  2. Lillian: I have to admit, I was secretly hoping to read about Alicia and Brian. I think when it’s a continuation you naturally build the characters over a longer period of time. HOWEVER, I so loved this piece. I could see the imagery and details of your characters and how you created the history between these characters from their childhood, to teens. The end caught me totally off guard…wow! Nice work even with your tooth pain and medicated lunacy! 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better!

    1. Medicated lunacy…could anything describe me better right now? I don’t think so!

      I will not forget about Brian and Alicia. I just need a little space to figure them out. Stay tuned!

  3. I was sort of waiting to see what happened with Alicia and Brian, too! But you did a great job capturing life through the eyes of a child. And a teenager — pure drama.

    1. I will return to Alicia and Brian at some point. I think I just need some time to let it simmer. They say to write what you know and I know drama!

    1. Thank you, Chrissy. OCD…I didn’t think of it that way. I had a friend is 2nd grade like that. I wonder what she is like now!

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