Chobani yogurt

CHOBANI The Yogurt Of Toddler Champions (And Their Fathers)

Chobani yogurt
She demanded CHOBANI before taking her coat off. #1 Fan

A couple of months ago CHOBANI yogurt started following me on Twitter. I don’t follow very many brands on Twitter. I mean, brands are not always that interactive with me so I don’t usually bother. Before long, however, CHOBANI was teasing me on Twitter. They knew all about Tiny-Small. They knew about some of our wacky adventures. They were actually reading my blog posts. I don’t know who operates the Twitter handle over at the Greek Yogurt company, but they are pretty hilarious. I found myself following CHOBANI back. They won me over with their wit and humor. Also, we love Greek Yogurt around here. Tiny-Small eats it every day. She’s a yogurt aficionado at the ripe old age of two.

To my surprise CHOBANI sent me an email asking if we would like to sample some of their new CHOBANI Champions yogurt in a tube! I agreed because, seriously, who turns down free yogurt? I even volunteered to do a review of it on my blog. I mean, why not? I know you guys like yogurt too.

CHOBANI Rockin' Blueberry yogurt
Rockin’ Blueberry CHOBANI Greek Yogurt in a tube.

They sent us two flavors in a tube. One was Rockin’ Blueberry and one was Jammin’ Strawberry. Tiny-Small loves them both. This yogurt in a tube is so creamy, it reminds me of the milkshakes I used to get from an ice cream shop near my house as a kid. The best part is that CHOBANI uses healthy ingredients. There isn’t a bunch of chemicals or high fructose corn syrup. Strawberries and blueberries are actually in the list of ingredients. Real fruit! Not just fruit flavoring. Tiny-Small ate one before I unpacked the box of yogurt that came in the mail. Then she promptly ate two more. She was happy because it was delicious, I was happy because it was healthy. I had to hide a few so I could taste it before it was all gone!

We had a little problem with the yogurt tubes at first. Tiny-Small would squeeze them too hard and squirt yogurt all over my leg. I put a few in the freezer and froze them into yogurt popsicles. This made it a little easier for her to manipulate the tubes and reduced the mess. She seems to have mastered the art of eating yogurt from a tube now, after some practice, but it you have a younger child or want to take them in the car freezing helps reduce the accidental yogurt slingshot.

CHOBANI Champions greek yogurt
Mastering the art of eating CHOBANI yogurt in a tube.

To my surprise CHOBANI also sent us some of their Greek Yogurt bites (just 100 calories!). We sampled both the coffee with dark chocolate chips and the raspberry with dark chocolate chips. Jim and I were excited to see the coffee one because we both LOVE coffee. We drink a lot of that around here. The raspberry one, however, was our absolute favorite. It tasted like fresh raspberries. It tasted like real raspberries. Both of them were creamy and an excellent source of protein. The perfect snack for an afternoon energy crisis. Not to mention they also have live and active cultures in them. I had my wisdom teeth removed last week so I have been living on CHOBANI Greek Yogurt. It is easy to swallow, satisfies my hunger and also counteracts the effects of taking an antibiotic for ten days. This yogurt arrived in the mail exactly when I needed it most. Thank you, CHOBANI!


Want to follow them on Twitter and see if they make fun of you too? @CHAMPIONS


Disclosure: CHOBANI sent me a box of yogurt to sample, but I wasn’t paid or compensated in anyway other way to write this review. Unless you count getting teased on Twitter by a yogurt company that likes to crack jokes at your expense. If I didn’t like the yogurt I would tell you because, like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie. I’d even cut down my cherry tree just to prove it, but luckily I don’t have a cherry tree. Not to mention I am acutely allergic to hard labor.


24 thoughts on “CHOBANI The Yogurt Of Toddler Champions (And Their Fathers)”

    1. Tweet to them! Maybe they will send you some samples too. The Bites are pretty amazing. I might go eat another one right now!

    1. I like my yogurt to not be fat free. Everything else is fat free. Tiny-Small needs the extra calories too because she is a skinny-minnie.

  1. Thank God for yoghurt in a tube!
    I have never seen this brand where I live but on the other hand I am much too attached to all yoghurts brands in PL. Maybe its time to try something new 😉 Especially that we only have greek yogurt with the test of greek yogurt, no more flavours 🙁
    P.S. I am allergic to hard labour, too!

    1. That is interesting about only having plain flavored Greek yogurt where you live. here in America, we seem to have to have a 100 flavors of everything. Sometimes staring at all of those choices makes me tired! I hope you get to try it soon!

  2. I was first attracted to Chobani when craving Aegean style yogurt, my staple breakfast here in Turkey, while visiting family in the US. In Turkish, the word “choban” means shepherd, so that caught my eye. I discovered the founder is actually Turkish, which did not surprise me at all since we’re pretty entrepreneurial over here, and have some pretty fabulous food. The world being the way it is, anything Greek sells better than Turkish. All the cultures around the Mediterranean claim yogurt as their own, and it’s too good not to share. Here, we serve it plain, or drizzled with honey or jam, fresh fruit or olives on the side. But I add coffee too – not exactly traditional, but I agree delicious!

    1. I love Greek Yogurt. I am glad to know Chobani is actually Turkish. That makes sense to me. With honey is probably my favorite way to eat it. We also eat it with bread and olives and fresh fruit. Now I am hungry!

      1. We love hearing when people make savory creations with Greek yogurt! It’s such a versatile product. We even just launched a creation at Chobani SoHo here in NYC that has smoked salmon, fresh dill, lemon juice, olive oil, and a dash of salt and pepper. Keep the creation inspiration flowin’.

  3. yogurt rules; chobani is dominant. we have been eating that stuff for YEARS and we love it. we fight over it actually. the kids run around the house the last cup and neener-neener each other. T3 asks for it “with fiber.” which is his fancy way of saying, “granola” but we are addicts. it’s that good. nice post, i’m thrilled they took care of you, LC. xoox

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