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A Fish Out Of Water: Sandra From Gozo

Today I am excited to start my “Fish Out Of Water” guest post series. Women from around the world will tell their stories about living in new cultures. I am hoping it inspires some of you to travel and if you can’t travel right now (like me) to at least dream about it.

I am proud to introduce Sandra from Gozo. She is a poet, artist, hybrid soul.

street of rabat
Street of Rabat.                                                     Photo credit: Sandra from

A Fish Out of Water …or maybe not …

My name is Sandra. My passport says I am French, I like to proudly add that my roots are from Andalusia. Over the last twelve years, I have been living in different countries of Southern Europe, namely Spain, Italy and Greece. A month ago, I moved to the Maltese island of Gozo, in the heart of the Mediterranean.

When asked what brought me here, I will probably answer serendipity. And guts. Booking a plane ticket and packing a suitcase are probably the two things I am more inclined to do with my eyes shut. When it comes to travelling and moving abroad, I have an incredible faith in my inner compass. The minute I step in the airport all my possible fears and doubts are cleared. I just know I am onto a new adventure.

Today, as I was strolling through the labyrinth of narrow streets in the center of Rabat, the capital of Gozo, I realized that since I moved here my days have never been dull or boring. My curious eyes have always been satiated with unexpected discoveries, delicate touches of beauty. In my wanderings, Gozo is reminiscent of other places and cultures I carry with me. This is probably the reason why I feel so much connected with the Maltese islands. Their history shaped from a mosaic of cultures reflects to the outer world how I feel in my own inner world. All these years of extensive travelling have modeled my clay in a manner that the cultures I have experienced interweave and interact with each other.

I haven’t had time to feel foreign or to experience the issue of the linguistic barrier: English is one of the official languages and I secretly feel flattered when locals address me in Maltese. I blend easily in the landscape. Relief.

Gozitan are engaging, polite and friendly. My social interactions are still limited to my daily errands in the local shops but I always appreciate a small chat and smiles, many smiles.

Living on an island is living to a different rhythm and it is very interesting for me to observe how my body is more supple and relaxed away from the stress and the chaos of the urban life. I am feeling more grounded than ever, at peace with myself, breathing to my own rhythm, living simply and healthily. Gozo is a constant source of inspiration for my writings and the future creative projects that will be blooming, I hope, in the close future.

Gozo means Joy in old castillan. I live indeed on an island that fills me with Joy. Every.Single.Day.

Malta Citadella Bulamamani
View from the Citadella. Photo credit Sandra from

How Serendipity brought me to Gozo



Clicking Serendipity above will bring you to where you can read more about Sandra’s experience.

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      1. It is Peaceful and Beautiful, I will share more of it every week! I think it is important to make people dream with places and people that are Real 😉 Hope you come and visit some day DeBee!

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