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10 Things That Stress Me Out

10 Things That Stress Me Out

1. Not getting enough sleep. It makes me cranky, spacey and sometimes physically ill. Not getting enough sleeps makes everything else on this list worse.

2. Money: Not having enough is stressful, but so is keeping track of it. I am terrible at balancing checkbooks, paying bills on time, making sure checks were cashed. Maybe this should really be “not being more organized.”

sign about caffeine
If only caffeine could fix all my problems.


3. People with expectations so high I will never meet them. I will try and fail. Then I will try again and fail again. I wish I didn’t care if people liked me.

4.When our water stops working. This has been happening too often. It is happening again today. Our well and pipes keep freezing. We have even had a few gushers in the past month. We are terrible at plumbing. We keep buying pipe heaters. It keeps freezing anyway. Send help!

10 Things That Stress Me Out

5. Being on the Internet too much. My eyes hurt, my wrists hurt. Type, type…blink, blink. I just have one more thing to say or do…and then one more. Again, send help!

6. Housework. I am not good at it, but think I should be. No matter what I think I am still not good at it.

7. Feeling like I am running out of time. How will I read all of these books, write all of the blogs, see all of these movies, play all of these games or paint all of these paintings by next week, or before I die?

8. When the dog won’t stop barking. Startle reflex. Eye twitch. I become a character in a horror movie.

9. When I take too long to make a decision. Or even worse, do not make one at all.

10. When I compare myself to others.


What 10 things stress you out?

17 thoughts on “10 Things That Stress Me Out”

  1. Those are all things we all worry about, except I don’t have the water problems. Maybe you should “slow” down a little. Maybe for a week post one less blog entry. Or paint one less painting. Would that help you sleep more? Not sure when you do all your blogging,etc.

    This is all just advice. I have no idea what it’s like to have all those hobbies. Though I am happy to say my blog is officially in production with a designer. Yay!!

    Hope you find some balance! I think you are doing great!

    1. The sleep problem has more to do with my daughter and my husband. Jim has been waking me up a lot. Tiny-Small is in another wake up at night phase. I think she gets cold, but doesn’t wake up enough to pull her own blankets up. Once I get woken up I have a hard time getting back to sleep!

  2. I agree with the above-mentioned advice – come on, relax! Maybe you need to control too many things? Comparing yourself to others and number 3 should not be stressing you out. We are all individuals, we have needs, feelings, emotions and well, flaws 🙂

    1. If telling myself to relax worked I wouldn’t have any stress…ha! I find these things stress me out from time to time. They aren’t killing me. Just an observation. I have found that writing things publicly often helps me find solutions. Almost as if admitting something to the universe makes it easier for the answers to flow in. I have asked a question in a comment only to find the answer on the very next thing I click on. It sounds like magical thinking and it probably is, but when I find something that works I stick with it! 🙂

      1. of course, I understand. Putting things like that on a blog helps one blow off some steam or just have a different perspective. And a wider perspective is the best thing one can get when dealing with some stressful stuff! It is easy to say “relax” to someone else’s nerves, I know. I wasn’t trying to minimize your problems or the phenomena in general, just thinking that when so many ppl will write that these things, even when they happen, don’t really matter in the longrun, you will feel better…:)

  3. They all sound so familiar! (even the water, no burst pipes here but a dodgy meter).
    Fair play for laying it all out. I like “grant me the patience to accept what I cannot change, the strength to change what I can and the wisdom to know the difference”.

    1. Oh yes, Catherine, the serenity prayer has gotten me through some rough moments! Nice to have the reminder. I went to visit my mom today and just getting out was nice. I have a new perspective.

  4. Frozen pipes would stress anyone out. We haven’t had any solid frozen or bursting, but some mornings there are ice crystals in the bathroom toilet. Not a good sign, and those drains are very slow. I think it is just the ground being so cold.

    As to the housework – your husband wants a wife, not a maid, and Tiny Small doesn’t care. Just keep reminding yourself of that.

    I can’t help with the rest, but they are all familiar.

    1. Ice in the toilet sounds pretty cold. We haven’t had that yet. I hope you don’t have any frozen pipes that burst this year. It sounds like you are dangerously close to having something freeze. I am going to send you warm pipe thoughts!

      You are right about Tiny-Small not caring about a mess. She doesn’t seem to even notice. I don’t think my husband does either. I am pretty sure it bugs me the most.

  5. Water issues always highlight the numbner of times I “wash” my hands in a day. Turns out I run my hands under the water every 5 minutes minutes while I’m attempting to clean something. I HATE NOT HAVING WATER.
    We had weeks and weeks with no water in South Africa and my husband had to go down to the fish pond to get a buckt of water just to flush our toilets.
    I totally understand that issue.
    And basically all the others……

    1. It is completely amazing how often we wash our hands! It is such a pain to not have water. Part of the problem is that it isn’t supposed to get this cold here. Our pipes are shallow. The ground is so hard here. Now, with weather patterns changing we are having much colder winters. We just aren’t built for that sort of thing.

  6. I can totally relate – stress isn’t rational so telling myself to relax never seems to help.

    As for the water, I grew up in a house with exposed pipes, ugh. Are you leaving a faucet open (at least to a trickle) when sub-freezing temps are predicted? It’s a waste of water, I know, but at least you’ll increase the chances of at least one working faucet.

    Good luck & hang in there, spring is in sight!

    1. We do have a trickle going, but it seems to be freezing between the well and the pump! We have these pipes that come out of the ground and into our pump house on the side of the pump house that doesn’t get any sun until the afternoon. We have installed pipe warmers, but there is one part we don’t have an easy way to get electricity too. My husband is going to build a little box to cover that section of pipe and hopefully the extra insulation will make a difference. Crossing my fingers and looking forward to Spring!

  7. I can relate to all of these. Especially the lack of sleep and the disorganization with money… AND decision making. I am HORRIBLE when it comes to any kind of decision. Just ask my husband, it drives him batty!

    Frozen pipes-our used to freeze every year when we lived in our trailer. I lost a good hair dryer to those pipes. My husband finally bought a space heater and put it under there, to just plug in and turn on whenever the pipes froze. It worked beautifully. Then we bought a house and the first winter the pipes froze. WTH? It turned out a window had been left open in the basement. We haven’t had problems with it since. Hang in there girl, and remember that Spring will get here eventually!

    1. My husband and I are both slow decisions makers! We are ridiculous, but I guess at least we can understand each other even though things don’t get done. I should appreciate that more somehow!

      Frozen pipes…Ugh!

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