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When Dog Toys Look Too Realistic

We were in a giant mega store the other day. The kind that carries every item known to man. They had dog toys for sale that looked so realistic a certain toddler had trouble understanding that they weren’t real.

dog toys
Sometimes dog toys look delicious.

In her defense, this dog-toy ice cream cone looked more real than the fake food ice cream cone she got with her play kitchen. She knew it wasn’t real because it was rubbery and it squeaked, but she had to taste-test it just to be sure. I couldn’t blame her really. I mean, it did kind of look delicious.


I’ve been writing about fear for a writing workshop I am taking called #38write. If you are looking for something to take you on a journey, deep into your soul I recommend you look into these workshops and sign up for February. There are rumors that one workshop will be on dreams sometime in the near future. All I can say is that, for me, this writing has been cathartic. Fear is the kind of subject that forces you to dig deep. The writing felt like giving birth. I’m still in recovery. This week, on the blog, might be more about pictures than about writing. Sometimes images are easier to generate or to communicate with.

18 thoughts on “When Dog Toys Look Too Realistic”

  1. Lillian: I totally agree that pictures – as they say – are sometimes worth a thousand words. Sounds like an amazing workshop. Staring down fear. Wow.

    PS That ice cream did look so real.

    1. Didn’t it? just posting this has made me crave a cone. Staring down fear…I had fear o my fear. Gah! I’m a mess.

  2. You write beautifully about the workshop Lillian. I am too in recovery. Still in shock of what I unearthed. Will follow your example and be kind to myself this week about writing posts 🙂 BTW I love Tiny-Small hat 😉

  3. What a funny toy to begin with…Ice-cream and cake for a dog? Must be a spoilt one! 😉
    And yeah, we are always eager to check more pics of your world! 🙂

    1. I don’t know why a dog would want a toy that looks like cake and ice cream. They would probably prefer a slab of beef or a chicken!

    1. My dogs prefer stuffed animals. Preferably stuffed animals that belong to someone else. I only have one dog that plays fetch with a ball!

  4. Images really can speak a 1000 words. I know a few people do Wordless Wednesday on their blog, maybe you need Wordless Week…. Your daughter has to be the most adorable thing. I love that hat!

    1. I tried to do wordless Wednesday…but I still had to write. I can’t escape myself! Chatter…chatter…chatter! Ha!

      I might try wordless week anyway. The idea intrigues me.

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