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Vacation Memories Are For Other People

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Broadway counts as a vacation, right?


I am supposed to write about some vacation memories today. I was really excited about doing it too. I kept imagining that I would uncover some hilarious vacation photos of me from when I was a kid. I would have giant 80’s hair and ice cream all over my face. Maybe I would be wearing some crazy outfit and posing in front of one statue or another.

I started looking through my old photo albums and I started to realize I didn’t have any vacation photos. At first I thought the absence of photos was likely a result of being a child and that my mom probably had all of those photos. I mean, really, digital cameras didn’t even exist back then. At least my family didn’t own one. Cameras were for adults.

Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe counts as a vacation…doesn’t it?

However, After a few minutes of contemplation and my inability to remember going on vacation I realized we never went on actual vacations when I was a kid. All of our vacations consisted of visiting one family member or another. We never went to Disney World or National Parks or anything like that. At least not any that come to mind. I did go to Washington DC when I visited my Grandma and I did go to New York City with my high school class a few times. I mean I went places, they just weren’t really vacations in the traditional sense.

So, instead of writing about my vacation memories I am just going to show you a few pictures of my slightly hilarious photo albums. When I was a kid I didn’t have a lot of photos to put into my photo albums so I cut out pictures of cute puppy dogs, unicorns and porcelain bears from my mothers magazines. I also put my treasures into them. My treasures included my cabbage patch kids birth certificate, my garbage pail kids collection and any scrap of memorabilia I could get my hands on. I even saved other people’s memorabilia. I wish I was kidding, but I have playbills and ticket stubs to things I never even attended. I was that committed to keeping track of events that went on around me. I was so committed I stole other people’s memories and encapsulated them into my photo album memory book.

Grabage Pail kid cards
age Pail Kids…not really a vacation

Apparently, vacation memories are for other people. Still, I wouldn’t trade my Michael Jackson cards, my birthday card collection or my wedding matchbook collection (matchbooks from weddings I never even attended) for anything. Not even a glossy, Disney filled memory to call my own.


This is all part of Quirky Chrissy’s brain child “Monday Memories” so pop on over to her blog and read all about what it is like to go on a real vacation: Quirky Chrissy: Vacation Memories.

Monday Memories



12 thoughts on “Vacation Memories Are For Other People”

    1. Mine are all in tubes of never developed film. I’ve seen the stash. At least I will always have my Garbage Pail kids. Nobody can take that away from me…haha!

  1. Seems you’ve collected a lot of your own/stolen memories 🙂 Visiting family members was a popular way of spending holidays in my family, too. I think it may have been this way because it was well, cheap. But now I am quite a traveller even when I don’t want to be one so I can’t really complain! 🙂

    1. Yes! Visiting family was cheaper. I suspect that was why we did it too…also, that what just what you did back then. You visited family!

  2. I am cracking up that you kept other people’s memorabilia. We went to Disney one time. The only other trips we took were a couple to visit my grandma. The fact that she lived in Canada made it seem like a real vacation.

    1. I was a complicated child (at least that is what I keep telling myself). I think family visits were more the norm back then for vacation. Going to Canada would make it seem much more exotic. Got any memorabilia I can put in my scrap book? 🙂

  3. I had the same experience… all our vacation time was dedicated to family visits. I, however, was kind of bummed listening to everyone else’s awesome family vacations during show and tell when I was a little kid. My photo albums were filled with picture after picture of my various pets throughout the years: a guinea pig, a cat, rabbit, ferret… come to think of it… I think that’s what I talked about during show and tell. I made a scrap book too, complete with fur taped to the pages and paw prints. I wonder if little boys do this type of thing?

    1. I hope you have those scrap books! they sound adorable.

      I am secretly jealous of all of the vacations other people went on when they were kids.

  4. I’m feeling a whole new genre of collage coming to fruition.

    Danny is really into the latest reincarnation of Garbage Pail Kids (yes, they still make ’em!).


    P.S. I finally threw away 20 years worth of Playbills last year. Now I wish I would’ve saved them for you!

    1. I did not know they still made Garbage Pail Kids. I am going to have to look for some. That is really funny. This is why I am so bad at throwing things away. I NEED them a year later…haha!

  5. I LOVE that you still have the scrapbook of garbage pail kids, cabbage patch kids, and magazine clippings. I just have a box of random stuff from childhood and pictures with those dialogue bubbles that think or speak for my pets.

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