cat mermaid collage

I Make Silly Things Like Unidogs And Caticorns

cat mermaid collage
4×6 Cat Mermaid Collage on watercolor paper.

Having a two year old can be very inspiring. When Tiny-Small asked me to make her some cat mermaids I was up for the challenge. How could I refuse such an adorable little face with an adorable little voice? She even said please.

mermaid collage
4×6 yellow, cat mermaid collage on watercolor paper

So, I went above and beyond what she originally asked for. I took things a step further. I made her a caticorn and a unidog.

It’s silly.

I know.

Still, I loved every minute of it.

Why don’t adults spend more time doing silly things? It’s fun!

The caticorns.
The caticorns.

Why don’t people do things that are more fun in general? You can’t work all of the time. Sometimes you have to giggle, and laugh and accidently snort milk through your nose. It’s what kids do.

collage art unidog
The unidog.

Kids know how to live. If you have forgotten how then go find a two year old to hang out with. They make the best teachers.

collage art
The Unidog Twins.

Remember too, homemade Valentines cards are the best because you can write anything you want in them. You can write, “I love you more than caticorns and unidogs.” Now, that is really saying something.



28 thoughts on “I Make Silly Things Like Unidogs And Caticorns”

  1. hah, caticorns! They made me think of the “Lasercats” one shown on SNL…Epic, epic.
    Everyone likes being silly!

    1. That would be an advantage. I need to work on the horn placement. I think they could be more realistic (ha!). The mermaid cats are my favorite too.

  2. Holy carp. This was BRILLIANT. tweeting, for sure. Maybe two people will click on the link. Sharing on fb. Lillian… The world needs you. I am so grateful to know you and have a rooster all my own. Those caticorns and unidogs are outstanding. Love love love. And I meant holy “carp” — do something with that. A carp with a halo. Xoxo

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