Happy New Year “Epic Mom” Book Giveaway!

Epic Mom book
The day I received the books I ordered!

Happy New Year! As a way to bring joy and excitement and silliness into your life I am doing a book giveaway. I am giving away the book, Epic Mom, by Marianne Walsh and Julie R. Harrison. I bought an extra copy so I could surprise you and cleared the whole giveaway thing with Marianne. She is, of course, awesome so she said YES! Well, I don’t know if she was so enthusiastic about it that she actually yelled “yes,” but that is how I choose to remember it or imagine it (I wasn’t actually there, in person, when I pleaded my case and made my request). Anyway, it’s a great book. I am excited to be giving away a copy.

In full disclosure, I have been reading Marianne’s blog, We Band of Mothers for almost a year now and she reads mine too. She leaves snarky comments that always make me laugh. I am sure you have seen them too. She read my blog before anyone beyond my mom and two friends knew it even existed. That is how crazy committed she is to my success. She doesn’t realize this, but a few times I was ready to give up and throw in the towel, but her comments kept me going. Comments like, “Keep writing.” Stuff I really needed to hear. If it sounds a little like I worship this women, well, you are getting my message loud and clear.

If you have a blog, then you know first hand how difficult it is not to get discouraged the first six months or so of your adventure. It’s hard to keep writing when only five people click on your blog a day and two of those were by mistake and the other three are likely related to you (and have to read it to answer your questions because you will drill them on it later in the day). Blogging or any creative endeavor for that matter is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage and stamina and really thick skin. I can’t even imagine the kind of moral fortitude it takes to write a book. To stick your neck out into the world and beg people to chop off your head. I mean, you have to sell your work and face criticism and failure and all the sales numbers and book lists and…I am scared just thinking about it. Not Marianne and Julie. They are brave souls and terrific writers. Julie R. Harrison has a blog too, Mothers of Brothers. Her blog is fairly new to me because I am really slow about finding the good stuff on the Internet. I get distracted by cat pictures and horrible train-wreck writing. Sometimes I just can’t look away. I am so grateful to have met Marianne because she has connected me to some terrific writers and people. I mean, Julie R. Harrison is so hilarious! I actually feel like I have missed out on EVERYTHING by not reading her blog from beginning to end. I feel a frantic need to catch up. Reading her blog will make you want to read this book (she has other books too..yeah, she’s that amazing) and reading this book will make you want to read her blog. I also want to give a shout out to another blogger. Seriously, this book is like a blogging collaboration fantasy come true. Two bloggers wrote the book, and another blogger designed the cover. It’s clay. It’s cool. It’s funny. Her blog is, Clay Baboons and she is Stephanie Lemieux. Check out her “Choose Your Own Apocalypse” post…hilarious! Also another blogger, Crack You Whip, wrote a forward at the beginning of the book. Her blog has all of my favorite things in it: Words, crazy drawings, humor…I am in love. Check it out.

So, I haven’t read Epic Mom from cover to cover. That is one of the things I love about it. It’s full of short little stories and anecdotes. They are the perfect length for frazzled, time-deprived moms to actually read. Hiding in the bathroom with a tablespoon of Nutella? This book is for you. Only have time to read before bedtime? This book is for you. Need something to read while waiting in the doctor’s office? This book is for you. Need to laugh until you cry or smile knowingly in solidarity with other moms? This book is for you. You can read it from front to back, back to front, or from the middle out. My favorite thing about this book is that it makes me laugh and it makes me feel normal. No need to bend the corners of the page. No need for a book mark. You will want to read each story more than once…trust me. All of us are failing at one part of parenthood or another, aren’t we? At least with this book, we know we are in good company. With chapter titles like, “Target Is My Religion” and “Back When I Was A Real Person Who Peed Alone” there is so much to relate to. So, even if you do not win this book from me please consider buying it. Buy it because you are a parent and need a pick me up. Buy it because you are a blogger and want to support this community of amazing writers who rarely get the kind of credit they deserve. Buy it because you want to laugh and feel normal. Buy it because I told you to…if that line works I will start using it on my husband and daughter. It’s for sale on Amazon: Epic Mom: Failing Every Day a Little Bit More Than You. Click, visit Amazon, read the reviews. They are also kind of hilarious. Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! Yes, I am trying to sell you this book. I never claimed to be classy. I will resort to begging. It won’t be pretty. Don’t make me go there because I totally will and without shame. That’s how much I love Marianne.

OK, so let’s get to the giveaway. I did receive a free copy of the book from Marianne that she signed (which I will treasure always). I think she only sent it to me because I sent her some of my art magnets in a desperate attempt to get her to like me (it worked!). She never asked me to review the book or to do the giveaway. I bought the extra book before she sent me a signed copy and asked her if I could to do the giveaway after she sent me the signed copy. I am doing the giveaway because I love the book and want to share it with my readers while simultaneously and clumsily trying to support one of my favorite bloggers. This is on my “how to be awesome” list for 2013: Support your community. Promote the people too classy to promote themselves so the world doesn’t miss out on all the awesome, right?

Sweepstake Rules:

How do you enter? Do these three things:

Leave a comment below.

Like the Epic Mom Facebook Fan Page.

Like It’s A Dome Life Fan Page.

Who is it open to? Anyone over 18 Living in the U.S. The sweepstakes will run from today, Thursday, January 3rd from the moment it is published until Thursday, January 10th at 10 am Mountain Time (12 pm Eastern).

No purchase is necessary. Odds of winning is based on number of entries. The book is worth $20.00

The winner will be selected by 12:00 pm Mountain time on January 10th and contacted by email. The Winner must provide me with a shipping address no later than midnight Friday, January 11th. If a shipping address is not provided by this time a new winner will be randomly selected.

In the event of some type of technical failure or bodily failure the winner will be selected no later than Monday January 14.

The book will be shipped within three business days after the winner provides a shipping address.

Good luck! I hope you win.

*This sweepstakes is closed, but you can purchase the book here:




Happy New Year! Sorry I have been missing in action for days and weeks practically. The holidays bombarded me, the flu crept back into my house AGAIN (I will ninja kick you, flu, do not come back) and we also spent half a day in the emergency room and 24 hours going to Albuquerque to make sure Jim’s eye was working correctly. Right in the middle we had our anniversary. We are all tired, especially Tiny-Small. She just wants to be home and in her own bed and finally, she is. I am hoping to be back to my normal(ish) schedule around here from now on. Thanks for your patience and support. I hope 2013 is fantastic to you!

32 thoughts on “Happy New Year “Epic Mom” Book Giveaway!”

  1. I did actually yell “YES!!”

    Today, I am the luckiest blogger in the world. Probably tomorrow, too. After that? It might be that Bloggess chick, but one never knows.


    1. You will be better than the Bloggess in your own way (probably way less taxidermy). I am very happy for you! I hope you get a boost on your book fan page…1000 likes here we come!

        1. I am not a big fan of that part either. If I ever get rich and famous enough to be able to afford a lawyer I will find a way around the giveaway issues!

  2. That is so awesome one of your faves reads you too! I think I have some blogs to check out 🙂

  3. Wow, I hope 2013 gets better for you. And don’t give up writing, you are great! Thank you for sharing some more fabulous bloggers! I feel like I got 4 bloggers for the price of one! 🙂

    1. Oh, 2013 doesn’t have anything on me. This is going to be a great year. Thank you for the encouragement! Bloggers rule! 🙂

    1. We didn’t get much info from the doctors. He has to go back in a month. They were worried he might have a detached retina, but he does not and so that was good news. They said some of his symptoms may just be part of the healing process or “normal” and so we just have to wait and see. He could not get in to see his actual surgeon due to the holidays.

        1. Yes, because that would be bad. Waiting is hard. I always like concrete plans better. I am learning to let go of things I cannot control. It’s not easy for someone like me who was born worrying!

  4. OOOOOOH!! PICK ME!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Marianne and Julie. I follow both of them! As usual you never cease to be the most wonderful and caring blogger I know. XX

  5. I’m a friend of Marianne’s. Okay, I’m not actually her friend – more like I obsessively read her blog and she is nice enough to leave me comments on mine. I’m so excited for her new book and glad to have found you, too!

    1. Yay! I think you and I could start an obsessed with Marianne’s blog fan club. Thanks for coming by to check my blog out and enter the book giveaway!

  6. OMG!!! I just read Marianne’s most recent Chicago Parent article ‘Bad Parents United’ and have renewed faith in my very limited parenting abilities! Because of that article, I came across your blog and I am hooked on you both!! I would LOVE the book!!!

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