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I’m “It” because I got tagged by my buddy Kelly who writes over at DeBie Hive. I am supposed to write about my five wishes for this holiday season and then tag five more people to join our chain-gang. A chain-gang of wishes circling the globe like those little, paper-people holding hands. A symbol of both unity and strength. Chains are really hard to break after all, and there is no way I am going to be a missing link in this one! Also, I was just telling Kelly I didn’t have anything to write about and…BAM! She sends me a link to her blog. Talk about having your prayers answered! Bloggers make the best friends, obviously. I mean, just look at us, right?

So, without further blabbering and gushing (It’s pretty hard not to gush over Kelly) here is my list:

1. I wish for patience. I need more than usual right now. I want to be patient with myself and with other people. I need to let things unfold naturally and have lower expectations. I am a work in progress. Other people are doing their best. Deep breaths, calm, centered…roll with the punches.

2. I wish for happiness and joy. This is a time to celebrate togetherness and to enjoy each other. Let people be happy. No pointing out flaws or how things could be better. Let good enough be good enough. Don’t make stress. Just be…HAPPY.

3. I wish for health. I don’t want to be sick anymore…ever again. I don’t want my family to be sick…ever again. I know, that’s a BIG wish, but still…. So, good health for the rest of the holiday season would be nice if I can’t have the forever part.

4. I wish for laughter. Yes, this is similar to number two, but different. I want to find the humor in things. I want to do drive around looking at Christmas lights and singing carols badly with my mom and my daughter (a tradition I grew up with and want to pass down). I want to bake cookies and laugh at how badly we decorate them. I want to hear jokes and be silly and have fun.

5. I wish to spread laughter and joy around like a contagion. Like a virus. I want people to say, “That Lillian sure is fun to be around.” I want them to walk away from me feeling recharged and ready to take on the world. I want to have a positive white light shining and erupting out of my soul sort of like the Care Bear stare, but not like the movie Aliens. Not like a grandiose “I want you to join my cult so I can rule the world” kind of positive light, but a “she sure makes me feel good when I am around her” kind of positive white light. Am I making any sense here? Too bad if I’m not because I am totally out of cultural references.

So, there you have it: Patience, health, joy and laughter gone viral.

Without further self-promotion here are the people I am tagging to go forth and be merry:

Merrily Merry

First Time Mom And Dad

Life on the Sonny Side

The Family Pants

Love Art Baby

So, bloggers, friends, family and readers…be jolly! Be kind. Be nice. Tell me to stop being preachy. There, I said it for you. What are your five wishes for this holiday season? Consider yourself being tagged even if you haven’t been tagged yet. Share your hopes and dreams too.


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35 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It: My Five Wishes”

  1. You beat me to it. You picked some of the people I was going to tag and you picked some of the same wishes for different reasons. Next time I play tag I need to run faster. I’ll tag different people but my wishes aren’t changing! Seriously though, loved this. As always you’re a joy to read.

      1. Yes with children running round cartoons blaring and husbands trying to tell you about there day!!! Oh as your working… Wouldn’t trade it for the world! I really like your blog. Molly says wonderful things about it! She’s the best!

      1. You’d be “Paints-A-Heart Bear” with your faithful side kick “Tiny-Small… Bear” (See what I did there? I know. Genius.) WHEN is the CareBear Nutcracker going to be on?! I feel a desperate need to see it now!

        1. There is a Care Bear Nutcracker??? I have got to see this. I love the names you came up. I really think we might need bear costumes now.

    1. Without lists there would be no blog, no dinner and no clean laundry. Seriously, I would just spend the day staring out the window and drinking coffee.

  2. Lord have Mercy! Lilian. You are so beautiful. Wonderful. Amazing. Talented. I just adore you! Your wishes are… going to be printed out! Number one, wish for patience… I pray for it everyday, but if i could just follow your ideas for it, I would not need to wish for it, becuse I would have it. I LOVE IT… ALL OF THEM! And thank you for adding me to this list. I am honored and excited!

    Dammit you are fantastic!

    1. You always make me smile with your encouraging words. I am going to have to make you a #1 fan something on Zazzle one of these days.

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