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Share The Love Sunday! Things I Love…What the hell is Hello Kitty doing on my chest? I know, I am a grown woman wearing a malformed, childish, cartoon cat shirt in my things I love edition. Also, my jeans are not that blue in real life. What’s up with that, iPhone Camera? I can look uncool without any help from you my little turtleneck wearing, cool kid, friend.  It’s so wrong, so very, very wrong. I am pretty sure Hello Kitty is the original cat zombie. Just look at those eyes. I don’t love Hello Kitty, but she was on sale for $2 after Christmas last year and Tiny-Small thinks she is the cats meow. I am totally wearing this shirt because it makes my toddler think I am cool and it is totally working! Sort of.

Things I Love:

Have you read Citizen of the Month? It’s a blog with solid writing. It’s a blog with honest writing. Read it. Enjoy the amazing pictures like the ones in The Queen Mary. Neil Kramer – he’s got a voice you’ll want to hear.

Heather Gauthier, creative, awesome person from Creative Devolution? She made a tree, in a loft, for a wedding…out of burlap. Seriously, I could not have a harder art crush on her if I tried. I look at her blog, and her work, and her head scarf and I want to be her. She’s brilliant and funny and wonderful. I am sure you are reading her, but if you aren’t you are missing out. Go read about her tree in A Mixed-Bag Blog Post.

Patrick Latter’s Canadian Hiking Photography has the most beautiful pictures (Thank you Kat for sharing with me). I highly recommend viewing this site. It’s gorgeous! He’s an amazing photographer.
















Denise Mulligan wrote, What Is Your Creative Gift on her blog Harvest Moon. This piece really hit home for me. I have been blogging for almost a year now and only resumed painting two years ago. I can see the difference. It’s changing me. She is right, having a creative outlet really helps you obtain peace and equilibrium. She says it connects us with the divine. What do you think? Go read her piece and report back.

Marianne’s book is for sale! Get your copy of Epic Mom on Amazon. It’s $20! Perfect Christmas gift. Go read her blog We Band of Mothers if you aren’t already. Support your fellow bloggers! She has also invented a weight loss diet that requires non stop Nutella eating. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Buy her book so she’ll share her wisdom with you.

She is clearly impressed.

















That’s all I got! Happy Sunday Reading!

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      1. So Lillian might have exaggerated on the weight-loss powers of Nutella, but as a daily consumer of the glorious Hazelnut spread, I have managed to secure perfect health scores on my yearly screening (low blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol, pulse rate, etc.). I’m not talking a spoonful a day. I’m talking 1/4 jar (fine…1/3 jar). The stuff is a chocolatey key to immortality.*

        *Marianne has received no compensation for this review, but is completely open to being gifted a lifetime supply of Nutella should their marketing people come across this post.

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