If The End of The World is Near We Are Eating Cookies For Breakfast

I’m a Genie In a Bottle…

The end of the world is near, if you listen to people on Facebook. So, we are eating cookies for breakfast. Why not, right? I asked my husband what he would do differently if today was his last day on earth. He said he would eat more ice cream. I guess you can tell, by now, that food, specifically sweets, is what keeps us going around here. Dessert is one of life’s greatest pleasures. So, if we are still here tomorrow we are all probably going to have serious, sugar induced belly aches. We might be in a sugar coma. We might even be wishing the world really had ended.

If you read this blog you know that Jim had cataract surgery over Thanksgiving. Today he gets to stop wearing his eye patch at night. He said it seemed fitting that on his last day on earth he wouldn’t have to wear an eye patch anymore. His vision is improved and he is ready for the apocalypse. At least he will be able to witness the destruction and meet his maker with both eyes staring into the oblivion.  I was a little sad to hear it was the end of the eye patch days because we have all had a good time making pirate jokes at his expense. Yesterday Tiny-Small caught the dog chewing the eye patch. It’s a family affair. Never a dull moment around here!

So, other people are selling off all of their possessions and rioting and getting blessed by Catholic priests and we are over here being ordinary. Our one goal for today is to have a real dinner. Jim just exclaimed that we are having an actual meal tonight and not a sandwich with canned soup and popcorn (yes, I actually made that for dinner two nights ago). I can’t blame him. Nobody would choose popcorn as their last meal. We aren’t doing much different today than we usually do. Cookies for breakfast, ice cream for lunch, a real meal for dinner. Oh! – And the dogs are getting weenies today. Tiny-Small added that as her last request. She has a good heart that little monkey child, mermaid girl.

It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine. Thank you R.E.M.

How are you spending your last day on earth?



16 thoughts on “If The End of The World is Near We Are Eating Cookies For Breakfast”

    1. And if the world doesn’t end, I’m having a party to celebrate (this is legit. We’re having like 25 people in our tiny apartment on Saturday to celebrate the world not ending. I’m a genius. Except for the having to clean part.)

  1. Haha I think most of the people celebrates the end of the world with fine food. So did I! Ice cream (Haagen dazs, dear lord, these are to die for!), sushi, tons of chocolate. And, as you said, I may wish the world did ended. Well, at least my diet did! Merry x-mas! 🙂

  2. I was thinking of going to the zoo today, to see if the animals are panicking like they do before natural disasters, and making kettle corn tonight, because sweets are important to me, too.

    1. The zoo idea was a good one. I should have known by the lazy, sleepy dogs, and ordinary chicken clucking that everything was going to be fine…except maybe my waist line.

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