Hello, Christmas Eve. How Did You Get Here So Fast?!

Hello, Christmas Eve. How Did You Get Here So fast?
Holly-Berry Squirrel-Pants is riding back to the Island of Misfit Toys today. Of course, we adopted our elf from the island, she fits right in around here.

It’s Christmas Eve. I have survived the holiday season. Now there is only time left to sit back and enjoy it (not really, still have baking, cleaning and fake-swearing under my breath to do). I love the lights, the food, the family. It’s going to be pretty amazing this year. Tiny-Small understands presents now. She gets the whole concept of Santa Clause. She is so excited that her MemΓ¨ is coming to stay with us and equally excited to see her “Auntie Beeeeena” as she calls my sister. She is excited about giving the gifts she made for people too. The gifts she helped wrap and signed her name on. That warms my heart the most. Still, I can’t believe it is Christmas Eve. I keep looking at the calendar and shouting, “How did you get here so fast?”

Tiny-Small making some gifts.

This time of year can be emotional and full of ridiculously high expectations. We see all of the commercials advising us to buy our loved ones new cars (who really does that?) and lots of diamonds. If you believe the ad campaigns you’d think the only thing that could possibly make a woman happy would be strings and strings and strings of diamonds. Diamonds aren’t really a girls best friend. At least not a married girls and certainly not a mothers. Want to know what I’d really like for Christmas? Too bad because I am going to tell you anyway:

1. One whole day with zero barking. Are you listening you yip-yap dogs? No barking! Just for one day. That would be delightful.

2. No screaming for only 5 hours. That’s reasonable right? No screaming in joy or sorrow or anger. Just nice, mellow, indoor voices. A little slice of Christmas heaven right here on earth.

3. A 24 hour-complaint-free zone. I want to walk around in a bubble where complaining cannot enter. What a joy that would be! I am smiling blissfully at the mere thought of it.

So, keep your diamonds. I’ll take peace. I know world peace is probably impossible and an expectation that is so high I will likely be disappointed. So, I just want peace in my own home. Just for a few hours. Peace and tranquility and happiness and food and family and love.

We need to work on Tiny-Small’s handwriting. Unless, of course, she wants to become a doctor.

I hope you have a Merry Holiday, all week, all month, all year. Why stop at one day, right? When you start to feel overwhelmed by food preparation, gift wrapping, or Uncle Al discussing politics all day long, just take a deep breath. Count your blessings, give thanks for the dog not barking (or maybe be thankful you don’t have a dog and just have cats), pretend all complaints are really compliments in disguise, and stop yourself from screaming even though you really, really want to.

Hello, Christmas Eve. How Did You Get Here So fast?
Jim’s Santa Stocking from when he was a kid, given to him by his Aunt Marsha.

I’ll catch you back here on the flip side. I don’t know for sure what that means, but it sounds young and hip in an old school kind of way. Maybe it just makes me sound old and like I watched Michael J. Fox too much in my youth. Does it matter? It’s Christmas. No complaining! I’ll be taking a few days off from blogging to focus on my family. I am not sure when I will return, but I am guessing by the end of the week. I can’t say which day for sure because I want to be available for spontaneous adventures and after Christmas sales and not being able to leave the house because I can no longer button any of my pants. So, enjoy your life and I’ll write again soon. Stop holding your breath, it might be a while. Who am I kidding? I’ll probably be back on Christmas night because I will miss you guys too much. I guess you can see my ambivalence is running rampant. I’ll be back when I am back…because I said so. Phew.

If I were an elf I’d probably look like this.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Congratulations on making it to Christmas Eve without losing your sanity.


The People, dogs, cats and chickens residing in the dome.

Tiny-Small is blowing you kisses.

I think she really just wants me to hurry up so she can resume watching cat videos on YouTube.




20 thoughts on “Hello, Christmas Eve. How Did You Get Here So Fast?!”

    1. You just reminded me of last night in the bathtub. Tiny-Small was “swimming” in the water, pretending to be a mermaid while blowing bubbles. I’m not even kidding! She’s been blowing bubbles in the tub since she is so prone to spilling and we haven’t had enough time to play outside with them lately. So funny!

  1. Merry Christmas! If your home is your world, you can have world peace. πŸ™‚ I’m with you on that sistah. I will be traveling to the in-laws on Christmas, which I sort of resent, because my kids have never spent the whole day in one place on Christmas, ever. Looking sunny side up … πŸ™‚ xoxo

    1. I am not a big fan of traveling for Christmas. I can imagine you would like to spend the day at home…just once!I hope you get to do that one year.

      Merry Christmas! Sunny-Side up! πŸ™‚

  2. Merry Christmas! No barking sounds a bit extreme; I’d settle for no barking within a 10 foot radius of wherever I happen to be. Maybe even no barking if they are within three feet. That would be good enough.

    1. True…I probably pushed the limits on that whole not barking thing. I am sure they think I am ridiculous!

      Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy your time with your family!

  3. I used to be that girl who spent a lot of time picking out the outfit, matching jewellery and even perfumes but it all changed when the little ones came to my life and when I stop and think now I am really grateful it happened because they bring out the good things in me, even when sometimes I am also tired of their screaming and stumping and shouting and crying and…Ok. I will stop meself right there…:) Either way, who need diamonds when you have kids?! πŸ™‚ Merry X-mas!

    1. Matching clothes and jewelry? I barely remember those days. All that screaming and stomping is what we will miss when they go to college and move out, right? That’s what they tell me anyway. We’ll have to see about that! πŸ™‚

  4. Oh how I have missed your blog. I feel like I have been on another planet for the passed few months. I would agree that diamonds are not a girls best friend and I for one don’t see a real need for them. It doesn’t show nearly as much love as folding laundry would. It’s more like a gift to show off and impress people. Which explains why I would gladly take a quiet day to a diamond ring. I hope your holidays were jolly and full. Thank you for making me laugh and feel normal this year!

    1. A quiet day…I love those and miss them. I have been feeling like I have been on another planet for the past few months too. Must be something going around? Thank YOU for making me feel normal this year! Thanks for reading too. πŸ™‚

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