Christmas Bells Are Calling AKA How Will Tiny-Small Top The Last Two Years?

Christmas bells are calling
Christmas morning: Tiny-Small’s 1st Christmas.

Christmas bells are calling! Tiny-Small is about to meet her third Christmas and she has yet to meet Santa Clause. I know, I am the worst mother ever. The thing is I am not a big fan of Santa picture-taking. Ever since I was a kid I thought it was all a little unsettling. Stranger Alert! Man with a beard I never met is putting me on his lap and I am supposed to smile? Yeah, no thanks. This is why my mom only has about three pictures of me with Santa…maybe. Maybe she has three. She likes to complain about it every year too. I haven’t taken Tiny-Small to see Santa yet. I might this year or I might not. It depends on how scared I am she is.

The other thing I have to confess is I have never once taken Tiny-Small to have her picture taken by a professional photographer. I mean, I’m an artist, right? What’s so hard about setting up a shot and snapping some awesome-sauce Christmas pictures of an adorable little baby? It can’t be that hard, right? I mean, I did do it once.

My Premiere photo shoot. Tiny-Small’s 1st Christmas.

I tried to do it twice, but that didn’t work out so well. Once Tiny-Small started walking all bets were off. So, we all got in on the whole Christmas picture making process and being the smarty-pants I think I am, I learned to use my cameras timer. Voila! We almost look normal.

What am I going to do this year? Tiny-Small is RUNNING and she stops for no man or woman. She certainly doesn’t stop for her mother. She never stops to be photographed. That is so lame, MOM! She’s already a 17-year-old trapped in a 2-year-old body. It’s hopeless. Grandparents expect pictures. Friends expect pictures. The pictures expect pictures! The Christmas bells are calling and I don’t know how Tiny-Small is going to top the last two years of picture-taking. I think we may be facing the impossible.

I now know, deep in my heart, that my child photography career was over before it even began. Maybe this year Santa and his little elves will save the day. I am not holding my breath on this one. I mean, that Santa guy is a little suspicious with his Barbie-hair beard, his Ho-Ho-Ho and his come tell me what you want for Christmas little girl introductory speech. I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to make it this year. We’ll pass on the semi-professional photography and hand out pictures of our family the way we really look these days: Me and Jim staring into the camera in our nicest holiday clothes, dogs circling in the background, and a blond, streak of light, impish little girl, photo bombing us in the foreground. That seems most appropriate, don’t ya think?

Happy Holiday photo taking from my house to yours! Are the Christmas bells calling you?



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22 thoughts on “Christmas Bells Are Calling AKA How Will Tiny-Small Top The Last Two Years?”

  1. From having had many kids her age, I can tell you one thing. You’re going to take 274 pictures and want to run away forever by the time you get the ONE shot you’re looking for. And it will be completely gorgeous and worth it. Thank god for digital cameras,

  2. Hahaha! I have those same antlers in my Christmas picture on Saturday’s blog. 🙂 It’s like we’re right there on the same page!

    I say let Tiny Small run free. And dress her up in red and green. And get the glimpse picture of her flashing by the camera. It’ll be awesome. 🙂

  3. Don’t force Santa on tiny-small. My daughter NEVER liked Santa or anything. I remember one year we waited at least an hour to have her photo taken with Santa and as soon as we got to the front of the line. She screamed that she had to go potty.I got out line to only get back in line, because she said she really wanted to see Santa. Once again we got to the front of the line and she said she had to go potty. She did it 3 times before I realize Santa pics weren’t happening. That was 12 years ago.
    Jae Mac, I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

    1. I think your daughter and I are soul sisters. I would have totally faked having to potty just to avoid Santa and probably did.

  4. I feel you – my little ones don’t have a single pic with Santa. Maybe it’s because its not such a big deal in my culture (usually we have someone from our family dress up like Santa on 24th of Dec) or maybe its because I just don’t care that much…Photographing kids can be a huge deal for an artist – ironically – as a painter you’re used to different kind of capturing the moment. At least I guess so – I am no artist 😀 I love the pics you’ve taken, though – they look like a great way to awake memories…

    1. I often use photographs in my paintings so I have become acutely aware of taking the best picture I can. I have so many disasters it’s not even funny, but I do try. I think we might be a family that keeps Santa kind of low key too.

  5. First child had pictures taken with the bunny, Santa, you name it. Second child, took one look at Santa and screamed for her life. Very traumatic. Third child never had his picture with Santa and has had a normal happy life. Don’t feel pushed into it. I think its a tradition we can do without. You take great pictures. I don’t think we have to have kids pose to have nice pics. Natural pictures of children being children are the best! 🙂

  6. My three last kids have never had professional pics, not even hospital pics. I don’t even tell my kids about Santa. My aunt hosts every year and they go but they know the toys come from mom and dad. They think Santa is just a celebrity they get to see! My oldest was two and realized the “Santa” was someone she knew, the other 4 seem fine without the mythological madness.

    1. I don’t think Santa is required for an exciting Christmas! Your kids are proof of that. Tiny-Small knows Santa’s name, but I don’t think she knws he brings presents or comes down chimneys. She just thinks he is part of the decor…haha!

  7. I just took my kid to do a Santa pic for the first time this year (she’s 4). I wasn’t planning to do it, but she saw him and wanted to do it and the line was short so I figured why not. Of course every other child was dolled up in green and red, and mine were wearing hooded sweatshirts. BUT I kid you not they were the only ones who didn’t scream or cry. They smiled the whole time. So maybe that’s the trick? Let them lead the way so it’s not a battle? Or just skip it. Whatever works. 😉

    1. I think your lead the way idea is perfect. Also, all that dressing up probably adds to the crying factor. Itchy, sweaty…uncomfortable Christmas clothing. I’d cry too!

  8. I am in love with the tangled lights shot. And as a first-hand owner of several of Lillian’s magnets – they are truly mini-works of work. I need to post about them when I have a breather!

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