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What Steps Are You Taking To Make Your dreams Come true?


Just a little reminder that you have to actually take steps and move forward if you want your dreams to come true. It sounds so simple, right? It really is, but it really isn’t. Sometimes just figuring out what your dream is can be a difficult process. At least I know it was for me!

I’ve wanted to be an artist for most of my life, but then I spent most of my life not doing art. Doesn’t make mush sense, does it? I realized one day that if I didn’t get back to painting more often I wasn’t going to get very far. People don’t become ballerinas and sports heroes by watching reruns of South Park and eating potato chips that’s for sure. Artists are not born over night. They have to work out their artistic muscles and dig deep and practice. Dreams don’t come true unless you put some effort into them.You have to love them and help them grow just like a garden.

Slow down for a minute today and think. What is my dream? Do I have a dream? Is there something I have always wanted to do, but just never seem to get around to doing? Once you come up with a dream (it can be as simple as baking a cake or as complicated as making sushi) think of one step you can do today to get closer to that dream. Do you need to find that recipe? Do you need to find the right cake pan? Do you just need to get off of the couch and put away those potato chips? What step can you take right now that will move you a little closer to making your dream come true?

Sometimes once you start gathering the tools you can find the time and space to begin your project. Stop putting it off until tomorrow. Take those little steps today so that tomorrow you can take some leaps and bounds! I want to cheer you on!


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Happy Wednesday!


16 thoughts on “What Steps Are You Taking To Make Your dreams Come true?”

  1. Committing to our dreams and believing in our infinite creative potential ! A simple question to ask ourselves every morning : What am I going to do today that will take me one step closer to my dream? I see you flying high Lillian 😉 xxx

    1. I have a sticker on my wall about possibilities so I don’t get stuck following “the rules” I seem to have invented for myself. Sometimes you have to be active about this change stuff.

  2. Hope I haven’t killed with you commenting yet …but thank you for such a beautiful reminder…I know I need to but I just can’t…sometimes….dreaming is too hard…it’s too much work and too much effort…I know I’m being negative but maybe sometimes my dream is supposed to be that…just a dream…not something achievable …

    I’m happy for you…I truly am and to see you succeed is more than enough for me. To see my friends do well…but as for me…I think I’ll just stay here where it’s comfortable…out of sight out of mind…and in the shadows for the time. xoxo I’ll be cheering YOU on <3

    1. Dreaming is hard and sometimes the best you can do is take a nap to get there! It can’t be go-go-go every moment or everyday. Sometimes we need rest and comfort and routine. That’s a good thing too.

      P.S. You will never kill me with comments. I’m more likely to die of neglect. You keep my spirits up!

  3. First: I love the hummingbirds! Second: I haven’t figured out what my dream is. I suppose what I really want is to live and create. Like you, I’ve always wanted to be an artist but in my case, I thought there was no money in it so I continued doing everything else but art. Then recently I realized that money wasn’t really the important thing in my life. I started painting the minis, yeah, for extra rent money, but only once I treated it like an art and less like production did I actually get money from it.
    I was told once that life gives you everything you want, just not necessarily when you want it, but when you’re ready for it. Also, the more you fight the tide, the less you will accomplish. I then thought back upon my short term dreams:

    I’ve always wanted to vend at shows, especially renaissance faires. I got the opportunity but later in life than I would have liked. Still a blast and a great experience.

    I’ve always wanted to be really involved with horses, riding, breeding, etc. I actually was on and off. I’ve worked for some of the top trainers in New England, ridden with some past Olympians, and worked for a wonderful breeder of top dressage horses.

    I’ve always wanted to own a business. I have to face that I actually own my painting business. It’s not exactly what I was thinking at the time, but it is what it is. I make money with it and I also own part of an LLC. While that’s not money that’s going directly into my account, it’s a building business that has great potential. Even if it doesn’t pan out to greatness, it’s a blast to be a part of.

    I’ve always wanted to be in a relationship that grants me freedom and affection and love and respect all at once. Got that down and while it’s not the most traditional relationship most like, it suits me perfectly.

    I could really go on and on how my short term dreams have been fulfilled… just not in the way I was expecting at the time that I wanted it.

    I suppose my future short term dreams: own a house of my own, build a bigger business.. not really for money but for comfort for myself and my family,…. This is a harder question because I’ve really worked on being happy in the moment and not really worrying about the future. If I keep a open mind, the future takes care of itself in the strangest ways.

    Sorry about the rambling. You caught me on a subject that I think about frequently. I’m surrounded by those who work their tails off and sacrifice happiness in the now for potential happiness in the future. I’m constantly thinking that maybe I don’t do enough but the more I think about it, the more I realize that I do plenty, just in a different flow than most people do and think is necessary.

    Whoops, there I go again… I’m done.. 🙂
    Great post, great art…. 🙂

    1. I tend to do things more slowly than other people too. I have my own pace. I make good and bad decisions. I often feel like I don’t do enough. I can relate to all of that! I do think that many people walk around on a daily basis not even thinking about what they want or even what they like. They seem unengaged and unhappy. I think, for me, that being happy is a dream I have. I want to be happy. I am an active participant in my happiness. I try not to dwell on negative things, I set aside time to do things I enjoy and I try to be kind to people and not spread misery around. I don’t think having dreams mean giving up happiness, it should be the opposite. Sometimes work can take on a different meaning than what it traditionally means. For instance, I work towards creating a nice family life. My only reward is a happy family. I clean the house, make meals, grocery shop. I do it out of love and hope. If I didn’t participate in the creation of a family life it wouldn’t be as nice as I would like it to be. I think there are dreams beyond financial gain and fancy houses. There are dreams for peace of mind, making a quilt or even dreams that our neighbors never go hungry. If you never look for ways to calm your mind, or learn to sew or plan food drives, well, your not going to get very far. I just want people to not waste their lives or to have regrets…There is a sign I have seen on Pinterest that says, “If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it.”

  4. Such a timely reminder – and so beautifully expressed! Thank you! And I do love the humming birds! They seem to glow. I love you art, and the way you use pictures of it to express your ideas throughout your blog posts.
    Have a beautiful day!

    1. Thank you, Kat! I have been trying to approach my art and blog in a holistic manner…with one voice. I am really happy it is coming across that way. This makes me happy! Thanks for reading.

  5. This is such a great post. My whole life, I dreamed of being a writer. But what did I do? I didn’t write, got a job in insurance and just hoped that the Writing Czar would simply find me.

    Yeah. That plan didn’t go so well.

    Here’s to proactively pursuing our dreams! I love the art!

    1. I can so relate to this. I have always worked with children because that is where my experience was. Now that I have my own child I hope to never work with children again…at least not for a while. Now I just sound like the cranky old lady at the end of the block. The one with too many cats.

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