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Share The Love Sunday! Have you survived Daylight Savings Time? An extra hour of sleep is nice…I remember. Unfortunately Tiny-Small does not recognize any national time changes. She is like the Arizona of humans. She wakes up on her own terms. She is truly a Westerner if I ever met one.

Time to share!

Cool Stuff You Can Do Too:

You have until November 19th to write a mini post (100 words or less) on Gratitude and have it posted on Grass Oil By Molly Field. She promises to put your picture (or any picture you choose) next to your post and a link to your blog or website with your submission. I think it’s going to be a really cool read with all of the different people contributing. Make sure you are a part of it! Go here for the details: November Writing Experience: Gratitude in 100.

Do you like to take pictures? Come join the photo challenge over at the DeBie Hive. 30 Days, 30 pictures. It’s really fun. For all of the details and all 30 prompts go here: 30 Day Holiday Photo Challenge.

Hurricane Sandy: Help Those In Need. Donate to the American Red Cross here. Or you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief. Learn about that here.

Other Cool Stuff:

The Next Martha from The Martha Project has THE BEST, MOST SCARIEST, MOST AMAZING Halloween decorations (horror scene) I have ever had the pleasure of viewing from the safety of my own home. Watch the video…if you dare, on her post: Happy Halloween 2012.

Reasons Why Being A Blogger Is Amazing:

the Smartness wrote about the experience of being a blogger and how our stories never end here in Characters in Our Own Stories (it’s really terrific writing). If you aren’t following this blogger you are going to want to…she’s got talent!


* For several days I have not been able to load any blogs on I don’t know why, but the pages just never load. If you have a blog there I am trying to visit you, but can’t. Very frustrating! Also, I miss you guys.


12 thoughts on “Share The Love Sunday: I Paint Stuff”

  1. Thanks for sharing these links..I really would love to join in. Is it sad I am afraid to commit to anything? Ugh!

    1. The photo contest doesn’t reaquire a 30 day committment so join when you can. The writing you have until the 19th to do…You’re not sad, you are busy!

  2. The Gratitude in 100 sounds interesting. I’ll have to check those out. Sorry WordPress is being difficult for you. There are a couple blogs that never want to load for me, but I hadn’t noticed if they all used the same server. Hmmm.

    1. I have found other people are having some trouble too. Maybe wordpress is making some changes. I feel terible because I am unable to read some of my favorite blogs!

      I hope you do the 100 words on Gratitude. I’d like to read what you have to say.

  3. I always want to join such “photo-challange” but then I give up after a few days, when the first rush is over. Same way I can never stick to my new year’s resolutions…

    1. I can only imagine that every year Halloween gets bigger and better at your house. I can’t wait to see what you come up with either!

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