Painting Giveaway Winners Announced! Ta da!

I have closed the comments. I have pushed the button. I know who the painting giveaway winners are! Yay! First, I want to thank everyone for entering and I am looking forward to going back and responding to all of your comments. I wasn’t sure if my comments would be included in the giveaway so I was hesitant to comment until after the sweepstakes ended. I will have to test that out before I do my next contest. Anyway, I have appreciated your enthusiasm, support and kind words. It gives me great pleasure to give something back to my readers and I truly feel like a kid on Christmas morning today. So without further ado…here are the contest winners.
The Owl goes too…
Colleen From The Adventures of the Family Pants! Congratulations!!! If you haven’t read her blog yet you are going to want to click on this link. She is amazing. You will fall in love with her and her family. (Colleen, I will be emailing you shortly).
This is so much fun. I had to take a break to dance around with Tiny-Small just to let loose some of this happy energy I am feeling. Tiny-Small thinks I am being super silly. We haven’t even gotten dressed yet! How could we? I’ve been sitting at my computer with my finger on the button for almost 90 minutes now!
The winner of The Hummingbirds painting is…
Kat from Simply Chic For You! Congratulations! She sells these awesome purses that have changeable covers so you can match any style or outfit with just one purse…they are really cool. Go check her site out and get some free style tips too. Don’t forget to say hello to the Miche Bears while you are at it!
Well, that is the end of my first painting giveaway. Thank you all for participating. If you did not win this time don’t worry, you will have more chances in the future. Congratulations to Colleen and Kat. I will be contacting you by email shortly!
Happy Monday!

19 thoughts on “Painting Giveaway Winners Announced! Ta da!”

  1. YaY!!! I am SO excited – as Lillian well knows by now! 😉 Thank you SO, so much! Truly – I never win at anything – how lucky am I to have started winning with your beautiful hummingbirds!
    Happy dance time!!!

    1. Wow! Thank you. That is such a nice thing to say. I feel more confident when people tell me things like that. It’s so hard to feel good about your own work because you always see mistakes and room for improvement…a lot like writing!

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