I Turned My Painting Into Magnets

To most people turning a painting into magnets isn’t really a big deal. I mean, it’s not like turning water into wine, obviously. I still can’t help being a little excited about it. It is pretty cool to put magnetized paper into your printer, pull out the paper, and then toss it to your refrigerator where it just sticks like magic. Plus, I can’t wait to send this little rooster to a refrigerator near you.

I printed nine magnets on a sheet so they would be sort of regular magnet size. I haven’t cut them yet into individual roosters because I am a little scared to. What if I cut them crooked or shred the paper or just do it all the wrong way? I know, only I could turn cutting something in a straight line into an anxiety ridden activity…but still, what if?

See, totally stuck there with the other magnets. Cool, right?

I have this giant, old paper-cutter. The kind that you would find in an art classroom in 1982. It’s big, it’s green, it’s dangerous. I am pretty sure you could cut a few limbs off with this thing. I don’t like to use it. I have bad luck with hot things and with sharp things. I get distracted easily. At least that is what my 5th grade math teacher used to say, “Careless” was her phrase of choice when I would forget to carry the one or added simple numbers together the wrong way. I am also careless when it comes to keeping body parts damage free. I may need protective gear. Do not attempt this at home, people!

Wasn’t this in that movie “Saw part #236”?

So, there you have it. I am staring at my rooster magnets, completely afraid to cut them for a multitude of reason. You may see them in my Etsy store soon if I ever get up enough courage to chop them up. If not, maybe I will just sell them in a sheet. A sort of “cut it at home, do it yourself” type project. Or, I can always claim they are a tribute to Andy Warhol. I’m an artist, I solve problems for a living (just not math related ones). I got this…right?


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35 thoughts on “I Turned My Painting Into Magnets”

    1. What is this second Thanksgiving you speak of? Yes…I must have one too!

      I’m a danger to myself and others in the kitchen. At least that is my story and I am sticking to it!

      1. Second Thanksgiving is the Thanksgiving that I started 6 years ago with my college friends…It’s the Thanksgiving with the family we created, not the family we were stuck with. Err…born into… πŸ˜‰ It’s always the weekend after Thanksgiving.

      1. I hope google translate said I said, “oooooh how lovely! I sure would like to have your art work in my home. Gosh oh golly I hope you cut into that sheet of beauty!” πŸ˜‰

        1. Haha! It did actually. I am going to go cut it now. Wish me luck. If I don’t come back for a few days call 911…I may have lost a limb.

  1. These are fabulous! But I, too, would be leery of the severed limbs issue – the clean up is a drag. Bug I think this is totaly cool, and will be watching for them in your store! πŸ™‚

  2. I love the paper cutter. That does not mean I can cut straight lines with it, but I do find it exciting…probably because of all the teachers who told me it was too dangerous for children to use.

  3. When my kids went to Middle School and got lockers I took all their favorite skateboard company stickers and made them into magnets (I just bought a roll of that sticky magnet stuff you cut to size. They loved them. Cut them, you’ll love them!

  4. I was totally thinking Andy Warhol until you mentioned it at the end. I wait for my mom to come over to get the kids’ school pictures cut apart. When I try? My kids lose an ear. Photographically speaking that is.

    1. I always imagine it just slipping out of my hands on chopping off my fingers. It actually has to be pushed down so really that is pretty unlikely, but still…. I just happened to see the make your own magnet kit at the store and thought: Yes!

  5. That is awesome … I say go Andy Warhol! I love those old slicers (especially the sound of it :O), I could use one of those in my little workshop. I have only the 5×8 wimpy ones .. can’t cut anything bigger than a card.

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