How To Make A Tutu Like A Boss

I made a tutu…like a boss! You can too. I have an easy, simple method to do it.

M&M’s are optional.

You will need: 2-3 yards of tulle (or more if you are making a long tutu or one for an older child or adult). A sewing machine, scissors and 3/4″ knit non-roll elastic. It might be helpful to have a cutting mat with a measured graph on it and possibly a rotary cutter instead of scissors. You will also need thread to sew the elastic the together.

I measured Tiny-Smalls waist by measuring a pair of pants that fit her well and then cutting the elastic about 1/2 an inch longer. Then I sewed the elastic in a loop.

Then I cut the tulle. I decided to use two colors. I cut the tulle into 3 inch wide strips that were about 18 inches long. The best part is perfection is not required. If a strip is a little longer/shorter/wider/thinner than any of the other strips it really won’t matter. It’s so airy and fluffy that it all blends together in the end.



Then I took the tulle and tied it onto the elastic loop I made. Watch the video below for how to tie the tulle onto the loop. I cannot verbally explain it!



That’s it! You have a tutu. Lets get crafting!

Happy Saturday!


12 thoughts on “How To Make A Tutu Like A Boss”

  1. The video is awesome! Both of you Look great on camera ! You made me smile 🙂 Tiny-Small looks like an elf fairy xoxoxo

    1. She is very elf fairy like. She is tiny which adds to her mystique! We have a good time doing these “projects” together.

  2. I was looking for a tutorial for tutus! Your creativity saved me 🙂 I am still thinking on the colours though – my niece changes her favourite colours at least 3 times a day so it leaves me in a very difficult position. I may go with a white one, then it will fit whatever else she is wearing…

    1. I think white would be perfect or gold even. I guess you will have to see what colors of tulle are available. They are so inexpensive to make you could probably make a bunch of different colors!

  3. I just look at the scissors and fabric and cry.

    On the plus side, my mom tried teaching my boys how to sew buttons on shirts today. I think she’s worried about me when she dies and wants to ensure I’ll be buttoned up for all eternity.

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