Election Day (At Last…….)

Election Day is finally here. As you are reading this I am probably standing in line waiting to vote. I know early voting has been going on for probably close to forever, but I waited until today to vote because that’s the way procrastinators do it best. I have to exercise my power to put things off to the last possible moment as often as possible. I mean, it is almost like a super power. Have you voted yet? Are you standing in line waiting to vote right now? If not, stop reading right now and go get in line to vote! Voting is important. I’m not making this up.

Still, I am so glad election day is here at last. I don’t know if I could take another “I love Romney so much I wish I could marry him” Facebook post from my cousin. I swear he posted a pro Romney something every thirty seconds for the last two months. I think he must have been sleep-walk-meme-searching in his sleep most nights. Then there are the million messages I have received from the President and the First Lady. Seriously, do not sign up for political emails unless you only want to see political emails. Twenty five a day may actually be an underestimation. If those emails were printed on paper we’d deforest our planet along with a few others in about thirty seconds flat.

Yesterday I received five phone calls reminding me to vote and two asking me to vote for Heather Wilson. I also got a stack of shiny political mail. The almost cardboard kind with goofy pictures and miserable statistics. I’m not sure why I got so much attention the day before election day. I guess there must be focus groups and researchers that have determined that people like me are undecided…still…with less than 24 hours to go before the big day. I can’t believe there are still people who are undecided because I have been decided for weeks and weeks and – I should have voted sooner – weeks ago. I am wondering if the tense in this piece is all off because I am trying to write in the future and in the past at the same time. I really wish I had paid more attention to grammar in English class.

Jennifer Delaney For District judge

We do have quite a bit of excitement surrounding the election this year. We have a good friend running for judge right here in New Mexico and our brother-in-law is running for State Assembly in California. It’s been a long, exciting election, but I am glad it is almost over. It’s been fun! I want them both to win and I want my presidential candidate to win and I want to eat popcorn and scream at the TV with my husband and congratulate people who have worked so hard to win. Win! Win! WIn! It’s pretty exciting and I feel all nervous just thinking about it. I hope I get to cheer and be happy and high-five people all night long. Either way, in just a few hours it will all be over and we will get back to our somewhat normal lives.

Besides, tomorrow we can start planning the next election…you know some people already are. Why not be one of them?



20 thoughts on “Election Day (At Last…….)”

  1. Not that this should surprise you, but I waited until today to vote as well. I’m going as soon as I drop Brian off at the train. I wanted to wear my sticker proudly. Today. Then I’m going to get a massage. Because voting is hard work.

  2. I’m so depressed bc I’m in the hospital and CAN’T vote. I’m besides myself. I couldn’t get an absentee ballot bc there was no time. So I’m hoping more people turn out to vote to make up for my vote. I also hope and pray we get Four More Years!

    1. I will be voting in your favor! Maybe if we hope hard enough my vote will count twice and make up for you! I hope you aren’t going to be in the hospital for long. I didn’t know you were there. Get better! Keep us posted.

  3. YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT Glenn he is always sooo passionate about things…I walked to voting..In Fla. are long lines and no pplace to park..Happy it stopped raing and it was 50’s this am.. YOU and Glenn are very similar in many ways..Like I said if you two cousins joined together you could rule the world…Love you Auntie “THE ” mother of that cousin.

    1. Haha! Yes, Glenn should get an award from Romney. I don’t think anyone has supported him more. I heard Florida had very long lines. I think walking was a good idea. I heard some people had their cars towed! That would be a terrible mess. I am glad you were able to avoid that and the rain.

  4. I lucked out BIG TIME!!! I was in and out in 10 minutes this morning. I love that you didn’t really make this a politically charged post…just a small vent that we’re ALL feeling no matter who we vote/d for. Bottom line, I’m ready for it be done and over with and it’s settled and we can all just hope for the best 🙂

    1. I respect people too much to do a crazy vent or charged post. I have friends on both sides (and family too). I just want people to vote. It’s important for each of us to have our voices heard. I think we are all ready for it to be over!

  5. RIght now I am in the different time zone (and continent for that matter!) so all I do is watch the news from time to time and I almost can’t feel all the election drama…hope it goes the best way for all Americans 🙂

    1. Tensions are pretty high. I’ve managed to avoid any major arguments which I am thankful for. I hope it goes best for Americans too!

    1. It’s more exciting that way. We didn’t have any lines at all, so still, not THAT exciting! The poll worker that helped me was wearing fake eyelashes though which I thought was a little risky considering the seriousness of voting. That part was fun.

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