Dear Cinderella, Can I Borrow Those Mice?

This is how I want to spend the day.

There won’t be a long post today. I have banned myself from writing. I kind of had to. I’ve been on the computer too much lately and my house shows it. The evidence of my compulsion to paint and write and socialize is all over the floor…literally. I have to spend the day cleaning. It’s my punishment for trying to be entertaining and awesome for so long. Anyway, as you are out and about today just think of me …home…picking up…all the stuff. I might even rename myself Cinderella for a few hours.

The “Library” has become more of a toy depository than anything else.


Because it is THAT BAD around here. My floors have fur coats and my table looks like an episode of hoarders minus the interesting personalities. It’s a disaster.

Oh. My. Gawd. I Need An INTERVENTION.


I folded all of the laundry just in time to add all of the laundry back onto the little bed…also located in the library. It’s slowly moving into the fourth dimension of “How do people live like that?”


Mom, can’t we just get a house cleaner up in here? I am afraid to step foot on the floor…


I know you are thinking I should be cleaning instead of writing about cleaning. Trust me, I am about to get to it. I just want to finish my coffee first….

Enjoy your Friday! I can only hope your house is cleaner than mine. I just wish those little mice in Cinderella were real. That would be wonderful. It’s not fair that magic cleaning isn’t an actual thing. Disney and their Princess franchise have ruined me for life!

Want to read more about my cleaning woes? Check out When Did I Become The Maid? or No! No! No! Not The Dishes Again!


24 thoughts on “Dear Cinderella, Can I Borrow Those Mice?”

    1. You have to be real specific when requesting mice. Sometimes the universe sends the wrong kind…maybe your cats prayers got answered before yours.

    1. Yes! Why do we pack all of that crap and move it with us? The last time we moved I unpacked box after box of junk I could totally live without. Instead of training animals tp sniff out drugs why can’t we train them to unpack boxes and clean toilets? This is why more women need to be in charge. We have the good ideas.

  1. When the mice are done with the intervention at your house, will you send them to mine? I have been feeling the same way all week. I just spent the morning folding the clean laundry that had been piling up on the couch. I guess it took one of my boys to stay home from school sick for me to just chill and get caught up on things. Glad I’m not alone!

    1. You are not alone! You have plenty of company. Sorry your boy is sick, but happy to hear you mae some progress with the laundry. You give me hope.

    1. Dust bunnies are always trying to take over the world. If they could just escape the vaccuum cleaner I am certain they would. Also, I wish dustbunnies were my only problem. I just spent 10 minutes scrubbing dried up jelly off of my table. It’s not going well over here.

  2. why am i only seeing this now at 7:30pm? too many twitter things going on.

    i have this to say: you are normal. sadly. you are normal. and you are FREAKIN’ BRAVE in your awesome normalness to put these pics in . but you know: this is what’s wonderful about you – you are very real with yourself. and I DIG THAT ABOUT YOU, MAN! -cuba gooding jr., in bathroom scene in “jerry macguire.”

    1. Let’s hope nobody calls child protective services on me for my bravery. I am shocked that I am normal. Other people seem to have such nice, spotless houses…at least on TV!

      1. yes… on TV. and then there is “Hoarders” which I watch with fascination and no small amount of pride because as we all say, “At least my house doesn’t look like that…” I think the homes of creative types are, by type, more messy, frenetic, active and sorta chaotic. Having a child doesn’t help much either. They require so much and unless you have a kid, there’s no way to explain it. I could be in the middle of waxing my banisters, and Ian would come in and ask me to tie his shoe because he has a head wound from playing on the roof without supervision, and I’d be all, “Ok, but now I have to deal with the blood all over the floor… thanks… ” which then takes me away from finishing the banister.

        It’s all a balance.

        1. I usually go on a cleaning spree and the house looks great for 35 minutes. I am not even joking. Then I think why bother? Then it gets bad and I can’t stand it. I just run in a circle.

  3. I just love your blog! The honesty of these photos is fantastoc, and you make me smile through my day over things that must be driving you nuts. Thank you – again and always for your terrific take on life!
    BTW – when I was 4 I re-named myself Cinderella and refused to answer to anyone addressing me in any other fashion. 2 weeks. I was stubborn.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. I love that you insisted on being called Cinderella. How unfair is it that we don’t get to choose our own names? Sometimes the stuff that drives me nuts makes me laugh too. I find my life to be pretty humorous most days. Thanks for reading!

  4. My floors are covered with dust doggies. Since they are comprised mostly on dog hair, that is what I call them. I don’t know why my dog is not bald the way he sheds.

  5. Not me! I work really hard at keeping my house spotlessly clean, but I also make sure to clear out plenty of time for blogging, cooking all my meals from scratch with foods I grew myself in my organic garden, plus working out two hours every day. Also I don’t have a single hair anywhere on my body other than my head.

    …Now where did I put those darn kids?


    1. One of my favorite bloggers just posted about having her neck waxed. My neck hurts just typing this. Yeah, I wish we were all as perfect as the moms we see on TV!

  6. Oh, it ain’t that bad! Now I feel guilty, my flat looks even worse after I have my 2 little ones for weekends and I don’t get my ass up for cleaning for a looong time! 🙂

    1. Haha! I understand the desire to put off the cleaning. I imagine having two little kids roaming your flat adds an entirely new dimension to the word disaster. I see the amount of destruction only one causes so I imagine two is much, much worse. No guilt!

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