Carpal Tunnel Finger? Yes, Please.

Have I mentioned that I have Carpal Tunnel in both wrists…? Yep. I have to wear braces on my arms sometimes. I am lucky that I don’t have it really bad yet. I don’t have to wear braces all of the time. I have good days. The thing is, I have been typing like a lunatic lately which means my wrists are starting to get that frayed nerve ending, I-would-make-you-stop-typing, if I only had a brain feeling. Stupid wrists.

I also have more bad news. Now that I have gotten my iPhone I think I am developing carpal tunnel finger. I know that is not exactly the scientific name for it, but it’s the same, repetitive motion problem, just in finger form. The thing is, you are not going to believe which finger it is…

Wait. You can’t really tell which finger I am holding up.

I’m not sure this one is any better. What? No, I did not bother getting dressed for this photo shoot.
OK, there it is! My middle finger. I’m not too good with these Internet machines…good grief.

So, there you have it. My middle finger is killing me. It feels like I jammed it about five or six times in a row. On a positive note, this is probably the first, last and only time I will ever get away with giving you all the middle finger. I am just going to take a moment and contemplate my gratitude toward carpal tunnel and it’s best friend jammed-up-finger right now. Yep. Totally worth it.

P.S. I am keeping this short and sweet. Maybe I should call this Almost Wordless Thursday, Wordless Wednesdays illegitimate twin sister…wait, is that even possible?

I hope your Thursday is repetitive injury free! Long live Thursdays, long lost sister to Wordless Wednesdays (twins in spirit only). XoOXOxo