Can Books Be The Music Of My People (I Might Be In Love With Quirky Chrissy)?


Pay no attention to my post I just cooked Thanksgiving dinner hair photo. The Book! The Book!

I have seen many jokes about the smoke alarm being the “music of my people” on Facebook. This made me wonder what the music of my people would be. All I could come up with was books. That makes no sense, I know, but so few things do make sense these days, right? So, I am declaring books the music of my people because I love them (someday I will do a post on just how much I love them). Books are my comfort food and my adventure. I don’t know if I could live without books. I really don’t. I love them. I mean I would totally marry them if it were legal (sorry, Jim).

Opening the package!

I also love Quirky Chrissy. I won her first giveaway which, from the start, was all vague and uncertain. She was like you will win a copy of The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn and maybe a tin of cookies or a Disney pin or something…lalalala…It’s a mystery.

We ate the cookies in two days…they were that delicious.

This is totally how I would do a giveaway too so I could relate, and, of course, I was intrigued by what kind of magic might come in the mail. I mean Quirky Chrissy speaks the language of my people or sings and reads the music of my people, obviously (Huck Finn!!!). So, yes, this was pretty exciting stuff and a bit of happy magic surprise (Disney!!!).

The sweets! Yes, my T-Shirt has books on it. I purchased it to support the local library…see what I am talking about?

















I picked up my package at the post office on our way to the VA hospital and I sat with it on my lap for an hour before we could unload the dogs (with my mom) and have room toΒ put the package in the hatchback area. We opened the package in the hotel room four hours later. Tiny-Small was jumping on the bedΒ with excitement. Jim was raving about all of the food. It was the coolest package ever and the best giveaway ever and I hope I win all of Quirky Chrissy’s giveaways from now on. You can bet I am going to be trying to. This is what she sent me: A pin from Disney ( I am now a member of an exclusive club – it was so shiny I couldn’t get a glare free picture), The glorious Mark Twain book, cheese crackers, chocolate chip cookies, Balsalmic Glaze, corn and chile salsa, truffle brownie mix and white chocolate chips. Delicious! I can now read and eat to my heart’s content.

Cheese crackers…yummy!

















On top of all of that she sent me directions so I would use the fabulous ingredients to my best advantage. She also wrote a quote on the box that I thought was amazing.


My favorite part of the giveaway was the note she wrote in the book she sent me.

This is how I know we sing the same song and speak the same language. My Grandpa taught me when I was young that you never give someone a book without writing a note in it. That is a rule never to be broken. This makes me love Quirky Chrissy even more.

Have you read her blog? It’s so funny and she is really nice too: You are going to want to follow this lady because she is going places and she is also really good at giveaways. I know I couldn’t be happier with mine. Thank you, Quirky Chrissy! You are awesome.


P.S. I’ve had pie for breakfast for two days in a row. I am pretty sure that is the definition of “the good life.” Also, Jim is doing great for all of those who have asked. Thank you for your concern. You people are the definition of wonderful! XoxoxoOXOXOoXox

32 thoughts on “Can Books Be The Music Of My People (I Might Be In Love With Quirky Chrissy)?”

  1. I think we come from the same people! I’m so so so glad that you loved the giveaway! I am also glad that Jim is doing well and that you had bright spots in hotel living! Congratulations again! You are a truly fantastic blog-pal! XOXOXO πŸ™‚

    1. You made are day! It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I cannot wait to make those brownies and eat them slowly while reading Huck Finn…these are the pleasures of life!

    1. Seriously, friends are good to have! Even if they live far, far away in the magical lands of Virginia and Chicago. Yep, I am truly blessed!

  2. Lily, you are the cutest, I second ‘first time mom’! You are so charmingly non chalant and I feel like I am right in front of you when you talk about your adventures, culinary and otherwise – that is a rare talent! and also, I want to meet Q Chrissy and so will go on over to her blog in a bit. xo keep up the good writing and interesting stories!

    1. You won’t be disappointed in Quirky Chrissy. I never leave that blog without smiling and laughing. Laughter is so good for the soul! I think she is hilarious.

  3. What a treat!! I love the pictures ! you look as happy as a kid in Disneyland πŸ˜‰ I love books too and do cherish simple pleasures πŸ™‚ Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!

  4. I love this post. I love you. I love Chrissy. I’m bursting with so much happy that I can’t even write a clever note. I think the music of my people is books being read aloud… Using different voices of course. And accents. I believe this is what you meant, Lily. You are my people πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much for making sense of my declaration. Yes, different accents and voices. This reminds me of how each of you have a different voice and accent in my mind when I read your blogs. How fun it is to meet someone and hear their real voice for the first time and find out if it matches the one in your head!

  5. Haha, your husband should not feel bad about you chosing books over him – its an obvious choice, right? Good to see you all happy, bubbly and dandy! Is that your fav book? Do you read sth apart from American Literature?

    1. I will read almost anything, but I am not a big fan of sci-fi or romance novels. I bought 6 books in 6 weeks when we went to S. Africa and reading the literature from specific places or people really adds to your understanding and cultural experience. So, yes! I read books from non American authors.

  6. That is the most fabulous giveaway EVER! And I will never buy electronics to assist with reading a real, honest-to-God book. Give me dust & pages. It’s how I roll. You understand, my people.

    1. You can not curl up in bed or a chair with an iPad, nook, whatever thing-a-ma-jig. It’s just not comfortable. I would also miss the smell of books too…even the dust.

      1. I hate to be the elephant in the room (who happens to be stalking your comments…), but you’d be surprised how easily one can curl up with a cute little nook…as long as it is not the colorful nook. It needs to look bookish. (But I do still love real books too!)

        1. I probably shouldn’t even comment about this stuff. I don’t even own a nook or a kindle or an iPad. I just like to run off at the mouth and sound smart(ish) even though I usually just embarrass myself. That’s what I am best at. I wish there were awards for that sort of thing…

          1. I thought all of those things that you said until Brian made me get a Nook… I kept warning him about my book habit/collection…and he was like…”why don’t we get you a Nook…you will save soooo much (of my) money” which is true…because we are pirates. pirates, I tell you. Shhhhh….don’t tell anyone!

          2. Don’t you mean too much of his treasure then…gold coins? Aye mateeee (I can’t spell pirate). Shhh.

  7. Books are definitely the music of my people. I did use my iPad last week while I was away to read a few books. No, it is not the same, but at least my mom didn’t have to mail my forgotten library book back to me like she did last Thanksgiving.

    1. That is true! There are some instances where technology is a good thing. Also, you don’t have store boxes of books…or move them when you move from one state to another.

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