Tiny-Small Wants a Motorcycle

Tiny-Small wants a motorcycle for “Kissmas” and will stop at nothing to get it. Every day after we go to the park she sees a motorcycle in the parking lot and screams, “Bicycle! Bike! Bicycle!” with the kind of joy only a two year old can muster. She thinks motorcycles are just big bikes for grown ups. Cool grownups: The kind that wear shiny, black boots and colorful head scarfs. I only wish they wore more helmets. I can’t expect every adult in the world to act as a role model for my child, but I can still grumble loudly when they don’t, right?

So, Tiny-Small has plans to be a motorcycle mama one day and while the thought of her driving around town on a motorcycle scares me to death, I cannot deny her the simple pleasure of being a child with a bike. That’s why when we go to the store she tries them ALL on for size. Every bike she can talk us into sitting her on she will pretend to ride, even if her feet never reach the pedals. It’s kind of adorable to watch.

It makes for a long day because stores like Wal-Mart have way too many bikes. Bikes with rainbows and princesses. Bikes with bears and baby doll carriages. Tiny-Small wants to ride them all and she does so while our ice cream is melting in the cart.

Her dad pushes her around the store like a saint. He really should get a medal. I know his back probably hurts like crazy when it is time to go to bed, but he never complains. He never even says one word about it.

Tiny-Small even tries the tricycles on for size. I think she just thinks it’s a faster type of motorcycle. I can’t know for sure because she’s too busy “driving” to talk about it much.

I just hope Mr. Santa Clause is listening. It’s not even Halloween yet, but just like every other red-blooded American child, Tiny-Small has her eyes firmly planted on Christmas. It’s going to be a long season of bike riding this year. One filled with impatient shoppers trying to navigate around tiny, delighted toddler sized bikers. I just hope we survive it all relatively unscathed.


Prince Charming painted for Molly.

Guess what? I am guest posting today over at Grass Oil by Molly Field. She asked me to paint her a rooster and then write about the process. Go check out her site and tell me what you think about the rooster “Prince Charming.” Thank you! XOxoXOxoOXO




25 thoughts on “Tiny-Small Wants a Motorcycle”

  1. Tiny-Small needs a bicycle. And a helmet – it does get tiresome having to say that grown-ups are allowed to make bad choices, even ones that could kill them, but just keep saying it.

    1. That is a good way to say it. Thank you for that! I have a feeling I will be using that line in many different circumstances! She will be very happy when she gets a bike.

  2. The rooster is awesome. I love the vibrant colors. And I have hated the bike shopping process. We bought 2 – 2! – that ended up the wrong fit. But at least they were on Craigslist so not too much $$$.

    1. I was kind of shocked at how much little kid bikes were even at Wal-Mart. I hadn’t thought about checking Craiglist…thanks for the tip!

  3. OK — Now you have ME wanting a motorcycle! I don’t know if Tiny Small is just making it look like SO much fun, or if she just looks so very good doing it – really rocking those flowered pants! 🙂 My vote is for pink (of course) with the rainbow tassles. The princess or the Bear? that one is so tough! If there is a Princess Bear – that is the one for me – I mean for Tiny Small. Of course that’s what I meant… And if there is no princess bear (and there should be) I think I would have to go with the bear… And maybe a tiara?
    LOVE the Rooster – very fierce and LOTS of character! I look forward to reading to your Guest Post as well.
    Have a very Merry Kissmas Tiny Small, and your wonderful parents, too!

    1. Oh man…I almost forgot about the tiara! We will need one of those for sure. She’s going to be like the Mary Kay of the biking world…haha! Merry Kissmas to you and your family as well!

    1. My daughter loves 8 year old boys. It’s scary to see she is only 2 and slightly boy crazy. It seems like the boys are much nicer to her than the girls though. The boys play with her and the girls call her a baby. It’s a strange world we live in.

  4. Ahh, she is just so adorable! My daughter loves motorcycles and she is 7, makes me nervous! I have a leather jacket and whenever I wear it she tells me that I look like a “cool girl who has a motorcycle” haha! At least I “look” cool! Hope she gets her bike for kissmas. <3

        1. Well, from your pictures, I have a feeling you will be cool long into old age. Some people are born cool..some are not (me). Haha!

  5. I say sell the and get TINY SMALL A MOTORCYCLE !!!! Only in PINK..and of course somewhat bejeweled..TIARA works as bejeweled..Love that rooster..LOVE YOU !!

  6. Nooooo motorcycles! Bad, bad, bad!

    And every time my kids seem someone riding without a helment, they recite the messaging I ingrained in them:

    “Their mothers didn’t love them enough to teach them proper safety.”

    xoxo The Bubble Wrap Queen

    1. We are not a fan of motorcycles in this house either. That’s probably why she likes them so much…and country music. She already wants to be different! We should be given bubble wrap at the hospital the moment babies are born.

      On an unrelated note, are you getting by blog in your google reader again? I seem to be getting it in mine. Weird!

      1. I’m not – which explains my coming by and reading like a week’s worth of posts at once. As a compliment to your writing, I do this completely unprompted and in need of a Dome Life fix. A real rarity for a girl who can’t remember her husband’s name or what years her kids were born in. (:

        1. I think that is the best compliment I have ever received. Thanks for seeking me out. I am shaking my fists at the Internet forces that prevent my feed from feeding or whatever the proper terminology is. I appreciate you!

  7. I was planning to get it for my nephew for Easter this year but the parents were begging me not to…It all depends on where you live; sometimes it scares me to think how dangerous it can get. Will you go together for bike-trips when Santa (sic!) makes the girl’s dream come true ;)?

    1. We live in a very rural place so she won’t be riding her bike on the road. I’d be scared to death if we lived in a place with traffic. I hope eventually we will be able to do some trail riding as a family. I will have to get back into shape for that! Win-Win!

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