The Library Is Not A Rodeo

The Library is not a rodeo. It is a place to go and read and get smart and be quiet. Well, you try telling that to a toddler! Especially when there is a life-size, stuffed pony sitting in the corner, wearing a red bandana and begging to be ridden.

What was the children’s librarian thinking when she put that pony there? I think she was just asking for trouble. Yesterday, at the library, Tiny-Small did not have any interest in Dr.Seuss or even in Goodnight Moon. Ohhhhhhh no! She wanted to squeal and yell and ride the pony. She wanted to “fall” off of the pony and beg for help…loudly. She wanted to hug the pony, kiss the pony and pull the pony around the room. I had to “shhhhhh!” her repeatedly. It was no longer a book lovers paradise. The library had become more of a horse pasture without a barn. A place for wild children to throw their arms in the air and pretend to be cowboys and cowgirls and country lovin’ trouble makers of the non reading variety. I truly felt sorry for the Grandma trying to take a nap in the rocking chair in the other corner of the room.

But, Tiny-Small sure loved that pony. Besides, It was like a zoo in there.

We were dangerously close to being asked to go home. Well, not really. We were mostly in danger of being asked to be quiet. I filmed it all of course:

Libraries aren’t just for books anymore. They are also for ponies, and bears and computers…oh my!

9 thoughts on “The Library Is Not A Rodeo”

  1. I’m thinking that you aren’t so worried about your “do-me” name if the very next day you post about something “wearing a red bandana and begging to be ridden.” Just sayin:) One of our local libraries has basically tossed the quiet rule out the window. The kids area is completely separated from the rest of the library, and they put an entire toy area in it. Stuffed animals to ride and all. Libraries certainly aren’t just for books anymore.

    1. I’m not worried at all about my blog name. I mean, I can’t be really. I’ve already paid for it. There is no going back now!

      1. oh, I hope you know I was kidding. When I read it back it didn’t sound very nice. Reason #52 why I shouldn’t write comments while rushing out the door.

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