Share The Love Sunday: Almost Cancelled

I almost cancelled Share The Love Sunday this week. I’m tired from sewing and shopping and watching Charlie Brown and waiting for The Great Pumpkin. How sad is it that Charlie Brown got a rock instead of candy when he said Trick or Treat? I remember getting an apple when I was a kid. Of course, that was right around the time when people were putting razor blades into the apples or some such nonsense, so apples were strictly forbidden. Then my parents would “inspect” each piece of candy (which really meant they ate all of the good stuff) before I could get my hands on any of it. Good times!

Anyway, Halloween might get cancelled this year too. I made Tiny-Small her Dorothy dress yesterday and this was the result:


Dorothy drama.

That’s Ok because she has a back up costume sent to her by Nonie (Jim’s Mom). A tutu and tiara set. Either way, Tiny-Small will be glamming it up on Halloween. At least that is what I keep telling myself. I think her love for candy will help her through the process of choosing a costume. Fingers crossed and high hopes and all of that other stuff I like to say.

We have a visitor for the holidays. I sometimes put her in the corner and play “Blair Witch” games…creepy.

Time for Share The Love Sunday! Yeah, Baby.

If you didn’t get that “Yeah, Baby” reference you might want to go take Happy Little Feet’s quiz: How Old Are You? (Blog no longer exists) It’s pretty funny even if you just look at the pictures!

More baking…lots of baking! Check out Life’s too short to play possum where she gives us a Tutorial on Cookie Week. She’s amazing and the pictures will make you hungry.

The Feminist Breeder wrote a post on being “overdriven” in the attempt to reduce feelings of inadequacy. I could relate to this and I have a feeling many of you could too. I thought what she shared with her readers was both generous and important. Go read: The Therapist Is Making Me do This.

Really wise words from A Faded Ginger in Is your child too old to trick or treat? Check on your elderly neighbors and make sure they aren’t feeling intimidated by teenagers. Talk to your teenagers and maybe decide on an appropriate time that Trick or Treating should end. Nobody wants to answer the door at 10pm.

So, the funniest thing I read this week was written by My Brain On Kids. She tries her best to answer her fan (spam?) mail in P.S. I Love You Too! and makes you laugh out loud in the process.

Heather Christena Schmidt from B(itch) Log wrote her memoir, got it published and it is now for sale on Amazon. Go visit her website to learn about buying your own copy!

Pumpkin waiting to be transformed.

Time to go, we still have pumkins to carve. Happy Sunday!


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8 thoughts on “Share The Love Sunday: Almost Cancelled”

    1. That is so sweet of you! I love cookies and baking. I love Christmas. I am so impressed with the quantity you bake!

    1. I like to share! I won’t cancel it. I almost cancelled it for only this week. Sometimes life just gets so hectic!

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