Share The Love Sunday: I Have A Cookie Hangover

It’s Share The Love Sunday again and I have a cookie hangover today. That’s what I get for making cookies (in an attempt to make the crankiest two-year old alive a little happier) and then eating my weight in said cookies last night. Seriously, I have embraced the perks of being an adult with my whole heart. Next up, ice cream for dinner.


Anyway, please read the blogs below and give them a high-five for being awesome and funny and smart.

Megcentric takes on marriage and driving (we all have one of these stories) with her Adventures in Spatial Reasoning.

Riding the Crazy Train described the memories of our children that will one day make us laugh (and showed us a couple of adorable and hilarious classic school pictures) in The Little Things.

Life’s Crazy Curves wrote about comparing yourself to others and how we should all just appreciate the lives we have created more in Negative Nancy (blog no longer exists). I could really relate to this one!

Grass Oil by Molly Field wrote about spending time with her kids and about how to get to know them in Get to Know Your Kids-When They’re at School.

The B(itch) Log wrote about her problems with the United States Post office in The Day I Went Postal which I could relate to because I have also had problems with the USPS that you can read about here: Do Postal Workers Read Your Magazines and Watch Your Movies? and here: The United States Postal Service: It Isn’t What It Used To Be.

Happy Sunday!

Come visit me on Facebook – it’s too quiet over there. I hear pins dropping and creepy voices (it’s like being at the office late and all by yourself on a Wednesday evening in October). You know what I am saying? Or come bug me on Twitter so I have something to talk about besides #Nutella.

Help me get a life people!


8 thoughts on “Share The Love Sunday: I Have A Cookie Hangover”

  1. Thanks for the mention! 😉 Those cookies look delicious! I’m all for ice cream for dinner. We do that in the summer sometimes!

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