It’s A “Do-Me” Life: When Blog Names Go Horribly Wrong

Me and Tiny-Small posing for our Norman Rockwell portait

I have a new, shiny website here. It’s hosted by a company that starts with a “go” and ends with a “daddy”. I am sure you are familiar with it. So far everything has been going well. My site has been running as planned and I haven’t made any big mistakes (I’m knocking on wood as I type this).

The funny thing is I recently got a call from a sales person from the company trying to get me to pay for a few more years of hosting.*Sue gave me a call one day. Well, I should say she called me for about eight days in a row until she caught me. The call started out like this:

Sue: Hi Ms. Connelly, this is Sue from your hosting company that starts with a “go” and ends with a “daddy”? I wanted to talk to you about your new website: It’s a Do-Me life. I’m thinking since you signed up and paid to have the website for two years that you might want to go ahead and pay for the second year of hosting as well?

Stop right there. Yes, she just called my website a “Do-Me” life which I think might mean she thinks I run a brothel or that I produce short pornographic films (which I probably totally should do since I hear it’s the fastest growing industry on the Internet). The worst part? I didn’t even bother to correct her.

More posing.

How could I, really? I mean, first of all, she had this beautifully polite, Southern accent and I couldn’t say no to anything she said or asked of me. Secondly, how hilarious is it that she thought I was the master mind of some naked people plot lines? Meanwhile, I am over here writing about diaper blow outs and how my daughter throws cookies in the shower with me? You know your life is messy and cranky and a little monotonous at times when you think working for the porn industry sounds glamorous and slightly upscale from your current social position in the world.

Anyway, the folks over at my hosting company think I am a scandal or really cool or rich like all of the other people blogging about sex in the city or in the countryside or anywhere for that matter. Meanwhile, I am a mom who happens to live in a Geodesic dome with a life so ordinary I often wonder if I am trapped in a Norman Rockwell painting. That’s pretty funny, right?

The other concern I have is my blog name. Has it just gone horrible wrong? Am I confusing the masses with my address? It would explain why some people only visit my website for about ten seconds at a time and maybe even some of the unusual search queries I have gotten. It would also explain why a post I wrote on my daughter staying up half the night with the title Midnight Playtime was so popular for such a long time. I always wondered why that particular post was clicked on more than all of the others I have written. Now it is all starting to make sense.

Is this the face of an Internet Madam? I’m guessing probably not.

I’m thinking it would be funny to start a site called, “When Blog Names Go Horribly Wrong” or, “When Blogs Attack.”  I know there have to be other people with stories like mine to tell. People in unusual circumstances with unusual names concerned with issues surrounding mistaken identities. I may have finally found a successful niche. One that allows me to give back to all of humanity. One that will make hosting companies quake in their boots. Oh I know, I’m taking this too far. Seriously though, it would be pretty funny.


*Sue is not her real name. I changed it to protect her identity and also because I can’t even remember her real name. Good-grief, I hope I didn’t replace her real name with a fake name that is also her real name…that would be a terrible mistake that could only bring more misfortune and possible hilarity to my blog. Let’s just hope she never, ever reads this.

42 thoughts on “It’s A “Do-Me” Life: When Blog Names Go Horribly Wrong”

  1. Not my blog’s name, but after I wrote about pin-up girl panties, I got visitors looking for the sorts of things I wasn’t writing about. Oops. (I never once read dome as do-me. Promise.)

    1. That’s a relief! I’ve never read it as do-me either. I think some people may not be familiar with the word dome. I did see a college kid with a blog called “It’s A Dome Life” a few months ago. I think he meant to write “It’s A Dorm Life” haha!

      I can imagine writing anything with the words panties in it might attract a few people for the wrong reason! Oh well. I imagine a few people will be disappointed in both of us!

  2. OMMMMMMGGGGG!!! that’s the funniest thing i’ve read all day! and i’ve read a lot so far! Only you, LC, could have this happen. well, i’m super glad to be here. did you know i used to know someone who lived in a geodesic dome? it was wild. very cool though too. all you cool people live in domes. it’s the weirdos who don’t.

    1. Naming a blog is hard. I wanted something that didn’t put me into one category and that wasn’t already taken. Who knew I’d end up with a “do-me” life? Haha!

  3. Oh my gosh! Hilarious story!! I can just hear Sue’s Southern accent saying “do me.” Lmao! I love your blog’s name…it is intriguing. It made me think of a yurt when I first read it. Do you have photos on a post? Speaking of photos—I love the pics of you and Tiny-Small. You two are beautiful.

    1. Tiny-Small is a beauty. I really don’t know where that girl came from. Thank you so much for the compliments! We often talk about making a yurt. We’ve seen books on how to do it the library. I have a few interior pictures of the dome, but not any outside shots. I’m trying to make it a little hard for the paparazzi to find me …haha!

  4. My attempt at a play on the term “bookworms” often brings disappointed budding entomologists to my site. Who knew? I should probably just be grateful no worm fetish types have come a-knocking.

    1. I really hope there aren’t any worm-fetish types out there. A blogging friend of mine has had some trouble with the foot-fetish readers. I never thought about entomologists going to your site, but that makes sense. Maybe one day you will review just the right book..

  5. I’m laughing hysterically! Its a do me life would be a pretty badass blog name. Hey as I was typing this on my iphone autocorrect just put down “bake” instead of name. Too funny. I don’t know what a “badass blog bake” would be, but it sounds like fun! Oh and people constantly spell my blog name wrong because they think I’m an idiot and don’t know how to spell “lane”. I spelled it “Layne” on purpose because it’s my son’s name but looking back on it I wish I wouldn’t have done that. I love your post!!!

    1. I really, really, really want to go to a badass blog bake. We need to have one! Isn’t it annoying when people think you don’t know how to spell your own name? That stuff drives me crazy. I’ve had people argue with me over the spelling of both my name and my sisters…so arrogant! I like your Peanutlayne. It’s cute. It’s funny how once you get to like someone you don’t ever want them to change their name!

    1. When the times come I will be ready to make the transition. I can keep the same address and just change the Blog title…haha!

  6. I can’t stop giggling at the fact that “Midnight Playtime” was your most popular posts of all time. Oh this is too funny!
    I never read it as “do-me”. But I was raised Southern Baptist, so the gutter isn’t really where I go first in my thoughts. 😉

    1. Me either. I was kind of shocked that people would read it as “do me” so I guess that says something about me too. I’m starting to think we may be few and far between!

  7. I see a spin off sex chat line as a side business. Between rinsing oreos dpwn the drain and wiping baby poop. Awesome post! And nope i never thought it was do-me not once. Lol

    1. I would be really bad at that chat line. I can’t think of a more boring job! I’d be more like the “Put that fellar to sleep” hotline.

  8. Ha! If we only knew then what we know now…actually, I might have gone with “Do Me Blog.” That sh*t SELLS. By the way, every time I see a picture of you, I’m kinda creeped out by how much we look alike. SIS??? Is that you???

    1. Really? When I see your picture I feel insanely jealous by your beauty. Also, I think mom liked you best…obviously, we were sisters (at least in a past life).

  9. Um… You are using – can you really say you wouldn’t expect those folks to START in the gutter? Think about the audience their ads are designed for. Mommies could realistically be expected to be the last folks who would use their “services”. 😉

      1. Oh, clearly you’ve never watched the SuperBowl in the last, oh, say nearly ten years? More? They have these scandalous ads, that now make us yawn, with these Playboy mansion like set-ups, with these scantily clad girls and these older “daddy” men quite happy with them. They mostly play on sports venues, and I’ve mostly seen them during the Superbowl because I love Superbowl commercials. You can go to You Tube and have fun educating yourself! 😉 It is not a family oriented site, if that’s what you were thinking… 😉

        1. Nope. I picked GoDaddy because my friend told me to. Claimed it was “the best” and I believed it. If I had seen those sexist, disgusting commercials I probably wouldn’t have! Oh well, now I am a generic play boy bunny supporter…Aaaarrrgh!

          1. So did you go to YouTube and see for yourself? I admit they were the reason when I was setting up my own domain for myself I didn’t choose them. There were three or four options and they were one and they all cost the same. This was four years ago…

          2. No, I haven’t had a chance to. I have already paid for two years! I think they might be the most expensive too.

  10. LOL! Do it!! I’m sure it’ll be a raging success and then you can go back to ‘Sue’ and ask for a discount on the two years!
    Totally voting for this one!

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