I Take A Class With Global Niche Because I Want To Become Both Rich AND Famous

I know, you are probably wondering what Global Niche is, right? You are also probably wondering how or why a class is going to make me both rich and famous. I am going to tell you right now because my dear friend Molly, from Grass Oil, demanded I write about it. Well, actually, she requested I write about it and since I have never gotten a request like that before I thought I had  better honor it! Someday I may be known as the DJ of the blogging world. Also, I am pretty excited about Global Niche and I want to share it with you.

Global Niche is all about looking around you and figuring out what you have to work with and how to use it to your best advantage. It’s all about evaluating your strengths and talents and empowering yourself to be successful. The class I am taking is called Sum-it UP: mine yourself for purpose and profit. The class is designed to help you focus your potential so you can propel yourself towards great things. It’s all about how to use the Internet, social media and technology to your best advantage. I can’t explain it as well as Tara Agacayak and Anastasia Ashman can. Here is a quote from their website:

We have over 25 years combined experience as expats … more than two decades of figuring out how to make our personal and professional lives work in situations that aren’t quite right. Stranded on a snake-infested island? Fall off the map in a tiny Turkish village? Yep, when it looked like there were no good options available, we found a way to create our own.

You can see how this would appeal to me. I’ve dropped into this Stay-At-Home-Mom gig and want to be both an artists AND a writer. I can’t keep regular work hours and my best friend is the Internet because, well, the rest of the world is busy! Meanwhile, I am stuck in snake-infested NM in the middle of nowhere…So, what’s a gal to do? I started a blog. I got a website. I started painting again (after a decade long break). I goofed around on Twitter and Facebook. At some point people started reading my blog, following me on Twitter and buying my paintings. I started thinking maybe I could turn all of this into a career, but I didn’t know what to do exactly. I had things sort of pieced together, but they weren’t exactly cohesive and let’s face it, I barely knew what I was doing. This class is helping me put it all together. It’s like I had all of these puzzle pieces, but I didn’t quite know how to put them all together. Tara and Anastasia call it your “platform.” All of these pieces you put together on the Internet. All of these pieces that turn you into a global person, a global writer, a global artists, and even a global friend. I think of it like building a train that I am going to ride to fame and fortune. I’ll be the one yelling, “All Aboard!”

The thing is, it’s not just a class. It’s a network of people. I am making contacts with people all over the world who are starting up businesses, writing, making movies, and creating amazing things. We’re forming a support group of sorts to help each other reach goals and grow our visions. It’s pretty amazing and soul enriching. Having the support of like-minded people, with fresh ideas and shockingly differing experiences, somehow gives you an incredible amount of confidence to take the risks you have been putting off. It makes you feel safe doing the things that scare you. You realize that you have everything you need to make it. You just have to get those puzzle pieces together or build that train. One foot in front of the other. You already are the complete package!

I can’t speak for anyone else, and we are only on week one of a six-week course, but I have grown both professionally and personally because of it. Week one has been about creating visions and making concrete goals. I have had a chance to truly examine what it was I wanted to do here on my snake-infested island. Have you ever actually sat down and made a list of your goals? It’s very empowering. When the goals are in front of you it helps you focus and know what to do next. One of my broad goals is to take more risks, to be more fearless, and to have more faith in myself. My short-term goals are things like: I want to have 1,000 people visit my blog every day. Or, I want to sell at least two paintings a month. I also have goals such as: I will always be as supportive as possible to other people chasing their goals. The short-term version of this is: I will share six posts of other bloggers each week. I will comment on at least 25 blogs a week. I will always respond to people with kindness. At least 50% of all gifts that I purchase will be hand-made items made by other artists and crafters I have been lucky to meet online. Global Niche shows you how we are all connected. It’s important to share. It’s important to help each other succeed.

It hasn’t been all easy. I’ve cried a few times this week. It’s an emotional experience and at times overwhelming and exhausting. Most creative endeavors are though, especially when they require you to examine yourself and to confront your weaknesses head on. I’ve looked at how I create barriers for myself. I’ve acknowledged how much fear I have of both success and failure. Boy, do I have some serious weaknesses. For one, I don’t ask people for help enough. Seriously, I have been talking about getting a babysitter for Tiny-Small for over two years now and I once wasted an entire week trying to install Google Analytics on my blog (when it was over at blogger). When I started asking for help you wouldn’t believe how quickly doors opened for me. My cousin offered to help me get my websites set up. My husbands cousin, heard me begging for help with Google+, and put me in touch with Tara Agacayak which led me to Global Niche.

This gives me great hope and great courage. I am conquering some of my fears and addressing my weaknesses and great things are happening as a result. I feel full of energy and excitement. I know if I just work hard and trust my dreams that I will find success. I will still have lots of failures and setbacks. There will be days when I consider giving up, but I won’t be alone. I will always have my Global Niche classmates to encourage me to push forward. This will make me both rich in spirit and famous, at least in my own mind.

You can find the Global Niche website here.

Sign up with them for a free newsletter about when the next class will begin here: Sum-it UP: mine yourself for purpose and profit.

Follow Global Niche on Pinterest here. (There are videos and examples of what the class is all about and also some great quotes about women being awesome…like all of you guys)

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They also Tweet here @globalniche and you can follow our journey through the Hashtag #GlobalNiche if you find it interesting.

*Disclaimer: My husband is second cousins with Tara Agacayak (I think), but to be fair we have never met and have only known each other online for maybe a month. I paid to take the class out of my own pocket and was not asked to review it by the creators of Global Niche. All of these experiences are my own to write about and by design no two people will ever have the exact same experience. Even if we weren’t related I would still have written this the exact same way.

*Disclaimer Part 2: I have stolen “borrowed” the images from Global Niche’s website. I did get permission first, but those images do not belong to me.I did not make them. I just screenshotted them (that sounds professional, right?).

19 thoughts on “I Take A Class With Global Niche Because I Want To Become Both Rich AND Famous”

  1. I love your goals, both the long term and the short term. I’ve never been a goal setter, but this is making me reconsider changing that. Thank you; this was a great post.

    1. I am not a goal setter by nature either. That’s part of why I decided to take this class. It gives me accountability to other people. I had no idea how empowered I would feel just by setting goals. I have these big dreams, but wasn’t sure how to get there. Once I started listing the goals I realized I could do it. My goals will change as I learn more I am sure, but everyone needs a place to start. I encourage you to make even just one or two concrete goals and see what happens. When your work gets reinforced (by actually making a difference) it changes your perspective.

  2. lovely lovely! i want to be like you when i grow up. no joke. sometimes i stare at my “progress” and i want to go back to bed. not feeling empowered in the least by how things are at the moment… i am my own worst challenge. but i know when i set my mind to things, it’s pretty incredible. meh.

    good post. go get ’em tiger! (ps – guest blog for me)

    1. I think that wanting to go back to bed feeling is part of the creative process. It’s ups and downs and you just have to ride through them. The downs help create the ups and vice versa. When I get on the downward slope I tend to the more practical matters. I learn how to make a button for my web page. I clean my house (gasp!) or I bake.

      I would love to guest blog for you!

      You are going to do great things, Molly! I just know it.

  3. My husband is a goal setter, while I am a floater. I go from thing to thing, place to place, all based on what’s going on around me and who asks me to do something. I don’t know where I will end up, and I like the surprise of seeing what comes next. It is a luxury, I am well aware. I can be a floater only because my husband is a goal setter. I love him for it. It sounds like this Global Niche is the right thing for you right now. Good for you, stepping out and trying new things and seeing things through. I will float on now, without even a button to go next to my name. I haven’t floated around to any directions on how to make one yet:)

    1. Floating certainly serves it’s purpose too. I think if I hadn’t floated for a while I wouldn’t have figured out which direction I wanted to swim in.

    1. You aren’t even a little guy…you are way more famous than I am! Plus, how could I forget the woman that taught me to dance in front of my microwave for exercise and how to make Tortilla soup? That will never happen.

  4. Lillian I just love your excitement and passion, they come shining through your post and are absolutely infectious. I’m taking the SUM-it UP course as well, just as a self-guided tutorial because I’m wrangling with a book manuscript deadline and a parent with terminal cancer back in the US among the usual stuff. I’ve followed Anastasia and Tara for quite some time now and enjoy their upbeat approach and natural zeal for making connections: in people, places and activities. Looking forward to hearing more along the way.

    1. Thank you! I am pretty excited. I’ve been feeling “stuck” lately wondering what to do next. This class and Tara popped into my life just when I needed them. It’s kind of amazing. If you need any support or eyes on something don’t hesitate to ask. I’d like to hear about your process as well. I started out with the Silver too. It’s not easy to make commitments when you have small children. I can see that you have quite a bit on your plate to attend to as well. I am so sorry to hear about your parents. Good luck with your book wrangling!

  5. It sounds like a great way to get ahead in the fast paced internet world. It can be so confusing sometimes. You will have to keep me posted on how the class is going. i may need to look into that myself…. I think we need to start cloning ourselves.

  6. Thank you for sharing! I have been reading about Global Niche since I saw all the hash tags. I even watched a podcast about the “missing parts” of yourself. But this post really clarified a lot for me.

    I have been wanting to write and sell art for a living as well. I have had so much fear and self doubt. I have felt as if I were selfish and crazy for desiring this. I feel like I’m finding hope now.

    1. I so relate to your comment. I have often felt my ambitions are selfish and a little crazy. I feel selfish because for some reason it seems like our society only thinks you are “working” if you are miserable. Who am I to make a living doing something I actually like to? What a selfish way to approach life, right? Then there is the whole I must be crazy to think I can make a living doing something I love to do. It’s a struggle and we are usually our own worst enemy. The thing is if I don’t try I won’t know. Also, other people are doing it so why not me? Why not you? We have a right to be as happy as we can be. I’d say we even have a responsibility to be as happy as possible. Hold on to your hope…cling to it! I know I do. Then work really hard and keep working really hard until you get where you want to be. That’s my plan!

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