I Dreamt of Stolen Identities, Apple and My iPhone

I was up half the night having nightmares about stolen identities, Apple and my iPhone. I mean the tossing, turning, waking up with the night terrors, screaming for my long, lost iPhone and the people who stole it via iCloud kind of nightmares. It was like a junior league technology club night of unrest with unsettling movie trailer horror because I don’t know enough about this stuff to have dreams that actually make any sense.

Yesterday was one of those days where I was bombarded with information. First, I read about how Mat Honan had all of his daughter’s baby pictures stolen off of his computer, had his Twitter account taken over, his Gmail account taken over and his iPhone wiped clean. It actually made me cry which is weird because articles from Wired Magazine online don’t usually do that. Usually they just put me into a staring into space kind of I don’t know what they are talking about coma. If you use any of these products or are online at all…YES YOU…than you might want to read this article: How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking. Also, back up your computer. I am getting one of those exterior hard drive things TODAY. Also, be prepared to lose a little sleep over this article. I certainly did.

Yesterday I also read several blog post about people who either just got (or really want) the new iPhone and how they either hate it or love it. Yep, the iPhone was firmly planted in my brain. I also thought I had lost my phone for a while yesterday which sort of put me into a panic because it is my only phone when my husband is not home. When I lose my phone for a while during the day I always get scared that my daughter will choke, cut off a limb or go into random convulsions and I won’t be able to call 911 without driving to the neighbor’s house first. Yes, I sometimes live in a constant state of paranoia, but bad things happen sometimes. I know this from first hand experiences. Maybe we need a landline after all, even if it is just for peace of mind. At least a landline would prevent me from exercising my imagination with unlikely scenarios, maybe.

The thing is iPhone has some app that can track your phone for you if you lose it which kept showing up in my dreams last night too. Usually this would occur right before I would wake up in a cold sweat so I remember the frustration and anxiety I felt, in my dream, over not having installed this app on my phone. I kept dreaming that I lost my iPhone at the playground and so all night long I was searching slides, and benches, and grassy areas for my phone, but I just kept finding other people’s phones that looked like mine. Those hackers used Mat Honan’s phone finder app to find his phone and wipe it clean through iCloud so now I am not so sure I want to do that either. I was up half the night trapped in a technological iPhone Bermuda triangle of sorts. This is where the solutions seem to just make things worse and I don’t really know what to do with myself except fidget and check my Gmail account every 30 seconds to make sure it hasn’t been hacked to pieces yet. It’s unlikely I will be hacked. I am small fry potatoes in the Internet world, but still, people do some insane things just for fun…especially on the Internet.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I didn’t sleep well last night because I was worrying. I was worrying about stuff that maybe you should worry about too. Mat Honan is a senior writer at Wired.com so he knows what he is doing and HE got hacked. This isn’t a comforting thing to read. He says he is lucky the hackers didn’t get into his bank account. He says he is heart-broken over losing all of the pictures of his daughter during the first year of her life. This is scary stuff. Make sure you are taking all of the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe online. I know I will be. I’m making some changes today. I hope you do too. I hope you take this as seriously as I am.


13 thoughts on “I Dreamt of Stolen Identities, Apple and My iPhone”

    1. I am a worry wart…you got me pegged! Worrying is like a hobby for me. It’s like my special talent. I wish I could find away to use it my advantage…haha! I think I need a home phone. Sometimes our cell phone towers go out an we will have an entire day with no way to call anyone. That makes me worry!

  1. They stole pictures off his computer? Not just copies, the whole shebang? I would be crying over that, were it my baby’s photos.

    You should get a landline if your cells are unreliable. Do it.

    1. I know. I would be sad too. I try to print out all of our baby photos, but I don’t know if they will last. There are good and bad things with everything being digital. An external hard drive to back it all up will help too.

      I think you are right about the land line.

  2. I am also a compulsive worrier. I share your anxiety! And, just went through my phone and blocked all the stuff! Hopefully that will help. Sigh. Can’t people just be good instead of evil?

    1. We need a support group. I hope the blobking helps. If only the hackers would use their smarts for good instead of evil…imagine what they could accomplish!

    1. I slept pretty well last night. I was in bed at 9:45 pm which is a good start! A few nights of not sleeping well usually knocks me out. No more worrying. I feel better when I can do things.

  3. I used to be just like you! Worry, worry, worry. And then I discovered the joy of prescription medications. Kidding! (mostly). I am digging my new fancy phone.

    1. I am glad you like your new phone. My doctor won’t give me a prescription. He insists I try natural solutions first…haha! I have resorted to Nutella and potato chips. Pretty sure he’ll have something to say about that as well.

  4. Yeah,I read that article several months ago and found it pretty freaky. I hadn’t used the iCloud yet, nor updated to a system that even pushed that option on me. When I got my new (old) iPhone, though, and was updated to System 6, it’s installed whether I want it or not. I chose NOT to have any of my stuff loaded to it – I can back up my own iPhone on my own computer, thank you.

    Some of the location stuff scares me, too. Ever watch Person of Interest on CBS? That show can scare the hell out of you, too. They don’t need to imbed listening devices on us – we carry them wherever we go….

    Yes, I have no landline either, so it’s a little nerve wracking when I misplace my phone (by the way I use the password lock – not so it goes on immediately, but at least if you left it at the park someone couldn’t hack into it). I do keep an alarm that goes off twice daily – in the AM and the PM that help me locate it at least twice a day. But I’ve also used my computer and Facebook to get friends to call it for me, too, when it was really missing (fell under the car seat, and I had looked fairly carefully before!)

    Yep. Technology can give you nightmares. But it can do so much, too, that is wonderful. Someone can reach out from thousands of miles away and give you a virtual kiss or a hug instanteously and brighten up your day. You can instantly capture a look on your daughter’s face, or share a piece of artwork in progress with a friend or loved one.

    Balancing good and bad… that’s the way of the world. Hopefully you’e managed to sleep some since then! 🙂

    1. It is tricky to find the right balance and it’s probably a slim chance anything bad will happen, but it is a risk we take. I had the same problem with that cloud thing. I need to learn how to manage it and make sure I stay on top of things. I have been going through passwords and making sure they are strong. it’s time consuming, but worth the effort.

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