Versatile Blogger Award (I Couldn’t Link You Enough, Seriously)

I was just nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. I know, two awards in two days is crazy, right? It seems to be award season around here. If I had known I was about to receive the Versatile Blogger Award I would have bought a red sequined dress or at least put on real clothes instead of accepting it in my pajamas. Apparently my pal Mommy Unmuted is very kind because not only did she offer to award me for my newbie blogging skills, but she also thinks my content is versatile. I knew writing about diaper explosions, politics and my most embarrassing moments would pay off in the end.

Mommy Unmuted is a mommy without a mute button and she is also a terrific writer. I’m surprised and honored that she thought of me when I know she has read many, many amazing blogs. I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I have. Go visit her by clicking her name in blue up above.

A few mere hours after I learned that I was nominated for this award.

How It Works:

  • If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their site.
  • Copy and paste the award to your blog.
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly and include a link to their site.
  • Let the other Bloggers know that you have nominated them.

So now I am supposed to tell you seven random facts about myself, so here goes:

1. I have a box in my basement filled with every single note I ever received from my friends in high school.

2. I am making my daughter a Dorothy (from The Wizard Of Oz) costume for Halloween.

3. It’s 4:20 pm right now and I still haven’t washed my breakfast dishes.

4. My bathroom has an African animal theme.

5. My oldest friend and I have known each other since I was born.

6. The shoelaces on my sneakers have almost been chewed in half by my dog, but I still wear them anyway.

7. I have an apron hanging in my kitchen that I almost never wear.

*8. When I was a teenager I watched the movie Grease at least a million times and in college I wrote a paper comparing the movie to the play for an English class. (A-)

*This one is for extra credit.

The 15 Bloggers I Nominate For Super Fun Typing Torture Are (imagine a drum roll here….):

1. DeBie Hive (she is nice, supportive and very funny)

2. tulip and thelma (best pictures, best captions)

3. Sex and the Suburb (they help kids)

4. The Lucky Mom (She’s authentic)

5. German Village Mom (funny, sassy, adorable)

6. Momalog (She’s relatable)

7. Busymee (5 kids and a blog?!)

8. Graceful Disaster (She’s surviving teenagers)

9. Handflapping (Hilarious)

10. Red Hot Writing Hood (Artist, fitness awesomeness)

11. The B(itch) Log (Tells it like it is)

12. First Time Mom & Dad (Funny, smart, cool)

13. Banana Wheels (I love her writing)

14. The Family Pants (We might be soul sisters in a past life)

15. Life’s Crazy Curves (My oldest and bestest friend in Real Life)

I couldn’t stop so I kept going (more extra credit):

16. Grass Oil By Molly Field (She’s writing a book and writes like I think)

17. We Band Of Mother’s (A blog to model yours after…exceptional)

18. Quirky Chrissy (Funny, witty, smart, you’ll wish she was your little sister)

19. Equis Place (from the heart, educational, wonderful)

20. That Suburban Mom (cake maker and brand new to blogging)

21. Ramblings of The Geek Wife (she blogs about her passions: domestic violence prevention, her family, her friends)

Enjoy your rewards, Ladies! I hope you can convince the people in your life how special you are and that you deserve celebrity status today. Put the button on your blog with pride.

23 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award (I Couldn’t Link You Enough, Seriously)”

  1. I love your happy pictures. You look like a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader doing the Snoopy dance. I want to be this happy. I’m going to look for my meds now….

    Seriously – thank you for all the support and congrats on your influx of recognition! See my rambling account on how I’m a lazy ingrate in previous post.

    xoxo Bad, Shameful Marianne

    1. I’ve never, ever been told I looked like a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (I’m ignoring the part about Snoopy) so I’m just going to bask in the warmth of that for a while here…

    1. If I ever become a famous blogger and start my own blogger-award-chain-letter I am making a photo a requirement for sure.

  2. You are an award giving and getting machine. So impressive. Seriously. I would give you an award as a thank you, but alas I think that would just suck you further into the vortex. Thanks for the intro to some new blogs to read!

    1. I think my award accepting days have come to a close…at least until they come with cash prizes or chocolate attached. I hope I made some blogger love connections happen. If people find new reading material and make new friends than it will all have been worth it!

  3. Congrats on both awards!! You deserve them! Also, I kept pretty much every note I received in high school, too. Actually, I’m really glad I did because most of them were from one of my best friends that passed a couple of years ago. So it’s a nice way to reconnect with her through memories!

    1. I’m glad you kept your notes too. It is nice to know you can have that connection to the friend you lost. It’s sometimes hard to read them and sometimes it’s nice. I can’t get rid of them.

  4. You’re awesome! Thank you so much for the award!
    Re. your list, I love no. 3 (dishes in sink) but am not so very sure about no. 4 (African-themed bathroom, I’m getting flashbacks to the 60s). (-:
    Love your list and the fact that you have EVERY note since HS. That in itself is a blog post! (-:
    PS: I may not do a post on Versatile Blogger. I was already awarded it and did 2 posts on it last year and have run out of people to nominate! (-: Thank you v. much though!

    1. That’s OK. It’s kind of a little slice of torture, but thanks for stopping by!

      My whole life is a flashback of one kind or another. I didn’t exist in the 60’s so it’s all new to me…lol!

  5. Heya! I’m loving the new design! I liked the old one because it had your art on the masthead, but I’m digging this one too because it’s got more pics of you right up front. So thank you (really!) for including me in your very awesome list! I will endeavor to find some blogs to nominate as well, but first I need to get out of my yoga pants and into some pajamas. I was nominated in the spring for Liebster (that was before I knew you or else i’dve totally nominated you then and we woulda been all done with this then). I am actually wearing an apron right now. I made homemade chicken noodle soup and a white shirt so i’m sure i’d have it all over me by now because i practically swam in it. I like the seven (eight) random facts. You’re funny. I’m glad we “know” each other. One day I’d like to get you, me, DiBie and not blessed mama together at an art show / weekend thing. It would be nice to meet you all.

    1. It would be so fun to meet everyone. We’ll have to plan something some day! My art website is up and running, but I have to fix it up a bit and then I will give everyone the url. Then you will see so much of my artwork that you will probably want to cry! haha…hopefully in the next day or so.

    1. I wear one when I paint, but forget to when I cook. I need to try harder. At least my top half will be less stained, right? My bottom half doesn’t have a channce with the toddler running loose!

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