“MomKnee” and “OhMama”: Politics From A Two Year Olds Perspective

For a couple of weeks we have been trying to teach our daughter the names of all of the major political players in the upcoming Presidential election, mostly because she pronounces their names in such adorable ways. She says “MomKnee” for Romney and “Pa Iyan” for Paul Ryan. Last night, during the Democratic National Convention (DNC), she kept waving to her pal “EShell OhMama” (Michelle Obama) and yelling for “Pesdent OhMama” (President Obama). She pretty much kept us laughing the entire time (even when we were often crying) with her toddler speech pronunciations.

We let her stay up late to watch the first night of the DNC with us. We were happy to see some kids in the audience and on stage. So was Tiny-Small. When the family from Arizona was on stage and the mom was talking about her daughter’s heart transplant surgeries, Tiny-Small ran to the TV screen to pat the crying daughter (who was obviously overwhelmed by all of the people staring back at her). Tiny-Small told her, “It’s k, baby. It’s k.” Then she ran back to pat me because I was also crying. It was impossible not to cry. Moms, sick babies, not enough money…it’s every parents worst nightmare. Then, Tiny-Small clapped and cheered and threw kisses the moment Julian Castro’s daughter appeared on-screen and we were all laughing again. I think she just knew that she and Julian Jr. would be life long friends if only the television wasn’t an obstacle between them. It was pretty clear that Tiny-Small was ready to vote those kids into office immediately. She didn’t see any reason to wait until November. She thought they were pretty amazing. She was right about the kids, but I thought their parents were pretty amazing people too. For someone like me, who passes out at the mere thought of public speaking, getting up on a stage with so many eyes staring back at you is both impressive and an act of bravery.

The more difficult part of letting Tiny-Small stay up late to watch the DNC was trying to explain why Mommy was crying when Lilly Ledbetter was speaking or why Daddy was literally jumping up and down on the couch cheering (even though she has never been allowed to do this). Politics make people do crazy things. Since we let Tiny-Small stay up so late we decided to put her to bed without reading any books, an obviously bad choice made by her parents. She wasn’t shy about making us pay for our bad mistake either.

She cried with outrage at the unfairness of it all. “Read Book!” She screamed over and over and over again. Finally, she proved her point about the injustice and she persuaded us to read her just one book. Maybe she was paying attention to all of those speeches more than we thought. Maybe she was soaking in the language, the passion, and the art of making a convincing argument. She just might be gearing up for her own career in politics. “Tiny-Maw f-oh Pesdent?” (Tiny-Small for President?).

The only thing I can say is she’s a force to reckoned with. God help us all.



14 thoughts on ““MomKnee” and “OhMama”: Politics From A Two Year Olds Perspective”

  1. LOL! If/when I have children, I hope they’re as adorable as Tiny-Small. It made me think of the 2008 elections, when my 3-year-old godson ran up to me in early November, “Auntie Chrissy! Auntie Chrissy! Rockobama won! Rockobama won!”

    1. I love this “Rockobama” name…reminds me of that Rock Lobster song. Kids are awesome. They make life less serious which I so desperately need. Your godson sounds adorable!

    1. I keep imagining how world decisions would hinge on the level of tantruming. It would be a spectacle. I’m in! Let the write in campaign begin.

  2. Awww, I miss the days of cutely mispronounced words! Btw, I totally made the “no story because we watched tv” mistake when The Princess was younger. Big mistake! We still have story time every night before bed, but now she reads to me. It’s a comfort thing.

    1. That’s nice that she can read to you now! I am looking forward to reading the big books like that. Right now the books are pretty simple. Her favorite one is just pages filled with pictures on different subjects. One page is pictures of clothes. The next of food. She can almost read that one to me now!

      1. Oh, next comes the memorization stage. The Princess memorized Pinkalicious when she was 4 and blew her grandparents out of the water because they thought she could read! She was actually only reading 3 letter words at that time. Yes, it’s so fun when they can read chapter books to you. 🙂

        1. Awww, your daughter sounds so smart! You must be really proud of her. I need to get a Pinkalicious book. I keep hearing good things about them.

  3. Your toddler’s speech pronunciations are ADORABLE! I absolutely want to use these “names” now in every day life. Or at least tell my friends who are awake at four in the morning about them. Isn’t public speaking the number one fear globally? I shake when I read poetry aloud in public… and when I talk to someone one-on-one… so I give major credit to those folks. Also, Michelle Obama had an incredible speech, no? So powerful. So strong. So inspirational. Hey, with a mama who cries during the DNC and a papa who jumps up and down on the couch with excitement, Tiny Small just may make a great politician. I’d make sure my son and I vote for her.

    1. What I love the best about the way she says Obama and Romney is that they both have the word “mom” in them. She is so funny. I shake too when I have to speak publicly and also sometimes when I have to speak to people one on one. I’d much rather write something! I hope our daughter will at least be interested in politics when she grows up. So many people don’t seem to care about what happens or find it to an annoyance. I want my daughter to have a voice and to use it in the best way she can. I hope, as parents, that we are modeling that for her.

      1. I’d much rather write something too. All the time. Sometimes that makes people mad. They just want me to talk to them. Ugh! Also, having a voice through voting is so important. It’s great that you’re raising your daughter to care.

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