Liebster Award: It’s Not For Those Who Hate To Type And Hyper-Link

Liebster Award

My new friend That Suburban Momma nominated me for the LIEBSTER AWARD. I am so flattered. I’ve never gotten an award for anything blog related so this came as a total shocker. Not to mention, I think it might be a chain letter, blogger style. I think that means if I don’t complete the tasks listed below with complete accuracy I might not live to see another day, or that my might blog will set it itself on fire while I am sleeping. I want to thank That Suburban Momma for putting me in this life or death situation and for thinking enough of my blog to nominate it for an award. I thank you, my blog thanks you, and my readers thank you too (I hope).

The Rules

  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the person giving the award has set for you.
  3. Create 11 questions for the people you will be giving the award to.
  4. Choose 11 people to award and send them a link to your post.  Go to their page and tell them.
  5. No tag backs.

11 Facts about me

  1. I have hair so curly that I awake every morning looking like the bride of Frankenstein.
  2. I will find a reason to bake a cake…any reason.
  3. I garden, but kill most of my plants (I never give up).
  4. I have two chickens. One is named Mickey (same as our cat) and the other is Daffodil.
  5. The first thing I did when I moved into my house was rip out all of the carpet.
  6. I sing badly and often (also loudly).
  7. I almost forgot my daughter’s birthday last year (and you thought you were a bad parent).
  8. I am 8 years older than my sister.
  9. I am married to my best friend.
  10. I worry so much I sometimes can’t sleep (hello, Night Owls).
  11. I like to eat sushi.

My 11 Questions to answer

  1. What is your favorite movie? Why? I can only choose ONE favorite movie??? OK, I choose The Wizard Of Oz because there are dogs and witches and magic.
  2. If you won a free vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go? Italy. I would eat my way across the country.
  3. Sweet or salty? First one and then the other.
  4. Could you live without your phone for a day? No. Absolutely not. Well, maybe for one day, but not a minute longer.
  5. What is your dream job? Painting, writing, and mothering (I’m doing it now).
  6. Do you have a special talent? What is it? I have many, but my favorite one is I can sometimes make people laugh so hard milk comes out their nose. My second is I’m a really good listener.
  7. If you could have a super power, what would it be? I would be able to stop time.
  8. Do you have a celebrity crush? Who??? Right now it’s Julian Castro, but I’m not sure he is a celebrity.
  9. What is your favorite band/singer? I like Nora Jones. No, Neil Young. Maybe Tom Petty? Picking one is too hard!
  10. Who does the cooking at your house? My husband and I take turns.
  11. Why did you decide to start blogging? I wanted to tell my story. I also wanted applause (does that ever happen in blogging?).

My Questions for the future Liebsters:

  1. What’s better, being an adult or being a child?
  2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  3. If space travel became possible for the average person, would you go?
  4. If you were given a large sum of money to donate to a charity of your choice, which charity would you choose?
  5. Reality TV: Good or Bad?
  6. If you could be a character in a book which character would you be and why?
  7. What is the weirdest food you have ever eaten?
  8. What laundry detergent do you use?
  9. Do you think aliens exist?
  10. Prints or Solids?
  11. Chocolate or Vanilla?
  12. What is the worst job you have ever had?

11 People I’m Awarding:

  1. Handflapping
  2. Red Hot Writing Hood
  3. The B(itch) Log
  4. First Time Mom & Dad
  5. Banana Wheels
  6. The Family Pants
  7. Lifes Crazy Curves
  8. Grass Oil By Molly Field
  9. We Band Of Mother’s
  10. Quirky Chrissy
  11. Equis Place
  12. Ramblings of The Geek Wife (I am adding this awesome woman late. She’s my lucky number 12!)


 Happy Liebstering! Enjoy your award and try not to spend it all in one place!

21 thoughts on “Liebster Award: It’s Not For Those Who Hate To Type And Hyper-Link”

  1. Thank you for the award and thank you for saying what we all were thinking… total chain award that will curse our blogs if not properly dealt with! Oh, and GREAT questions!! xx

  2. Thank you so much, mama!
    I love you sepcial talent. I love that you are working your dream job. You are so right about sweet & Salty. PLum is going as Dorothy for Halloween and I just think the two of us (me and you) would get on real easy in real life. So yes, you do get applause in the blogosphere (at least you do from me 🙂 )

    Thank you thank you!

    1. I hope you put some Dorothy shots on your blog. My daughter might be Dorothy too this year! How cute. Hopefully, someday, we will get to meet in person!

  3. Oh goodness! Thank you so much for the mad props! I love rules and questions and awesome linkage! Blogger-style chain letter be damned! I’m honored 🙂

    I also believe that you and I have a furious amount of similarities and I really love reading your blog. As a non-mommy, yours is my favorite mama blog 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you love rules and questions. This will be perfect for you! Your compliment made my day. I doubt I have many non-mom readers, but I don’t want my blog to be just about being a mom because I’m not just a mom. I’m glad you can relate!

    2. I’m nominating you for another award tomorrow. You will have more lists and more rules and more links. You will be so popular though. SO POPULAR!

  4. First Time Mom & Dad gave me a Liebster Award today too…So I’m going to answer those 11 questions here:

    1. When did you start Blogging and why? Last March. I wanted to get rich quick (it hasn’t really worked out that way).

    2. Do you eat breakfast? Not very often. I wish I did though. It’s not by choice.

    3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? I’d like to live in Rome for a while.
    4. Mini Van or SUV? SUV.

    5. Flats or heels? Flats. I can’t walk in heels!

    6. Ocean view or Mountain view? I have a mountain view and miss the ocean. If I had an ocean view I would miss the mountains.

    7. Dream profession? Professional painter and writer.

    8. If you had 1 million you had to spend or giveaway what would you do with it? I would pay off my mother’s mortgage and my own and then I would buy windmills so we never had to pay for electricity again. If there is anything leeft I’d spend it eating my way across Italy.

    9. Biggest Pet Peeve? When my husband leaves coffee grounds all over the counter and toothpaste in the sink.

    10. Worst habit? Thinking the worst is going to happen.

    11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I’ll be a slightly more successful writer, painter, mother and I’ll be making some money. Maybe I’ll be eating my way across Italy. Maybe I’ll be homeschooling two kids. Maybe I’ll have just won a life supply of chocolate bars. The possibilities are endless!

  5. Thank you so much for including me! I’m honored – truly. What’s the expiration date on this thing? How long do I have to do it before my blog explodes? If you did this in one day, it seriously makes me think I may be the slowest blogger on the planet. I almost never complete a post in one sitting. The world, specifically my kids and my sleep deprivation, won’t allow it.

    1. I don’t know who makes the rules so I’m going to give you the gift of infinite time. I was able to do it because my mom was here yesterday playing with my child. I know time isn’t easy to find and sleep deprivation is horrible. Also, I am nominating you for another award that is even worse than this one tomorrow so maybe if you wait long enough you can combine all of the awards into one post (I wish I did that). Seriously do it when you can. I’d button you even if you never did it.

  6. Congrats!! And cue applause!! Well-earned. And thank you so much for nominating me!

    Now here’s the thing. I am so flippin’ lazy. I love awards, but I never follow the rules because I’m too daft to keep things straight. Please don’t let this destroy your opinion of me.

    Would it help garner sympathy if I reminded you we’re in the midst of a Chicago teachers strike? And that all three boys are planted firmly up my arse? What if I tell you I’ve gained like 20 pounds of Nutella weight in like the last week?

    Ok. Here’s hoping. You are one of my favorite bloggers, so I hope you forgive my wretched wretched flaws.

    xoxo Mar

    1. If I were you I would pretend you never got the nomination. Then I would run for the hills. I’m trapped in a blogging chain letter Bermuda triangle where the awards are work and never ending. The only good thing is, maybe some bloggers will get a few new eyes on their blogs and maybe make some new friends. Here’s hoping my hard linky work pays off!

  7. Congrats on the award! I think you deserve it too and I’m glad you got an award! Thank you for including me — I appreciate it! When I was “nominated” (is there a gala we all go to sometime?) I didn’t get the 11 questions and the 11 questions. I just got the award and was told to link to five other lesser-known blogs (well, how does one do that without it sounding like a backhanded compliment?) which I did which were supposed to link back to me and thus make me famous and rich and all powerful but they were on to me: they didn’t do the award chain.

    Right now I’m staring at the September Vanity Fair with Katie Holmes on the cover and as much as I’d like to answer the 11 questions and link to other blogs, I need to get out of my yoga pants, into PJs and then crack open the issue. I’ll let you know what I learn tomorrow.

    I mentioned on the Twitter thread about this that I’d like you and we band of mothers to guest blog for me and that’s how I can share your awesomeness rather than these awards… whatcha think of that?


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