Happy Labor Day! I Mean Memorial Day. No, I Mean Labor Day.


Ice cream is appropriate for either holiday.


I’m not the only one who gets these days mixed up am I? Every year I find myself wishing people a happy holiday only to find out I have the wrong holiday. Tell me you do this too. I can’t be the only one.

It’s terrible embarrassing because so many people in my family have served in the military and I can never remember which day it is I am supposed to be remembering them on. Well, it’s not so much the day that I can’t remember as it is which day occurs at which time of the year. You have no idea how many arguments have been started with this little problem of mine.

This is what happens when you eat too much over Labor Day weekend.

I am always sure that I am right. It’s only when I come face to face with the calendar that I admit I am wrong. It’s kind of hard not to when the printed words are staring you in the face.  Admitting I am wrong is very annoying, but at least I only have to do it twice a year, right?

Wearing underwear on your head is a sign you’ve had way too much to drink. DO NOT DRIVE!

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day filled with barbecues and family. Enjoy the non labor of Labor Day. Don’t drink and drive and don’t eat so much that you wish you wore sweatpants. Resist the temptation! I know you can do it.

18 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day! I Mean Memorial Day. No, I Mean Labor Day.”

  1. I’m terrible about it too. Finally a good friend taught me the trick to remembering…. “M”emorial Day is in “M” ay. The “M” one falls in May. That’s how I remember every time. Yes, every time I still have to think about it!

    Happy Labor day to you too!

  2. I don’t confuse Memorial Day and Labor Day, since I gave birth to my oldest on Labor Day weekend. However, I have told our pastor Merry Christmas on Easter Sunday. And at least 8 other people that day. Anyone have a trick for these holidays?

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