The Life Of A Balloon: A Photo Essay

Life of a balloon:


The balloons lasted for over a week before they were abandoned under the couch. These were replacement balloons after the original ballons ended up at the top of the dome. Our handyman is coming over to help us untangle them from the fan blades today. Wish us luck!


*What do you think of the changes I have made to the blog? Is it better? Is it worse? Let me know in the comments. I’m trying to make it easier to use and more attractive. Have I succeeded or failed? Either way, tell me why!

4 thoughts on “The Life Of A Balloon: A Photo Essay”

    1. Thank you. I have SO much to learn about designing a blog. Blogger is supposed to be easy to use, but I still struggle. I'm hoping people find it more appealing. So far all of the comments have been positive so that must mean I am moving in the right direction!

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