Jim Turns Cookie Monster Into A Serial Killer

I was in the shower, washing my hair, when I looked down and was shocked to see this guy looking back at me:


That’s when I asked Jim who he had drawn on the bathtub wall and more importantly, why? He claimed he drew Cookie Monster from Sesame Street so that Tiny-Small could color him. She had already colored Elmo. Our conversation went something like this:

Jim: That’s Cookie Monster.

Me: What? How?

Jim: He’s blue. He’s holding cookies (that’s what is in his hands).

Me: That’s not Cookie Monster.

Jim: Yes, it is Cookie Monster.


Me: But, Cookie Monster has eyes on the top of his head like Elmo does. See, that’s how you drew Elmo. Twice.


Jim: Well, I’m not an artist like you are.

Me: He looks kind of creepy.

Jim: I know. He could be a pedophile.


Me: Or a serial killer.

Jim: Tiny-Small thinks it looks like Cookie Monster.

Me: She has a lot to learn about monsters.

Jim: She’s 2. I’m not an artist. That’s what she gets.

Me: Who is this?


Jim: That’s Popsicle Monster. He’s a new addition to Sesame Street, at least the Sesame Street on our bathtub wall.



Me: I’m scared for our child.

Jim: Me too.

11 thoughts on “Jim Turns Cookie Monster Into A Serial Killer”

  1. very nice. reminds me frighteningly of a melange of “the scream” and van gogh's self portrait… y'know… when he um… well, was unstable. let's start the bidding at $100…

    1. We'll have to start the bidding higher than that. It's on the bathtub wall. I'll at least need to make enough off of the sale to purchase another bathtub…preferably one with some jets and whirpool type stuff.

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