I Accidentally Say “Pocket Rocket”


We went to lunch today with some friends and during polite conversation I accidentally said the phrase, “Pocket Rocket.” It was kind of weird and awkward and goofy and then everyone laughed assuming I didn’t know what it meant and then it was even a bit more uncomfortable as I tried to explain that I DID know what it meant, but you know, meant to say something else. All the while I am sure I turned beet red because now people know, that I know, what it means, and of course,  that is also extremely awkward and slightly embarrassing (especially during polite lunch conversation). What I was really trying to say was “Crotch Rocket.” This is why I usually try not to leave the house.


Somebody asked me about going to South Carolina and so I had to elaborate about attending Black Bike Week. I was trying to talk about the motorcycles, using my limited knowledge and vocabulary to describe them, which was probably a bit of a mistake. When I get nervous and start talking too fast things like “Pocket Rocket,” just slip right out into the middle of all of the nice people eating lunch. Sometimes, there is a nice warm-up get-to-know you period where I meet people for the first time and it’s lovely and I’m delightful. Other times, I just spill my guts out on the table and exclaim, “This is me in all my awkwardness. Take it or leave it, or ride off on a pocket rocket-crotch rocket.” That’s kind of what happened today.


Luckily, I was saved when my friend told me she never knows what anyone is talking about “these days” and has to look it all up in the Urban Dictionary online. That was kind of a relief because I also never seem to know what people are talking about “these days” and frequently have to go looking things up online. I felt a little better after that, but also a little sad, because I am sure sometime tonight she will be looking up the definition of  “pocket rocket” and then I know she will be wondering about me.

7 thoughts on “I Accidentally Say “Pocket Rocket””

  1. I hate it when something comes out of your mouth and you didn't mean it to – – you meant something else. NOBODY ever believes that you did not totally mean to say it! Funny!

    1. I think you are probably right. When we went to South Africa people seemed much more open to different minds. In America being different isn't always so acceptable. Hopefully, we'll stop worrying so much.

    2. Paramido,

      After reading your 100 examples I can't stop laughing and I am quite sure I would be an endless source of entertainment for all of you wonderful Europeans!

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