Do Postal Workers Read Your Magazines And Watch Your Movies?


Oh, come on, you must have suspected your postal delivery person of reading your magazines at least once in your lifetime. We certainly have. Sometimes, we get our magazines a week later than everybody else does, and the pages look, well, like they have been read before. It’s a mystery. Not to mention, sometimes my Netflix movies (I am old fashioned and STILL have them delivered by mail, mostly because our Internet is way too slow to stream even You Tube videos half the time) don’t show up and then a few days later are mysteriously mailed back to Netflix as if someone did watch them and then returned them just like you are supposed to do. It’s suspicious, and given our history with the local Post Office it really wouldn’t surprise me at all if this is exactly what is happening.

Recently, our news magazine, The Week, stopped showing up. It’s a weekly magazine, so when it doesn’t show up for two weeks you kind of take notice. Jim was getting pretty annoyed because the magazine is his primary source of news and he felt like he was behind on everything going on in the world. After not getting the magazine for three weeks in a row he decided to go down to the post office and find out what was going on.

When he spoke to the postal clerk behind the desk, Jim was surprised by the lack of surprise the postal clerk showed about our missing mail. “Was it Sports Illustrated? Or, Sport Magazine? Or, that ESPN magazine?” the clerk asked Jim. Jim told him it was a news magazine. Jim wanted to make an official complaint, but the postal clerk advised him to wait another week because he had a feeling it would straighten itself out. “If it doesn’t show up in another week, then come and make a formal complaint,” the clerk told Jim. So, that’s what we did, but we did kind of wonder about what happens to all of those sports related magazines. Are they just considered fair game in the postal world? Does anybody in town ever get the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated? Somehow, it seems unlikely that they do.

After waiting another week, low and behold all of the missing copies arrived along with the newest addition, slightly read, but still intact and in readable condition. We haven’t had any problems since. In fact, we’ve started getting the magazine a day earlier than we were previously. Was someone at the post office reading our magazine? We will never know, but it does seem awfully coincidental and suspicious that our magazine is now showing up like clockwork after Jim spoke to the postal clerk. This also makes me worry about all of our other mail. How many things are we missing every week? How much mail disappears that we don’t even know about?

8 thoughts on “Do Postal Workers Read Your Magazines And Watch Your Movies?”

  1. WOW! THAT IS SO RIDICULOUS! You know, I have a strong suspicion a postal worker stole a broken phone that I sent back to the insurance company via USPS. A few months later, I was charged $150 for the missing phone, and there's nothing I can about it. I feel stupid for putting it in the mailbox instead of taking it straight to the Post Office. These people have a responsibility to their customers. They shouldn't have taken advantage of you in that way. Sheesh.

    1. I don't know if you read my previous post about our experiences with the postal service, but we've had things disappear too. Now we always get the insurance. It's worth the couple of extra dollars. Our post office has done some really weird things. I can see why it's going out of business.

  2. Around where I live, they've been finding piles and piles of magazines, fliers, junk mail in local creeks and streams. I guess it's too much to deal with and they just toss it overboard to avoid delivering it. I've had a few things not come to me either, but never felt like my mail had been read. I read your other post. Scary. Definitely not a shocker that the post office has been in trouble for years.

  3. My mom had this same issue with her People Magazines! I was like “you're crazy, mom.” But now there's two of you. So much for the conspiracy theory. I'll be making her read your blog tomorrow.

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