Desperate Housewife: Gardening Edition


Have you ever watched that show Desperate Housewives? I’m sure you have, I mean if I have seen it, everyone else has probably caught at least an episode or two by now. Anyway, there is always a character on that show gardening in a big, white hat, fancy clothes, and little hand shears of some kind. She carries a beautiful basket full of gorgeously clean gardening gloves and perfectly shiny, brand new gardening tools. Actually, that pretty much describes every gardening scene in every TV show or movie I have ever seen. This is so unrealistic, isn’t it?


I mean, when I garden, I just roll out of bed and go. My number one goal is to beat the heat. My second goal is to actually accomplish something. This means I am going to be up to my elbows and ankles in dirt, bugs, and plant life. I am not going to be wearing my finest clothing and I am definitely not going to be wearing white. I’m not even going to brush my hair, paint my nails, or make sure my clothes match before venturing outdoors. I may not even bother applying additional deodorant. Was that too much information? Sorry about that.


Nope, I’m going to be wearing one of my husbands (read about my metro sexual husband here) old T-Shirts, a pair of old shorts and my plastic Walmart shoes. I know, the shoes are beyond hideous, but they hose off nicely. If you are a fashion blogger, please know that I completely understand why you are suffering from revulsion right now and maybe ripping out some of your hair. It’s OK, and when you get a chance, please, Send Help!


The thing is, gardening is not a fashion show. Nobody is watching, unless you count the neighbor’s handyman who happened to come outside and see me posing for these pictures. I can only imagine what kind of crazy nonsense he thought was going on over here. I’m here to get a job done. As you can see from the pictures I have my work cut out for me. After weeks of almost daily rain and then incredibly high temperatures, the yard has been neglected and it shows. I spent most of the morning weeding and barely made a dent. It’s going to be a nice long week of mismatched clothing, unbrushed hair, and muddy feet. That’s OK, though, because at the end of the day my yard will be the real beauty. I’m just the desperate housewife behind the scenes.

8 thoughts on “Desperate Housewife: Gardening Edition”

    1. Thank you! It is strange how on TV women are shown to be beautiful no matter what the circumstances. I remember watching a video of a woman giving birth when I was a teenager. She never sweat or had a hair out of place and, of course, her makeup was perfect.

    1. It's an adventure. So far this year most of my vegetable plants got snowed on (weird weather) and had to be replaced. Then, a deer jumped the fence and ate my tomato plants in half. Now, I am battling some bugs on my eggplant. The vegetables are delicious which makes it all worth while. Right now the rest of my yard is over grown so I am trimming and weeding. It's a lot of work!

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