Confession Friday: I’m Afraid Of The Kitchen Witch

At the risk of sounding like an 8 year old I am still just going to come out and say it: Dolls are sometimes creepy, especially at night. This Kitchen Witch, Red Riding Hood cookie jar, sits on top of my cabinets and every once in a while I feel like she is watching me. Sometimes, I think she is totally judging my cooking too. At night, when you are alone in the kitchen, and she kind of glows in the fluorescent lighting, I wonder if she comes to life while we are sleeping.

This is where I have to explain that each member of my family has a vivid imagination. One might even say our imaginations are over-active. One might say that, but none of us would. Jim is certain that our old house was haunted. Tiny-Small thinks black butterflies are dragons and just the the other night, during dinner, Tiny-Small claimed she could hear a rhino outside. So, yeah, we may or may not live in a fantasy world filled with ghosts, goblins, toys that come to life and long, lost African rhinos that magically appear in the back yard. It’s complicated.

Anyway, I’m just putting that out there because sometimes when you admit your fears you realize they aren’t so bad after all. I mean, I know that Kitchen Witch isn’t going to come to life anytime soon, probably. There are no rhinos in the back yard that I can see and well, the haunted house we used to live in? Let’s just say I am glad we moved.

It’s not just me, right? This pig is creepy.

The thing is, last night when I went to bed, this ceramic pig was kind of giving me the evil eye too. It might explain why I felt compelled to sleep with one eye open last night. I turned it’s head, got back in bed, and then realized it was still looking at me in the reflection of my vanity mirror. Creepy.

This is the price you have to pay for collecting trinkets by day and having an imagination by night. Sometimes your imagination gets the best of you and then you just have to become your 8 year old self and hide under the blankets with a flash light until morning. Or, wake up your husband, so he too can look at the pig (with the evil eye), and groan about how he has to work in the morning. On second thought, it’s probably best if I keep my fears to myself.


Lucy Sleeps Through Everything. Worst Watch Dog Ever.

Have a happy Friday and if you too have to sometimes sleep with the lights on, you won’t get any judgement from me.

7 thoughts on “Confession Friday: I’m Afraid Of The Kitchen Witch”

  1. hehehe… That's awesome! I definitely get creeped out by things especially at night (everything is more sinister at night..eek) I was dying at the part where the pig was still looking at you through the vanity mirror… good luck!

  2. Seriously, that is one creepy pig! Your cookie jar is as equally creepy! We have strange things that happen in our house that makes my imagination work overtime. I sleep with the light on often! 😉

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