In The Summer Pants are Optional

I don’t know if you got the memo, but in the summer pants are optional. Shirts and shoes are always required. Pants, however, are optional. It’s hot and we want to show off our socks a bit too.

Pants are optional, but fudgsicles are not.

Sometimes two fudgsicles are required (don’t tell daddy).

Pants are optional, but bubbles are not.

Pants are optional, but drinking from the garden hose is not. Drinking from the garden hose is mandatory.
Getting squirted with the garden hose is mandatory too. How else are we going to wash off all of that popsicle, bubble slime and mud pie? Garden hose spraying is not optional, pants are though. It’s easier to run when you aren’t wearing pants anyway. Just ask Tiny-Small.
Run, Tiny, run!
Welcome to summer, Tiny Small, welcome to summer.

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