The Potty Chronicles: Elmo Style

My daughter has been talking a lot of poop lately. It’s pretty much one of her favorite topics. We bought her a potty chair, but for some reason she will only sit on it when her Grandma is visiting. I don’t think she wants me to know, that she knows, what it is for. It’s like she is considering the whole toileting thing, but only on a top secret need to know basis. Her stealth investigation into the subject and how it all works makes it a little difficult for us to prod her in the right direction or to offer any guidance.

That’s why I bought the DVD, “Elmo’s Potty Time.” Apparently it used to be anyone over 30 that couldn’t be trusted, but now it’s anyone over three. We have to change with the times or just get old and cranky and complain about how things used to be. I decided to enlist the help of the most trusted 3 year old in the history of Sesame Street: Elmo. My daughter trusts him completely and he never lets her down so why not, right? He is the rock star of potty training and has a resume a mile long on the subject.

Once the DVD was put into the player and “play” was pushed there was all kinds of foul language coming out of the TV. Little kids were openly talking about whizzing, peeing, urinating, making doodoo, going poop and having accidents. My daughter danced along to cult classics like, “Everyone has accidents and that’s ok” and the hit song, “Don’t forget to use toilet paper and wash your hands after.” She was delighted with all this potty mouth talk and insisted on watching it multiple times in a row. It was going fantastically.

So, I brought her into the bathroom and we both stared at the potty. I asked her if she wanted to try sitting on it? She said, “NO!” and slammed the little pink, plastic lid down. I asked her if she wanted to go peepee in the potty like Elmo and she again said, “NO!” Then she took the little rubber seat out and put it on her head. She did some dancing, some twirling, and some giggling and then she left the bathroom. I put Elmo on the potty and then I gave him a book to read. My daughter came in and squealed with delight. Then she took the book away from Elmo and skipped out the door and down the hallway. That was that.

Maybe we will have better luck tomorrow. This morning she came up to me and said, “Poop.” Then she went poop in her diaper. Maybe if I am smart enough to pay attention I can get her to the potty the next time she has to poop (and tells me), instead of just patting her on the head and looking in the back of her diaper for any evidence that may or may not exist.

I just want to leave you with a few lyrics from the song that I think is titled: “You do it, you use the potty.” The first few lines go like this: “Girls do it, boys do it, big kids all around the world do it. Grown ups do it. They use the potty. One day, you’ll use the potty too.” Let’s hope so.

5 thoughts on “The Potty Chronicles: Elmo Style”

  1. LOL! How cute! Every child is so different. My first born used her potty from the time she could crawl. I was so proud of myself thinking I was super mom. That was until the second child came along and she was almost 3 before I finally won the battle. My son was the funniest. We bought him Bob the Builder undies and told him if he pee'd on Bob he would be very mad at him. It worked and he was out of diapers before he was two. Good will happen. I used to put the kids on the potty with a drink while they watched tv. Sometimes just relaxing and focusing on something else makes it happen. Once they aren't afraid of the strange feeling of it coming out they usually want to do it more often. Remember to have your potty dance ready!! Oh..I almost forgot..FUNNY potty training mistake..When my first born was learning we would call it out. “Come on pee pee..don't be scared” Then we would do our dance. Well, not thinking anything of it, my mom takes her to the restroom with her while they are shopping. (can you see where this is going??) My mom is trying to go and my daughter squats down (like she sees mommy do) and start calling as loud as she can. “COME ON PEE PEE..YOU CAN DO IT” My mom is trying to hush her while everyone is the busy rest room is laughing hysterically! “DON'T BE SCARED” I can promise you I never made this mistake again.

  2. I can't stop laughing! Of course knowing your mom makes it even funnier! I will have to remember that when we really get down to business on the potty training. I might try putting her potty in front of the TV while she is watching Elmo. We'll see what happens. She seems a little suspicious…lol!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. It WAS a very rewarding workshop and you are right, having such a diverse group made it so much more fun.

    Good luck with the potty training…I remember those days all too well 🙂

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