Outhouses, Women On Parade: I Do It All

It was a busy, productive weekend filled with nonstop activities from Friday night through Monday night. I actually went to a garden expo from 10 am until 5 pm without…wait for it…Tiny-Small! It was a much needed break from mommy duties and I also learned an incredible amount of information that will hopefully help me improve my gardening skills. Also, I got to see an outhouse on rails that could slide across three separate bins of you know what. It was kind of amazing. This guy, who happened to be an expert on living off the grid and water conservation, built it for his house. He also built himself a solar oven, a solar hot tub, and a solar heated outdoor shower. He had contraptions that collected water off of his roof and swore he only drank and bathed in fresh rain water. He even had the nice glossy hair to prove it. He was the poster child for the green party, or the hippie movement, or smart people who can solve engineering problems. If my Republican-minded family members knew I was there they would probably be playing a game called “You might be a hippie if….” Also, they would be snickering about the outhouse I’m sure, but I was so enthralled with this healthy, earth conscious way of life that I signed up for his newsletter. It was awesome to be around like minded adults and to not have to worry about Tiny-Small stealing seed packets, eating red worms, or screaming for attention the moment a presenter opened his or her mouth and well, started presenting. That was Saturday, but it got even better.

On Sunday we were planning to go watch the Women’s Day Parade because my friend Jen is running for judge (Go JEN!!!) and was going to be marching down the road handing out information about her qualifications and asking people to vote for her. I was excited about supporting her candidacy. If she wins she will be both the first woman judge and the youngest judge the town has ever had. She’s going to be making history! Anyway, I digress. Sometime between breakfast on Saturday and the parade on Sunday I got this brilliant idea that I should actually be in the parade too. Why not, right? I’m an important, productive woman in this society. I’ve got lots of stuff to say, obviously. Plus, I read in the paper all I had to do was show up and I was in. Why not promote women in the arts and beg people to read my blog? So, I got out the paints and hastily made some poster board signs and tied my hubby up with them. We showed up at the parade and Jim and my mom put on shirts to promote Jen for judge. I was a women encased in poster board barrels screaming “Support Woman In The Arts!” and “It’s A Dome Life.” Jim had one of my signs swinging from his neck so he could support both of us gals in our quest for recognition. Even Tiny-Small came along. It was a blast. Instead of running off at the mouth about it I decided to do a photo essay for the rest of this blog. I hope these men and women inspire you as much as they inspired me!

Yes, I LOVE this lady!
Jim is confident enough to be in the Women’s Day Parade…he is awesome.
Rosie The Riveter: They shouted “We Can Do It!” in Spanish…super awesome!
Tiny-Small was not afraid of the death of the American dream lady.
Woman is the giver of life and love.
Next year we are bringing Loco-Lou-Lou and she is wearing a skirt too.
Yep, even very, very tall men support women.
My favorite One!
Tiny-Small got to ride a mule. A mule with a flower in her hair.
I even handed out business cards while pretending to be a “professional” someone.

Before the parade started a woman came up to me and asked me, “What is a dome life? I don’t get it.” I told her that I write a blog about being a mom and then she said, “Well, what’s with the dome?” I told her I live in a dome. She then asked, “You mean you work in a dome or garden in a dome?” Then my friend Jen was like, “Her house is a dome and it’s beautiful.” Then I handed her my business card. Thank God for friends. Otherwise I’d be misunderstood by a good percentage of the population. If you live in the county vote for Jen. She’s always got my back and I know she’ll have yours too!


“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.”
 – Maya Angelou.

6 thoughts on “Outhouses, Women On Parade: I Do It All”

  1. What a great way to spend a weekend! I love our little parades down Main Street every year, and I love our fair, and all things main street america! love it. Good luck to your friend and her pursuit of judgeship!!

  2. Thanks, Judy! It was a great weekend. It felt good to be out in the world and involved in the community. There are many advantages to living in a small town. I tend to complain about the lack of things, but the community we're all in this together atmoshpere tends to make up for it!

    1. Thank you! It was a really nice break from the regularities of my life. It's wonderful to shake things up a bit and be free of a few major responsibilities even for just a few hours!

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