Clown Car Gardening

With three dogs and a toddler circling me it took an unusual amount of patience and perseverance to repot my 73 seedlings. What a day! As quickly as I repotted a tiny tomato plant my daughter would pull it out like a weed and proudly flaunt her treasure in my face. Lucy, the little terror, was chewing the tops off of my pepper plants and “accidentally” knocking pots over left and right as she ran through them with pure joy and the kind of jubilance only a puppy can muster. The most terrifying moment was when Rosie, sporting a long, long leash, ran around my menacing toddler a few times. The leash was wrapped securely around my child’s waist when Rosie started escorting her around the yard completely on the verge of knocking her over and dragging her around at every hesitant turn.

Moments before, Jim had ducked into the house under the guise of making a quick cup of tea. How amusing that he reappeared moments before the repotting was completed and moments before I pulled out the rest of my hair in frustration. That was the longest cup of tea ever made. His timing is impeccable when it comes to escaping dirty work and the mob that surrounds it. However, when he arrived I was so grateful for his assistance that I quickly forgave his long absence. I even ignored his obligatory offer to help me even though it was obvious everything had already been done. Seeing the bald spots on my head and my hair blowing around in the wind he quickly grabbed the baby and took her on a sight seeing exhibition to his shop to look for the evil Micky-Mok.

I yelled cautionary tales to their backs as they walked away. That cat is a vicious beast, but for a few minutes of uninterrupted work and silence I’ll allow my first born to face the treachery that is a gray, furry cat named Mik-Mok. At least as long as her daddy is by her side.

I was able to clean up the mess in peace. At least we’ll have a big garden this year. Keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t have the same probems we had last year.

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