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Age Is Not Just A Number

Age is not just a number.
I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget.

Ever notice how people who say, “Don’t worry about it! Age is just a number anyway.” are usually not a day over 28 years old and if they are, they are usually a middle-aged guy trying to date someone under the age of 28? Age is not just a number. The proof is in my aching muscles and constantly complaining back. The proof is in my decreasing elasticity and inability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Oh wait, that just means I’m probably not a super hero.  Anyway, my point is, this body will not let me pretend that I am still young. It laughs at me when I try to be ageless and forces me to pull a muscle or break off one of my dry, brittle finger nails. Which totally just happened as I was writing this by the way. See, my body even knows when I am just thinking about pretending to be young again.

Seriously, the fact that I cannot stay up past midnight and be functional the next day is not imagined. Neither is the fact that my hair is thinner than it used to be and nor, sadly,  is my inability to lose that annoying belly fat no matter how many crunches, laps around the couch, or squats I force myself to do. I also have wrinkles and spots that don’t fade. My teeth are not quite like they used to be. I mean, I still have them, but they are not exactly gleaming anymore. Not to mention, I am more tired than I have ever been and less able to sleep than I used to be. Sweet sleep…the elixer of youth. I miss you so. I’d remember you better if I wasn’t so old and still had all of my memories.

Age is not just a number. It is real. I can feel it creeping in slowly and quietly and permanently. It’s really starting to sink in now. I am not getting any younger. There is nothing I can do to stop it either. I mean, at some point you suddenly realize that the dull ache in your joints is probably as good as it is going to get from now on and that all of the wrinkle cream in the world is not going to restore your face to what it once was. Unless, of course, you want to look like Joan Rivers. I’d rather look older than like the newest version of  Barbie. Have you seen what they have transformed Rainbow Bright into? Just picture that, but older and creepier. Anyway, sooner or later you realize that sitting on the floor for more than five minutes and getting stiff is just your new normal. Wearing glasses and turning the TV up a notch or two becomes second nature. I mean, even my toes are becoming permanently squished together by some old(er)-age magic. My feet look like aliens attached to my legs. I don’t need funny slippers as a fashion accessory…I’ve got my feet for that.

So when my feet hurt a little too much, and my back is sore from picking up a three-year old kid too much the day before, and my knees hurt for no apparent reason, don’t tell me age is just a number. I won’t believe you. I’ll just know you are too young to understand what I am talking about or just trying to make me feel better. It’s not going to work. Unfortunately, no matter what my mind chooses to believe my body continues to serve up the proof that age is not just a number. All I can say is getting older beats the alternative. Chocolate helps too.



Life Long Lessons I Learned In The Army – Jim’s Corner

Life Long Lessons I Learned In The Army

1. Never volunteer to do anything you have never heard of. Example: “Any volunteers for KP?” (sounds good but means washing lots and lots of dishes and mopping floors).

2. Always have your buddy’s back and he will always have yours.

3. You never know when you will need a special skill – learn as much as you can about everything you can.

4. Never go AWOL (in any situation like relationships, jobs, etc.)

5. Showing off just gets people hurt (or killed).

6. ASSUME: Make an ass out of you and me.

7. Get caught taking a short cut or cheating and you just have to start all over again.

8. Never ever fall asleep on guard duty (or when you’re driving).

9. When someone who outranks you tells you to do something, do it.

10. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

11. Nobody likes a whiner. Just suck it up.

12. Do as much as you can when you’re young so you don’t have regrets when you’re old.

13. Stay out all night while you are young. You can sleep when you are old.

14. Ask that girl (or guy) out. All she can say is “no” but if you don’t ask you’ll never know.

15. Never turn down an opportunity to travel to another country. What you will experience will far out weigh the costs or risks.


Happy Veteran’s Day! I decided to share Jim’s Corner on Monday instead of Friday this week since it was so relevant to the holiday. Thank you to all of the service men and women and their families for making big sacrifices for our country. We appreciate you!

Did you learn any life long lessons while you were in the military or by being part of a military family?   -Lillian

Childhood Dream Comes True For Middle Aged Blogger

One of my childhood dreams came true recently. You are probably going to laugh, but I got glasses. Yay! Reading glasses only, but still…I am finally like everyone else in my family: Sight Challenged.

Childhood Dream Comes True For Middle Aged Blogger
When I take these glasses off and let my hair down I will totally look like a super model.

Kind of a weird thing to celebrate, right? I know, but I have wanted glasses for as long as I can remember. My mom and dad both wore/wear glasses. My sister rocks some glasses. When I was a kid I thought glasses made people look smart, funky, cool. I was always jealous that my family could accessorize in ways that I couldn’t. Some of my earliest memories involve me trying on my parents glasses and looking in the mirror. I wanted to be librarian cool. I wanted to have that moment where I took off my glasses, let my hair down, and transformed into a super model. What? Don’t judge…I was just a kid when I had these fantasies. I didn’t know you had to look like a super model before you even put the glasses on. I was clearly heavily influenced by television.

The best part is now I can stop asking people if my photos and blog posts (and everything else I have to read) looks blurry to them. Seriously, I was never sure if it was just me. Apparently, I have also been suffering from eye fatigue for a while now due to excessive computer screen use (can I get a What-What if you have the same problem?). I’ve had twitching eyes off and on for over a year now, but I just blamed that on the stress that comes from being a mom with too many dogs, cats, and chickens to take care of. On top of all of that twitching, reading makes your eyes dry out. I didn’t know that, but my opthamologist told me that when you read you blink less which causes dry-eyes. Dry eyes equal bloodshot eyes. That’s why you may have mistaken me for an actress auditioning for the part of “extra with a hangover” in the latest buddy comedy movie, or as a mom with “I’ve completely given up” stamped on her forehead, although that may have been due to my all-day-long pajama wearing too. So, in short, I have been a bit of an eye-mess lately. Now I have fancy glasses, eye drops, and a childhood dream come true to brag about. Totally worth the eye twitching, blood-shot eyes, and bad migraine-esque headaches I have been experiencing for the past year and probably even longer.

Well, those days are over now! I am no longer a head-achey, blotchy eyed mess who has to ask people if the world is blurry to them too. Now I am a middle-aged woman with a childhood dream come true rocking purple framed, sparkle glasses made by Harley Davidson. Who knew motorcycle makers could make geeks cool? Who knew my entire world view and self-concept could alter so drastically in a 45 minute eye doctor visit?

Just start calling me four-eyes now. I will beam with delight. Seriously. It’s like I just became one of the cool people after years of desperately trying to fit in.

Life is good. Have you had any unusual childhood dreams come true lately?